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    Opti-Gloss: Cure time protection

    Sorry Ron, my explanation was lacking... I will not be able to acquire neither Hyper Seal nor Opti-Seal until Monday, 12/6. I want to apply Gloss-Coat tomorrow (12/3) and was hoping there would be a recommendation for a non-Optimum product (yikes!!) I could use an hour after application instead of waiting 3 days for the Optimum sealants.
  2. amateur4sure

    Opti-Gloss: Cure time protection

    Greetings All - I have a window of opportunity to prep and apply Opti-Gloss to my new black Caddy -- problem is, I'm out of Opti-Seal! Are there any recommendations for protecting the coating during cure time in lieu of Opti-Seal? TIA A4S