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  1. Sjbiss

    Why Gloss Coat?

    Interestingly looks like Carpro just released a SIC coating, which is interesting given the Graphine craze. Optimum ahead of the curve I think!
  2. Hi, Put Gloss coat on my car about 15 mos ago and would like to use Powerclean to remove some bugs and other stuff that is too tough for ONR. Will Power Clean hurt the gloss coat and should I dilute it?
  3. Sjbiss


    Thanks Setec. No issues with sprinklers because it is winter. I don’t park or really drive under bridges or overpasses. The only thing I can think of as a cause would be the road salt they put down. I do wash every week or two in my garage with ONR. What do you recommend in lieu of HF?
  4. Sjbiss


    Here is a pic. Tried Meguires Wheel Brightener and it also did nothing. Going to try Nanoskin Heavy Duty Acid Wheel Cleaner. Question - do I mix 4:1 like the instruction say or use straight? IMG_2107.jp2
  5. Sjbiss


  6. Sjbiss


    I get a message that the attachment is not available when I click on the link
  7. Sjbiss


    I’ll post this weekend after I wash the car again.
  8. Sjbiss


    Hi My vehicle was coated with Gloss Coat less than a year ago, I wash the car every week or two with distilled water and ONR using HyperSeal as a drying aid. I live in the Northeast and am getting severe waterspots. I think the road salt is the culprit because it only became an issue in the winter. MDR didn’t work. Is there anything else I can do or am I stuck with polishing coming spring?
  9. Sjbiss

    My (mostly) Optimum Day (s)

    Hey guys, Been about a month, here are my thoughts so far....Hint, I am definitely an Optimum fanboy now 🙂 Gloss coat Gloss - Car looks amazing, especially when topped with Hyper Seal. Even when dirty, the car still has great gloss. Hydrophobics - Excellent. When washing, I pre spray with ONR using a pump sprayer and I love watching it bead and roll right off. Self cleaning - Not sure this is the best description, car still gets dirty when it rains but the dirt comes off much easier when washing. I pre spray the car with a WORX battery pressure washer with only 150 PSI prior to my ONR wash and can tell a noticeable difference in the amount of dirt left on the paint vs pre Gloss Coat. Used to have to clean the BGS with Power Clean after every 3rd wash because it would look like the big brown sponge. After 4 washes with Gloss Coat, the BGS looks brand new. Scratch resistance - TDB, will pull out the detailing lights after 6 -12 mos. I can’t see any scratches even in direct sunlight and ignorance is bliss :-). Slickness - Not super slick when you rub the back of your hand on the paint but Opti Coat ONR and the Big Gold Sponge just glide over the surface, almost like it has been oiled. Tire Protection & Coating Love this product, tires look clean and dressed all the time and are super easy to clean with a simple ONR 256:1. Had one instance where I scraped a curb and it made me question this product because I did not want to have to remove and reapply on the whole tire. I was able to touch it up and it is not noticeable at all. Whew! I did 2 coats originally and am glad I did as the shine does fade a bit after a couple weeks, don't get me wrong still very glossy. Looking to put this on my wheel wells this summer. Opti Glass Coating Main benefit for me is the windows stay much cleaner and bugs come off easier. I get great hydrophobics when washing but I don’t get that benefit when driving in the rain. I don’t think this is because of the product, I have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with basically a vertical windshield, a 60lb steel Jack on the hood and a 50” light bar above the windshield. I think these impact the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Opti Glass Clean & Protect Cleans well, makes Glass crystal clear and doesn’t streak. Don’t need any more than that in a glass cleaner. Best glass cleaner I have ever used. HyperSeal Best drying aid I have ever used. Super slick and it requires very little wiping. I spray the towel twice, Rag Company Double Twistress, and then the panel once. It feels more like I’m spreading the the product than actually drying the car and any high spots usually disappear in a couple minutes on their own. Only complaint this the sprayer, mine leaked terribly so I replaced it.
  10. Sjbiss

    Optimum online stores

    I believe the second one is the new Opti Coat website, they upgraded earlier this year.
  11. Sjbiss

    Emblem install & Gloss Coat

    Thanks. I'm not sure what is more impressive....the Billet Badge America Flag emblem or the Gloss Coat gloss 🙂
  12. Thanks Ron, appreciate the response. This is the response I would have expected. I love Hyper Seal but I love to tinker just as much 🙂
  13. Any ever compare Beadmaker to Hyperseal? I currently use Hyperseal but do find all the hype around Beadmaker tempting. I have Gloss Coat not Opti Coat.
  14. Hi, looking to add a custom emblem to the side of my Jeep JK. I have Gloss Coat on the vehicle and am wondering if I need to remove it from the area so the 3M tape will hold? If I do need to remove it, will a polish and foam pad do the job or do I need to compound? I have a Porter Cable 7424xp DA. thanks as always for the help.
  15. Sjbiss

    Opti Glass Coating

    Hi, looking to apply Opti Glass coating, can you do multiple layers and, if so, how long between coats? thanks