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  1. Hi shine and wax I have been using optimum products for about 4 years now. My car is gloss coated ( did it my self was easy ) this summer I have been flipfloping back and forth with optimums wax and hyperseal never a had any problem . Hyperseal is the more durable option in my opinion and gives a more mirror like shine but I like the look of the wax a more wet look. Gloss coat with hyperseal and wax is more than enough protection for me. My car is a 2008 paint looks great. Hope this helps
  2. Habs

    Mdr in ik sprayer

    Thanks Ron hope everything is good Was looking for some magic soulution to spray on my car lol as a pre soak to help remove salt (mdr and onr) maybe just good old onr wash
  3. Habs

    Mdr in ik sprayer

    I will try this I guess the mdr will take the ocw off
  4. I am getting ready to set up to do my winter car washing here in toronto ontario. Apparently we use about 350 lbs of salt per car on our roads. Was thinking of putting mdr and a little onr and warm water in a sprayer to combat the salt build up as a pre soak ?
  5. Good question was looking for this answer as well . Although this is the way I wash some times with onrww then hyper seal. Looks great nice mirror like finish no streaking at all. I just hope I getting good protection . I like using onrww because it gets wax in all the gaps .
  6. Habs

    Hyper seal

    Thanks ron Will get a coat in tomorrow
  7. Habs

    Hyper seal

    I hope every body is well Well winter is coming once again . Need to put another coat of hyper seal on the paint before to cold what's the lowest temperature I can apply hyper seal . Is it 40 farenheit?
  8. Ok so I put some onr in my pro ik sprayer and pumped it up to 50psi with my compressor. I now have a pressure washer with onr lol. It's enough pressure with the long wand to soak the whole car and get in all the gaps in a few minutes. I did not rinse the car so maybe we can get even Ron to do this lol. I gave it a few minutes got my bucket and onrww and several wash mitts ready. I then rinsed off the car and washed with my onrww. When my wash mitt is dirty I just get another one so I am always looking at my mitt. The car has it's normal amount of dirt on it but i used less mitts than normal. So I guess more dirt was removed with the presoak and rinse . It did not realy remove the heavy dirt from the skirting behind the wheels were I always get a build up of dirt . But I like this method it does not realy take any more time . I use more product but the sprayer uses less than using a bucket and spreads it out evenly and there's enough in the sprayer to do 3 or 4 washes . So I will continue with this method. This will be good for the winter washing all I need to do is find some one that's got some onr in stock lol.
  9. I like both products Today I did a presoak with onr using ik foam sprayer waited a bit then rinsed car then washed car with onr with wax came out nice alot of dirt was removed with the pre soak
  10. Good video I stand corrected you should pre soak with onr on a uncoated car . There goes any wax on that jeep the power clean took care of that lol. I do notice how easy the dirt comes of with just a hose I guess because of the gloss coat on my car all the more reason to get the gloss coat or the pro. Never realy liked using the presure washer . Ok I will give in I will give the car a pre soak with onr I will use my pro ik sprayer the one that you can pressurize and see what happens .
  11. I cant see putting onr on a dry car doing any thing . I rinse the car well before I do anything i find if the car is gloss coated and wax a lot of dirt will come off then i get my wash bucket with onr and several wash mitts and big red sponge. I use the sponge to soak the panel I just squeeze it and kind of through the onr on the panal then wash with mitts . I find the extra time I have washing this way I can use to wax or use hyperseal. I think your method is just to much work . Sometimes I use my ik sprayer and spray onr with wax then dry I like the fact that I can get wax in all gaps .
  12. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Yes looks good My honda is 2008 on this old paint the difference is amazing just finished washing with onr and spray wax then opti gloss enhancer
  13. Habs

    Power Clean Testing

    I think I read some were here that some one put powerclean in optimum soap to give it a little more cleaning power this might work on a realy dirty car
  14. Habs

    Power Clean Testing

    You can let t that power clean stay on the paint to long . Gloss coating the car then hyperseal will eliminate the need of power clean ing all the time I think it my be cheaper I tried paint prep to remove stains on plastic from powerclean nope straight powerclean did it
  15. Habs

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Looks good optimum spray polish is so easy to use I did one or two panels on my honda element before wiping mainly to see how I was doing ...enjoyable process