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  1. C_Cole_WV

    Antibacterial Properties

    Yeah, I thought I heard it on a podcast.
  2. C_Cole_WV

    Antibacterial Properties

    Does PC or even ONR have proven antibacterial properties? If so, how effective?
  3. C_Cole_WV

    Does ONR freeze as easy as water?

    I use a bucket heater which keeps the water warm. I've been doing washes in 30F and no issues. I just do one panel at a time and wipe off.
  4. C_Cole_WV

    OCW Gallon

    Ok, thanks for letting me know. How do you fix it? Is it simply a matter of removing the wax? This was the only way I was able to fix it.
  5. C_Cole_WV

    OCW Gallon

    I bought my first gallon of OCW and I don't see anything on the jug about it being concentrated, but when I used it yesterday on a black chevy suv, I noticed streaking. I only used 1 squirt of the OCW spray bottle that I poured it into like I always do. I just wanted to verify that the gallon size of OCW isn't concentrated.
  6. C_Cole_WV

    Getting Opti-Coat

    Do you have to be certified detailer to be able to use Opti-Coat products? I'm interested in Glass Coat and Interior coatings. I've inquired via email on the optimum website and like usual I got no response and its been a couple weeks.
  7. C_Cole_WV

    Tractor Detail

    I have a John Deere Tractor Detail coming up next week and just wondering if PC is powerful enough to cut through the grease and grime that I might run into during this job?
  8. C_Cole_WV

    Driveway Staining Help

    Ok thanks guys
  9. I'm a new part-time mobile detailer and decided to take the leap and start a business in my community due to there not being any detailing business in my county. I completed a detail last week and the customer was very happy. However, yesterday she called me and stated that her driveway was stained by the products. I drove over there and took some photos, and to verify the issue. She said that she attempted to clean her driveway but it didn't come clean, and she wanted to know if I had some suggestions. I don't want to do damage to her property, so I called Optimum and explained the situation to the lady on the phone. She transferred me to Mac and I left him a message. So far, I haven't heard anything back from Optimum. She's very pleasant and isn't upset, but she is an older retired lady, and she does take care of her house, property, and car, so having it look nice is important to her. She described the stain as brown and shiny. I told her over the phone that it was probably the dirt mixed with the products that I used that dripped off the car. I do think that I made a mistake by not wringing out my microfiber mitt good enough and some of it dripped off the car while dwelling. Also, some of it dripped off the tires when I was cleaning the tires. I only use Optimum products, so I used ONR, Spray Wax as a drying aid, Power Clean full strength on the tires, and used Power Clean 3:1 and Opti-clean 3:1 on the exterior as a pre-clean. Does anyone have advice on the best way to get this off the driveway? This is my first detail on asphalt and I did another one this weekend. I drove by their location yesterday to check and it was fine. The only difference is this driveway had a driveway sealer over top of the asphalt in the last couple years, the one from this weekend is just asphalt with no sealer.
  10. C_Cole_WV

    New from WV

    I've been detailing my own vehicles and decided to leap into starting a business part time in WV. I'm so glad I found Optimum products.