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  1. Demonstrated the problem to the supplier - tried another sprayer - same problem.
  2. Does it leak when using the standard sprayer (when you shake it), or with the C.G cap, or both?
  3. When you say "we all had that problem", are you referring to MY problem, where the polish leaks out at the point where the sprayer screws on to the neck? (I can't quite tell). The clogging is a completely separate issue, and I suppose the workaround for that would be to remove the sprayers after use and flush with water. HOWEVER, that may then require re-application of the plumber's tape - I don't mind applying the tape once, but I'd be a bit peeved if I had to do it every time.. (I don't think the tape is designed for repeated screwing & unscrewing of the fittings).
  4. Just a nit, but I doubt whether Beadmaker would be a true "sacrificial layer". It may increase slickness, or add gloss etc, but I have trouble accepting that it would form a "layer" that would be thick enough to withstand damage that did not penetrate to the paint. Even Opticoat Pro is not a "layer" - Yvan himself said that it infuses IN to the clear - it does NOT sit on top. Has anyone ever demonstrated a wax/sealant/coating acting as a sacrificial layer? For example - introduce a scratch, and somehow prove that the scratch was only in the product, and not the paint?
  5. Just trying Hyper Polish and Intensive Polish for the first time - both leak through the NECK when shaken vigorously. (which is REQUIRED for these products). I have tried tightening as much as possible, but they always leak. Applying some plumbing tape fixes it, but I should not have to do this. I have also reported this to my supplier - I'll demonstrate the problem to them if they ask me to, but otherwise I'll just carry on with the workaround - it's not a big problem.
  6. GregS


    Yes they are the new tyres. I've decided to retreat to the safety of a conventional gel for the time being. I've already started testing CarPro Perl and so far I like it a lot. Will probably try Opti-Bond as well - it's a bit easier for me to get. Btw the main Sydney supplier for Optimum stuff (Zen Automotive) are really great to deal with.
  7. GregS


    Photos showing before and after flexing: Before After Time to start scrubbing......
  8. GregS


    TPC coated tyre before flexing the tyre wall
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    GregS' Gallery

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    I decided to try an experiment - I flexed the tyre wall quite vigorously. Even areas that were not white, have now started to turn white, due to the TPC "cracking" under the stress. Does this mean it was indeed applied far too thickly? Or is it a deficiency of TPC? In any case, this tyre must now be completely stripped - no question.
  11. GregS


    😃 Just FYI, for others interested in trying spraying it, it's probably best to wear protective gear - I wore a simple mouth & nose mask designed for "nuisance" levels of mists & dust, and goggles. (I don't know for certain whether that's sufficient - I took a guess) The goggles also helped to create a better seal for the mask. I've seen videos of home hobbyists using an airbrush to Pai scale models - they sometimes cover their whole body - including a "sock" for their head. Needless to say, I did not do the actual spraying in my living room. If the tyres are on the car, I would probably protect the entire car, due to the mist. One of the tyres has some excess in the ridges, and it's white, which looks unsightly. I had this problem when applying by hand as well. Will upload a pic. This may be one reason why the advice is to apply thinly.
  12. GregS


    Again - photo of tyre freshly sprayed with TPC, but dry to the touch:
  13. GregS


    TPC freshly *sprayed*, quite thickly. (dry to the touch)
  14. GregS


    The reason I didn't is because it didn't appear to work for Greg a bit earlier here. I can't win. It's a link to a photo on Dropbox. It's safe. I will post in the gallery later.