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  1. darrvao777

    Why use ONR vs ONR with the wax

    Bumping an old topic If I only use ONRWW and I wash frequently (say weekly or every other week), can that serve as a viable form of solo protection for the car?
  2. Can opti-clean be used as a wheel cleaner? Or would a dedicated wheel cleaner product be better? Thanks
  3. darrvao777

    Power Clean Testing

    wow you had stains from power clean despite rinsing with QD dilution ONR, wiping off with a ONR soaked MF towel, and washing again with the BRS??
  4. My daily driver sits outside and sees roughly 300-400 miles/week of commuting. By week's end, it is pretty filthy. My usual routine is to rinse off the car outside, then bring it inside for a rinseless wash with ONR. I've noticed it is getting increasingly difficult to get some of the dirt and sap off the paint with just ONR (rainy season has befallen us now too) My new plan was to: 1) Panel by panel, spray Power Clean diluted 1:3 as a prewash of sorts (I know some people do this with ONR at the quick detailer dilution ratio but it never seemed to be effective for me) 2) Allow to sit for 1 minute and then wipe off with wash media dunked in ONR 3) Make a second pass with wash media dunked in ONR (my understanding is that copious amounts of ONR are needed to get Power Clean off if we aren't rinsing it off with running water) 4) 1 spritz of Opti-Seal as a drying aid (my understanding is that using Power Clean weekly as a pre-wash will also eliminate my LSP) 5) Dry Is that "overdoing" Power Clean? Or reasonable given where my car sits and how much it is driven?
  5. darrvao777

    Agitating Optimum Power Clean on dirty panel?

    i probably wouldn’t my general use for power clean on my car (that i wash weekly) is to go over the car with an ONR wash and spot treat any areas with power clean as needed if i had a very dirty car that i cared about (well i wouldn’t let it get that dirty to begin with 🙂), i would probably rinse, foam power clean, let sit 1-2 minutes, rinse again, pre spray with ONR, then proceed to ONR wash and spot treat any areas with power clean and agitation as needed
  6. darrvao777

    Power Clean Testing

    i love power clean, so versatile to clean tires/wheels/engine bays/bugs/tar and somehow gentle enough (and effective) for interiors too! i know it’s blasphemy around here but if i had to select a favorite optimum product, i might rank power clean slightly above onr 🙂 foaming is fun and i love the foam it creates out of a foam cannon and the ik foamers. but for control, my default is still power clean diluted 1:3 in a spray bottle
  7. darrvao777

    Opti Coat No Rinse 16oz

    is there a reason opti-coat no rinse has a smaller cap? are we supposed to use less than the normal 1:256 dilution ratio?
  8. darrvao777

    ONR as tire dressing?

    rebumping interesting, anyone ever try onrww as a mild/light tire dressing of sorts?
  9. darrvao777

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww

    my cars never get that dirty so i’ve played around with pre soaking vs pre rinsing vs nothing and the results are roughly the same in the end, ive stuck with pre rinsing with a hose just because it’s the quickest method and knocks off the most annoying debris (live bugs, residual leaves, etc) my routine before i start a wash is to rinse the car off, foam power clean (1:3) from an ik foamer to the lower part of the car and in particular the wheels and exhaust, rinse off and then bring the car in for an indoors rinseless wash
  10. darrvao777

    ONR on salty cars - Question about drying

    you do get some smearing with the slightly dampened towel i also dry with opti seal and that seems to eliminate that problem if you are only using onr you’ll probably want a dry towel too
  11. darrvao777

    ONR on salty cars - Question about drying

    I realize this is an old post but didn't see any replies I will go over the panels a second time with my wash media if I see any residual dirt or discoloration (all my cars are white so it is easier to see). You want the drying step to only be drying, not drying and cleaning One of the reasons I like drying with ONR (I dunk my drying microfiber towel in the ONR bucket and wring it out until dry) is that I believe it confers a little more protection and allows me to be more flexible with my choice of drying towel. I like small, low pile, 365gsm towels over plush towels. Haven't had a problem (with scratching) using my drying towel of choice even though they aren't thought of as conventional drying towels.
  12. darrvao777

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    Checking back in to report an update, I've been exclusively using Optimum products to clean my car since I last posted in September (don't even own traditional soap anymore!) and have nothing but positive things to report. My experience mirrors a lot of what the experts here have reported: 1) My car is a daily driver and sits outside, I love washing with ONR and the BRS versus the increased caution I need to take with Opti Clean 2) I typically with pre-rinse with a hose just to get as much loose debris off as possible (but I have done plenty of washes without a pre-rinse and haven't scratched my car yet) 3) I find that foaming Power Clean (in addition to being fun) is great particularly for bugs. Such an awesomely versatile product that can be used to wash wheels / tires / bugs / stubborn tar / etc This was a great week where I could put everything together (back to work and driving 5x/week, assaulted by a ton of love bugs, eagerly awaiting my Friday evening car wash): - hose off the car - foam Power Clean 1:3 on the wheels / tires / lovebug-affected areas - use wheel tools to clean the wheels / tires / exhaust - use bug sponge to clean the bugs - hose off again (I believe ONR used in a large volume can also neutralize Power Clean but I prefer hosing it off to be safe) - bring the car inside so I can work in a climate-controlled environment - BRS + ONRWW to clean the body - Opti seal and microfiber towel to dry the body - microfiber towel dunked into ONR and wrung out to wipe down the interior - spritz of opti seal and microfiber towel to dry the wheels Ready for another week of work and lovebugs
  13. darrvao777

    what to use to protect from lovebugs?

    Ha, how timely, I just ran into a hailstorm of love bugs on my way home today I don't think there is anything foolproof to 100% protect from lovebugs. Having a good coating or a good sealant like Hyper Seal will help minimize the damage but you're still going to hit the bugs and you'll still want to get them off ASAP. I agree with Ron, my technique now is to just wash immediately upon coming home: 1) Rinse with hose 2) Foam Power Clean @ 1:3 dilution 3) Rinse with hose 4) Spray ONR @ 1:16 dilution 5) Proceed to standard ONR wash 6) If any bugs have survived the above, I'll apply some Power Clean @ 1:3 dilution onto a bug sponge and gently agitate 7) Rinse with hose one final time 8 ) Dry the car using a drying aid (I like Hyper Seal) 9) Look forward to doing this all over again tomorrow I've honed this now so I can get this done in under 15 minutes (I drive a small hatch)
  14. darrvao777

    Power Clean Purposes and Dilution Ratios

    I like to keep it simple I've used Power Clean in foamers and sprayers across all different dilutions For someone who just cleans his personal cars, I found I like Power Clean diluted 1:3 in a spray bottle. Great for maintenance cleaning of tires and wheels. I use it as spot treatment for stubborn bugs and tar. I almost never have to use it on the interior of my own vehicle but I quite frequently use it on my wife's child carseats. Impressed that Power Clean can get out two year old food/liquid stains out of our gnarly child carseats. It still amazes me, I haven't found anything that is as effective or as slick as getting rid of tar/bugs on paint as Power Clean.
  15. darrvao777

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    I also like Opti Seal for its versatility Great as a WOWA sealant Great as a drying aid Can be used to dress interior trim Can be used to dress leather seats Can be used to clean stubborn interior glass I used some of TW's newer products and they are great. The durability feature never appeals to me much because I wash my cars weekly and use OS as a drying aid each week.