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  1. It's time for a polish and a new coat of glosscoat . Just noticed my hypercompond has separated in the bottle and doesn't mix I guess a new bottle. The polish seams fine should I get both to be on the safe side. About 5 years old can't complain. Thanks
  2. For me it's just easier to use one bucket with onr and multiple microfiber wash mitts when it gets dirty just grab a fresh one . Dont have to worry about any of this dirt transfer to the paint. Some times when the car is realy dirty it takes 3 or 4 mitts you have to wash one mitt or five no real difference. Also any left over one can be used again . Just my way that makes me comfortable
  3. Wow I thought i was the king of using to much product thats way to much wax . I dont think he has any idea at all what he is doing with this wax . Dont no what he means buy picking up wax I want it on the paint?
  4. Habs

    Water Beading

    Yup this is what I have found also small beads leave bead marks. My car is gloss coated about two years now not getting the sheating of water like it used to. But using hyperseal and my secret optimums hot wax in this winter weather creates large beads that roll off the car . This summer will do a decamination and light polish and gloss coat again.
  5. Habs

    ONR vs new products

    I am getting a least 3 years out of gloss coat. I wash with onr top it with optimum wax and once a month with hyperseal the paint is slick water just sheers of the paint . My mother in laws car only gets the wax and hyperseal or opti seal . The difference is astounding that's how I know the gloss coat is still there.
  6. Habs

    Sponge dripping versus Soaked

    Interesting As you now i use alot of onr i don't use the sponge I use wash mitts the dirt sticks to them like sh to a blanket (for those guys that have kids ) I then grab a clean one . Maybe with the sponge it could be different.
  7. Habs

    Sponge dripping versus Soaked

    I like the idea of getting the car panal or the hole car in my case with a layer of onr befor I do my contact wash my mix is probley on the strong side . My car is gloss coated with layers of hypear seal and wax my wash mitts just slide over the paint no scratching or marring. Onr is a amazing product just got the new formula have not used it yet.
  8. Habs

    Sponge dripping versus Soaked

    Since I probley soak my car with more onr than any other person on this form lol I guess I better answer this thread. First I rinse the car with a hose so Ron is out of luck using this method right away lol . I keep my ik pro sprayer 9 filled with a couple of gallons of onr at the recommended mix this thing is under 59 psi pressure and i soak the hole car you can get onr in every gap maybe in my head I am pushing dirt out of these areas. I then use several wash mitts soaking in a bucket of onr ( sorry no sponge) more than dripping wet and wash the hole car . Buy now onr is running down the car washing away dirt I hope . I now dry the car if the onr is starting to dry it's time to use more onr lol. This time with onrww in a small weed sprayer I spray one panal at a time and dry maybe I add a spray of optimum spray wax . The car comes out great . I cant see any problem using to much onr.
  9. Habs

    Water Beading

    I think some people take this beading a little to far . As long as the water sheets of my car in the rain or when i rinse it with a hose and takes the dirt with it I am good. My car is gloss coated , hyperseal and wax. Works great
  10. Habs

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    I have mixed optium spray wax with onrww and water in a ik sprayer or weedkiller pump sprayer dont really have a dilution ration down yet but about 2 oz of spray wax and 3oz of onrww in a gallon of water. After doing a onr wash i uses this as a drying aid it gets a nice layer of wax all over the car. It works well in colder temperatures and gets wax I all gaps . If it smears to much I just add more water.
  11. Habs

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    If you are mixing onr with any other product that you have to rinse then I believe you are losing what one of the benefits of using onr . The protection of using this product . The only optimum products i have mixed and like the way it works is Optimum soap and power clean Onrww and optimum spray wax.
  12. Habs

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    Yes i have tried this onr just kills the suds there is no benefit.
  13. Habs

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    The way I use onrww is after my onr wash I spray my soulution of onrww and spray wax one panal at a time and dry . I soak the hole car with onr by ik sprayer then wash if the onr is dry buy the time I get done the onrww and spray wax soulution solves this problem and gets a nice layer of wax every were.
  14. Habs

    Playing with FerreX

    Looks great I find the hyperseal on the plastic trim really makes the car stand out from other vehicles on the road . Some times after a onr wash and optimum spray wax I do my trim with hyperseal makes my 2008 trim look like new .
  15. No I don't think paint prep will harm your gloss coat . My car is gloss coated and I just did my spring time decamination. Last thing I do is use paint prep before wax and hyperseal. Gloss coat is still there.