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  1. Habs

    Water Beading

    It's TRUE this product is self cleaning. Also I like the synergy of optimums products it all works together. The real magic is onr the longer it sits in the paint the better . As for beading I don't really care what it looks like I just like the way the water flows of the car when I rinse the car . I think it's the gloss coat that realy repels the water.
  2. Habs

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    Yup good advice thanks
  3. Habs

    Water Beading

    Yes this self cleaning is what has sold me on optimum products . If the car is sitting in the drive way the rain can realy clean the car . 80%of the dirt comes off the paint with a rinse from my hose . The car is gloss coated, hyper sealed and wax and onr washed. My friends think i wash my car every day its always clean.
  4. Habs

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    It's all good My method of washing my car is stated above it is realy my way i came up with of washing with no chance of marring or scratching the paint. It just worked out to be kinda quick so now if i want I can give the interior a quick clean or leave it for another day . Lots of great info in this thread thanks.
  5. Habs

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    I dont think Ron even has a hose lol. I can't beat Ron's time of 30 min only because of the restrictions of my drive way its on a slope and very narrow I cant get my cart that has all my buckets and stuff on it around the car and i need a step ladder to wash the roof of my honda element. If you check my pictures you can see what I am up against. But my hose and my powerwasher are on reels this speeds up the prep a bit i dont use powerwasher much. My system is still quick. I rinse car with hose I then soak the car with onr with my ik 12 sprayer this thing is under pressure and my air hose is also on a reel to fill it up with 50psi this gives it great power. it's just a matter of walking around car no time at all. Then I use my bucket that already has onr and multiple wash mitts . Wash complete car when a wash mitt gets dirty i just grab another. There is no way this paint will be scratched this way . My bucket last about 4 washes the wash mitts dont have to be dripping wet. Then I dry with wax or hyper seal. Lately I have been soaking car down with a weed sprayer with a onrww and spray wax mixture as my drying aid a couple of panels at a time it's a fast way of getting a nice layer of wax on car. 45min including wheels with a mixture of optimum car soap and power clean. I only use soap in the winter as a pre soak to help with the salt her in Toronto ontario. I like the idea of the onr soaking on the paint as I work my way around the car. That's all thanks
  6. When I wash with onr I rinse car (honda element) then use a ik pro 12 sprayer this thing can be pumped up with pressure about45psi with a long wand and quickly soak the hole car with onr. Then I wash the complete car with several wash mitts soaked in onr and yes when I go back to dry depending on the heat of the day the onr might start to dry . You can just use a small ik sprayer and put a little more onr on the panel and your good to go. Of course I take it a little further and I have a cheap little weed sprayer that I have onrww in it and a shot of spray wax in there for good measure and warm water if it's cold and then do one panel at a time with drying towel dampened with onrww Very nice shine and quick. If your doing large trucks this ik pro 12 sprayer I have would really speed things up . It also can lay down a excellent layer of optimums car soap for those people who have not gone to the dark side completly lol. Hope this helps
  7. High again Ron Just wanted to add a thanks to what a great product line optimum has and the work you do on this form . I still remember waxing my first car in 1974 a charger RT I had to get a friend to help me with his polisher to buff this wax or my arm was going to fall off lol. I was hooked then and still am
  8. Wax first then hyperseal ok but When I wash car the following week what's first . If I am putting wax on top of hyper seal am i just wasting product and time will the wax last till the next weekly wash . I put two coats of hyperseal on in the spring on top of my gloss coat then my weekly wash with onr and wax as a drying aid . What do you think . I like the spray wax in the winter it only needs a sunny day and about 2 or 3 deg c to work i use warm water with my onr to wash the car.
  9. Thanks Ron Good info I will keep using both hyperseal and optimum wax . Wax on top of hyperseal or hyperseal on top of wax does it make any difference .
  10. Hi Ron So hyperseal has only a small amount of SI02. 😥If I double or triple coat hyperseal on top of my gloss coat am i getting more protection . What about optimum spray wax on top of all that . I like the look of the wax
  11. I use both with and without wax. Onr itself is protection I am sure that optimum spray wax is what you want to use for some added protection. I like that onrww because it gets a little wax in all the gaps .
  12. The first time i used gloss coat I went with a combination of different products for decanamination and polishing it worked but not as good as the second time I went with all optimum especially used lots of optimums paint prep . Still looks great after two years and couple of canadien winters.
  13. Hi shine and wax I have been using optimum products for about 4 years now. My car is gloss coated ( did it my self was easy ) this summer I have been flipfloping back and forth with optimums wax and hyperseal never a had any problem . Hyperseal is the more durable option in my opinion and gives a more mirror like shine but I like the look of the wax a more wet look. Gloss coat with hyperseal and wax is more than enough protection for me. My car is a 2008 paint looks great. Hope this helps
  14. Habs

    Mdr in ik sprayer

    Thanks Ron hope everything is good Was looking for some magic soulution to spray on my car lol as a pre soak to help remove salt (mdr and onr) maybe just good old onr wash