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  1. Thanks for the response again, last thing I will try is to let MDR sit and work it's magic for a longer period as a last resort. Although I'll say this .... I don't know how much knowledge you have but you seem to know what you're talking about quite a bit, and when I hear you say that I either got tricked or got an insanely poor install I think it shows to extent of how my coating does not seem to behave the way it should be. And you're not the only one who went to describe it this way which only makes me uneasy when I'm being told by Optimum people that it looks ''fine''. Either way I don't know how this situation will end exactly but at the very least the retailer will redo the top surfaces, but I just don't know how much I trust their work at this point seeing people's reaction to my coating's behavior and how my retailed said the sides worked fine and needed a little push from my part to agree to redo the horizontal surfaces. I also have a question regarding the correcting/coaitng stepts. When retailers redo the coating they have to polish and correct the entire surface again right? I want to make sure because I remember seeing a lot of micro scratches when my car had just gotten it's very first wash (BRS + ONR) by the retailer a month after I got it corrected/coated and I couldnt believe how many scratches I was seeing. It led me to believe that these scratches were very likely on the clear coat itself and not the Opti-Coat. Since they will redo the top surfaces, I should not expect to see ANY scratches at all as they are supposed to correct the clear coat before reapplying Opti-Coat right? Thanks!
  2. He called it a solvent so I sadly can't confirm wether he made a mistake or really did use a solvent. I also wasnt at a point where I questionned everything since I did not have the knowledge I have today and did not question the integrity of my coating back then as I do today. It's a a damn shame indeed, specially since I did not think about it twice for I felt this was the best route for protecting my first brand new car ever. No he did not use MDR while they tried to decon it, they just used Ferrex and a microfiber towels, although I did tell them I had used a claymit a day before so there was no point in adding it to the mix. I did just fully decon my car 2 days ago although and did try MDR ; Used Optimum CarWash in a foam canon as prewash then washed the crash using Carpro Reset + a little bit of ONR then proceeded to ferrex entire car while rubbing it with a microfiber towel then used a claymit + ONR as the lubricating agent then finally used MDR as a final step then topped the car with Opti-Seal MDR sadly did not do any miracles, everything behaves exactly as it did in the videos I had initially taken (Which is almost a year ago at this point) The detailler has agreed to redo the coating on the horizontal surfaces (Hood, Top of car, top of trunk) but not the rest, which is essentially why I went to create this topic for I felt nothing looked right on that car, and while reddit people are not right about everything, nobody argued that the coating displayed adequate behavior. My last car (a 2009 impreza) which I gave to my mother and proceeded to coat myself using Optimum gloss coat, beeds and sheets more than my WRX which gets far more maintenance as my mother washes it like twice a year. For the first time since I've had the car I feel like a have a working coating, but that is because I have for the first time applied Opti-seal to it and it makes a night and day difference compared to how my coating by itself behaves. Thanks for the replies, it's much appreciated!
  3. Quite a bit late to reply but since the covid shenanigans slowed the world down this coating issue was not the prority anymore. As to your question, yes I have also used CarPro reset on the car, and can tell it is indeed an amazing product but no it did not change anything about the coating's behavior. Thanks for your answer tho. I'm also back here because something came to my mind perhaps a little late but better late than never. When I first brought my car to the detailer for a wash and a correction of three high spots on my coating (1 month after the initially application) he got rid of those three high spots by simply using a solvent and a microfiber towel. From what I have collected Opti-coat pro/pro+ can only be removed by abrasion and is not removable by a solvent yet I did see the high spots being removed (all three). How does that work? Regards
  4. Yes twice, once by me after winter because I thought that contamination may have been the problem and when this changed nothing at all the installer did it himself with no success. I know they are not impervious like i said in my comment that you quoted, but micro scratches showing on a barely month old coating that has NOT been washed ONCE yet left me skeptical ; Either the paint preparion left marks on the paint/clear coat or the coating is soft as hell and wind/dust left these marks. Polishing and recoating when I paid for a 1400$ product that has a 7 years warranty??? Hell no I am not touching this, if the coating's behavior is considered to not be what it should be the installer will do it until it's done correctly or they will fully refund me. That is why I am here and so far nobody has ''confirmed'' my doubts, I want people to give me their opinion about the behavior displayed in the videos I linked. Is the coating on the side panels showing expected behavior or is it not? The installer has agreed to do the horizontal panels again but not the sides. I feel like he needs to do the whole car again, am I wrong? Regards
