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  1. RonTacoma17

    Storage of ONR

    Once again, thank you
  2. RonTacoma17

    Storage of ONR

    Getting colder in WNY what temperature should ONR be stored. Still will use in Winter months
  3. RonTacoma17

    Winter Ice and snow :-(

    Thank you no so far no mating yet this will be my first winter with my Opticoted truck
  4. RonTacoma17

    Winter Ice and snow :-(

    Hate the thought of it yet living in WNY we get ice and snow. My truck will be parked in my garage yet... can anyone recommend a great ice and snow brush
  5. RonTacoma17

    Cloth car cover

    Thank you again. Very helpful
  6. RonTacoma17

    Cloth car cover

    Thanks again. I’m not doing well in the question department yet you are giving me great answers. So no blade no cover. Naked and Optimum microfiber towel wiped😎
  7. RonTacoma17

    Cloth car cover

    At times I don’t drive much and my vehicle sits in driveway. If I use a quality cloth car cover will this effect my opti protection?
  8. RonTacoma17

    Using a silicone water blade

    Thank you very much. I’ll order micro fiber towels
  9. Can you use a silicone water blade to wipe off rain water or rinse water. Or only use an Optima Microfiber towel?