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  1. twstd1

    Flat Paint with GPS

    What products used Nate?
  2. Try it for yourself. Get a feel for it first hand. Just don't oversaturate the pad. Report your findings back here. The fibers and strands tend to mash themselves flat. Will have to brush or blow them out after each section pass. Too time consuming in my book. What size pads did you order? I'm a big fan of OPS/OMF/DA...excellent results when frequently changing out pads..foregoing brushing/blowing out. I have sever dozen OMF pads in rotation. Deep cleans, minor correction, durable sealant for a one step process. Spend another 15-20 minutes topping with Opti-Seal or OCW for added gloss, depth, protection. Perfect for dd's and low budget customers.
  3. twstd1

    Need a dedicated paint cleaner

    Thanks. HP is what I have been using when OPS is not an option.
  4. twstd1

    Is Opticoat ommision detectable?

    From what I've read on the waterspot issue is that after a mild claying, eventually the spots will it never happened. Also, regarding your wheel issue, Old Tiger has a thread on another forum where after he IX'ed (Sonax'ed?) heavily Fe (iron) contaminated paint, OC 2.0's beading reappeared. Maybe you can decon your wheel. Just don't have the time right now to search these forums.
  5. Are there any products by Optimum that will clean the paint effectively as OPS without a sealing the paint?
  6. Yes, foam. MF pads/rotary/OHC are a waste of time IMO. While it is do-able, I see no point in using other than spot correction...even then foam will finish out better.
  7. Be prepared to hold on to your rotary. MF/rotary/OHC is grabby on the paint. Lower rpm's are necessary. Will be a physical workout for sure. Great cut, but not as nearly that of wool. Been a year since I used this combination of tools and product. I saw better cut than foam, and in a shorter time span. Today I would only go that route again for spot correction. YMMV.
  8. Curious as to your results. Any updates...findings?
  9. Thanks for the reassurance. Happy holiday season.
  10. I try to buy all gallons from OCC. I purchased the OLP (17oz) from a competitor site as I was ordering other non-OCC products and added it to my cart. If same but reformulated, when did the change occur ?
  11. twstd1

    HI from Naperville IL

    Welcome! A great place for definitve answers regarding OCC products. These guys are the best!
  12. twstd1

    From Manila, Philippines

    Welcome Norman!
  13. Late to the party, as usual. No disrespect intended. My opinion: Man up and learn to use a rotary. Time savings are more than significant. I see by your sig. that you're the proprietor of a detailing biz. You already have the 7" -ers, might as well use them. Quality machines can be found at pawn shops, CL, Amazon, Ebay, etc. I do not detail for profit, but am not willing to spend twice the time using a DA, when a rotary/wool...or, rotary/MF pad is deemed by the test spot.