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  1. Scott

    optigloss and reapplying emblems

    Hi Ron, Now that I am applying Hyperseal over the Optimum Gloss Coat, my question about the emblems has retuned. 😳 Can I attach the emblems after applying Hyperseal? Or should I apply the emblems first? Thank you! Hyperseal arrives tomorrow and the 7 day cure time on the Optimum Gloss Coat is Friday. 👍🏻 Best, Scott
  2. Scott

    Optiseal after Optigloss

    Thanks Ron! That's great news. I'll read up on the Opti-Coat Pro Line. Have a great day! Scott
  3. Scott

    Optiseal after Optigloss

    Gentlemen, I have replied to both of your answers and thanked you for your kind generosity and your time. I do have a professional detailer, one whom I’m sure your community will know very well. He has worked on my cars for years and has taught me plenty about detailing my cars and motorcycles. I always ordered my products and tools (buffers lights, pads, and supplies) through him. He was working on a huge project this weekend and I did not want to bother him when I discovered this forum. I’m not certain he would want me using his name on Optimum’s Forum so I’ll leave him anonymous for now. Interestingly enough, I think my detailer underestimated my skills in applying a coating. Therefore he recommended Opti Gloss Coat rather than a ceramic coating. I had absolutely no issues in the paint correcting process using Griots and Rupes Buffers, LC Pads, Decontamination Products, Hyper Compound, Hyper Polish, and Car Pro’s Erase, or applying Optimum Gloss Coat. Everything went smoothly and my paint looks like a mirror. I will most likely apply a ceramic coating next time. I certainly wish I would’ve this time. I was able to order up the optimum hyperseal this morning from the website you both suggested: Just to be clear, I am going to apply the optimum hyper seal after the seven day cure time. To mutant; I have all of the products such as OID you mentioned in your earlier answer, I just had never heard of Optimum Hyperseal. Thank you so much. You have been very helpful. Scott
  4. Scott

    Optiseal after Optigloss

    Gentleman, I have typed several replies to your generously supplied answers and have clicked on “Submit Reply” yet I don’t see that they actually post. I just want you to know how grateful I am for your kind advice. Let’s see if this posts...
  5. Scott

    Optiseal after Optigloss

    Hey Mutant, Thank you. I kept reading about Hyperseal here on the forum, but haven’t been able to locate it on Detailed Image (DI) web site. Is it only available to professionals? I am guessing from your advice, that there really is no reason/need to apply Optiseal over Optimum Gloss Coat. Correct? Its been 48 hours since I applied Optimum Gloss Coat. After the 7 day cure, If I can’t find Hyperseal, would it be advised to apply OSW over Gloss Coat?
  6. Hi Ron, Can Optiseal be used after optigloss has cured and for future reference when is the “optimum” time to use optiseal after applying Optigloss? Thank you! I appreciate reading your responses to everyone’s inquiry’s. Nice to know the manufacturer cares so much about its customers.
  7. I removed my tank emblems from my Harley for two reasons... 1. I hated them and bought new ones... 2. It made it easier to perform the paint corrections. QUESTION - I applied Opti-Gloss over the entire tank after paint corrections were made and before attaching the new emblems to the tank (they adhere to the tank with double back tape), will there be adhesion issues on Optigloss coat surfaces? Do I need to replilush the area where to emblems will go in order to ensure adhesion of the new emblems or will it be fine?