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  1. First, let me state clearly that I'm not a detailer. In the past we haven't done a very good job of maintaining our car's finishes but we just bought two new 2018 cars and we're going to do a better job with these. So ... I went looking for a product (or products) that would do a good job with minimal effort. We don't need a show car finish, just good protection. Ideally, something that I can use as a final step at the end of each washing, maybe 2 to 3 weeks. We're in the desert southwest (NM) so don't get much rain or snow. I first looked at Mequiars Ultimate Liquid Wax (ULW) and Ultimate Quik wax (UQW), with Ultimate Quik Detailer (UQD) as a nice addition for touch-ups/clean-ups. OK, this would work fine, but UQW isn't really a base/main wax so I have to reapply the ULW every 3-6 months or so. I'm sure there are people out there who use nothing but UQW but I was looking for somehing a little more durable. So, I kept looking and found Optimum Car Wax (OCW) which looks like it might be a good choice. My questions are: 1. Can Optimum Car Wash really be used as the one-and-only car wax (again assuming I'm looking for good protection but not a show car finish)? 2. We do traditional washing (bucket and sponge). Do I need to use Optimum's car wash product or can I use any quality car wash product (I have been using Mequiar's Gold). 3. Is Optimum Car Wax compatible with other brand quik detailers, such as Mequiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer, or do I need to use Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer? I appreciate your replies ...
  2. Well I've been using OCW for about a year now and the results have been good with one exception. One of our cars picked up some water spots, and I don't know the reason except for the car dealer's car wash may have left some residue that we didn't wash off right away. I managed to get the spots off by using a little more OCW than usual and a lot of elbow grease. Now I'm just wondering if any of you has a good solution for preventing water spots when using OCW as the primary wax.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Dion. The only thing I've noticed with the OCW is that it seems to be a dust magnet just after it's applied. I'm guessing it's a static charge thing as it's very dry here.
  4. Thanks, I just ordered some OCW and Opti-Clean to get started.
  5. Also, another question. Assuming frequent washes (2-4 weeks) and using OCW every time, what would be a good Optimum product to use for bird droppings, bug splats, road tar, etc. I don't mind finishing with OCW after the spot cleanup.
  6. Actually I would probably only use the Optimum Opti-Clay Towel or some other fine grade clay towel.
  7. As a follow-up question, let's say you have a brand new car (2 months old, always garaged) and you wash and use OCW every 2-3 weeks. In that case, would use of the opti-clay towel with the OCW really be of any advantage?
  8. Ah, thanks. Yes that's a typo in question #1.