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  1. Forgive me for asking this question if already answered in previous post. I had a 2018 corvette which had opti coat pro+ (looked awesome!). Unfortunately I had to return the car due to lemon law (serious engine problems - 3 engines blown in 5 months). Yesterday I leased a 2019 corvette and this time I got Simoniz glass coat applied on car and wheels. My brother-in-law works at dealership and it was free (vehicle is a lease and free is free - although I'm sure it won't look the same). My question is although I don't have opti coat ceramic coating, can I still use the same products like hyper seal, instant detailer & gloss enhancer, and my favorite opti clean? Thanks Mark
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  3. Can someone explain the difference between the Big Gold Sponge and the Big Red Sponge? Both are the same size and have similar cleaning abilities. Just wondering if there's a difference (Big God Sponge $10 more). Thanks, Mark
  4. Good morning. I had the Opti Coat Pro+ added to my new 2018 Corvette Grand Sport and love the shine! I clean it once a week with Opti coat no rinse & use Hyper seal as drying aid (use Hyper seal every time car is washed). If car is not too dirty during the middle of the week, I use Opti-clean and Opti Instant detailer. Unfortunately winter is right around the corner and the car will be outside enduring the elements (snow, ice, salt, etc.). I know leaving a Corvette outside in the winter is sacrilegious with other Corvette owners however my garage is not ready for the car this year. To be clear, I won't drive car in the snow however it will be outside. This is my daily driving car (other than when it snows). So here's my questions: 1 -What do other members do (areas where it snows) to maintain and protect the Opti Coat finish over the harsh winter? 2 - Should I change my routine above? 3 - Will the cold (temps below freezing) affect any of the products listed above (Opti-clean, Hyper seal, Opti Instant detailer) when applying outside during the winter? Any suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Mark