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  1. Could there be some semi-permanent coating on the plastic (either antistatic, or light polarizing) that gets cleaned be the combination of ONR + micros scrubbing action of microfiber?
  2. Aerou

    Rinseless prep wash for Polish?

    I think you can spray Ferrex, agitate with clay media and wipe that with ONR towel for decon step. Same with powerclean - panel by panel, wipe off with ONR towel. While steam is great for specific uses, I would advise against regular blasts of steam on paint and other surface due to the potential of heat shock and high temperatures. But that's just my opinion. I used steam on wax and gunk to soften it. Never used it for general cleaning so never actually had an accident with it. On cloth I found water extraction better than steam, but also, limited, personal experience.
  3. Aerou

    Filtering ONR (W&W) Wash Water

    I sometimes filter ONR wash solution through a fine plastic filter funnel to get the floating pieces of debris and nature, and use this filtered solution for less sensitive cleaning - either as a rinse for brushes from cleaning wheels and tires, or to wash the floor, etc.
  4. Aerou

    Anybody still alive?

    Hi. I am newbie, but I would like to say, that I like to take inspiration from everything Optimum - the products, methods, master detailers sharing their practical knowledge (most notably Yvan and Levi from TRC and many others on the facebook group) and use this knowledge, methods, tools and philosophy to take care of all kinds of cars, because all situation can benefit from efficiency, health considerations and ease of use and satisfying results. Even neglected daily cars or the household. Both as a business or regular user.
  5. Aerou

    New Gloss-Coat not beading!

    Great effort from you and Optimum to resolve it. That is quite a lesson, right? I recall some detailers using finish cleaners with butyl acetate in order to get everything off the paint after polishing since IPA alone wasn't getting everything off the paint from the polish/compound.
  6. Hello. I get an error trying to play Episodes from the Synergy Podcast on Libsyn or iTunes. Is something going on with the hosting? I very much enjoy the podcast and find it pleasant, inspiring and educational source. But I am only about halfway through all the episodes. Julius
  7. Aerou

    New Gloss-Coat not beading!

    Hello. How did the second attempt go?