  5. Well yes essentially my only complaint is the hydrophobics. And I'm complaining about it because it leads me to question wether it stops at just the hydrophobics or if the integrity of the coating is not fonctionning properly and thus is not protecting my car like it should. I do feel like it does seem to scratch easily but I have been told it's normal. A lot of micro scratches on top of my trunk before the car's very first wash has me questionning the quality of the coating (Or the job they did on the clear coat of the car before applying Opticoat on it) My installer has no idea what happened. And he went as far as saying that he doesnt want to do the sides because he feels they are fine (Are they?) and because he does not know what happenend to the car after I left with it ... almost making it seem like it was something I did (Or did not do). Claiming he had tested it when I came back for a wash yet no testing was done (See my other post above)
  6. It is very frustrating indeed, I'm honestly starting to regret not putting a PFF on the entire car with a sealant on top of it. As for the decontamination ; it was only done because I thought it was maybe the source of the poor behavior of the coating in the first place. So I wouldnt blame it on that since it was behaving this way before any decontamination was done. Although the retailer claims it was working fine when they first applied the coating and when I brought the car in for a wash within the first 30 days period. Which leads me to doubt their abilities as I don't understand how he can claim he tested it when all he did was ; 1 - Pressure rinse the car 2 - Wash the car using a big Optimum red sponge and Optimum No rinse 3 - Dry the car with a towel How was the coating tested here? No water was applied on the cleaned car = No way to see behavior of cleaned coating. And water falling off the car during washing process using a NO RINSE product is no indication of a working coating unless I'm missing something. The lubricants in the product are causing the water to sheet away easily ... not the coating. I'm located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yeah putting a sealant on top of it is what I intend to do (unless being told it could ''damage'' somehow) ... but seeing how it never seemed to perform like advertised leads me to believe it may not have been installed correctly and with it comes the doubt that it may not be as efficient as it should be when it comes to protecting the paint. I have paid 1400$ on a coating so I want it to work correctly without having to ''patch'' it's lack of efficiency. The car was decontaminated twice since it has had opticoat pro+ applied to it (November 2018). Once by me and once by the detailer. I sprayed Ferrex on the entire car for an initial chemical decontamination and then rinsed everything. I then followed with a mechanical decontamination with the use of a clay cloth as suggested by the detailer and a mix of Optimum no rinse and distilled water as the lubricating agent. When this showed no improvement, I brought the car to the detailer who rubbed ferrex on the car using a microfiber cloth which showed no improvement either. As for the regular wash itself which happened every 2 weeks or so on average 1 - Rinse car using pressure washer to get most of the dirt off 2 - Pre-Wash using Optimum Wash mix with distilled water in foam canon (letting it sit for a few minutes) 3 - Rinse with pressure washer 4 - Wash car with two bucket method using either Optimum No Rinse or Optimum Car Wash 5 - Rinse 5 - Dry the car using a microfiber towel Regards
  8. Hi guys Without wanting to bore everyone with a very long story, I would just like to get a second opinion about the behavior of the coating on my car. This is a clean and decontaminated car with Opticoat Pro + on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw3q4SOV2Mw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xJFaj28HTo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0Z6cnoGBAQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfHXfHBsvyQ The retailer has already agreed to do the hood, roof and top of trunk again but not the sides of the car ... claiming it's working perfectly. Hard to not be skeptical when each horizontal panel is considered to not be working correctly and the only thing that seems to keep the vertical panels to showcase the exact same behavior is gravity as the entire car has been cleaned and taken care of the same way. What do you think? Is this considered to be an efficient less than a year old Opticoat pro+ behavior? Am I just crazy to expect a 1400$ coating to have hydrophobic properties similar to a sealant that cost me 30$ a bottle? This is my mother's car which I take care of personally and this is what it looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exiduvo-Eio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILrFMrslevA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74swFTSPThA Thanks for the help you can provide me with Iann