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  1. Certainly good to know! That's inline what I had to my head but I couldn't find the reference. Most likely came from the old Optimum Podcast. Man I wish we had access to those old episodes. I loved nerding out with Dann, Yvan, and Dr G!
  2. Understood and thanks for answering all of my questions up to this one. Your refusal to answer any more is duly noted. I apologize if me trying to gain the clarity I desire has caused any annoyance.
  3. I'm sorry if I'm being dense. Where have you confirmed the ph of MDR in our discussion?
  4. Interesting, trying to make sense of this all. Can you confirm the ph of MDR? I know I saw it in an old SDS sheet but the newer sheet doesn't have it defined. Here is my line of thinking and related questions, If MDR has a ph of around 2.8 as I remember, how does it not remove GC which can only resist down to a ph of 4 when using MDR dwell times of 10-15 mins? Paul
  5. Thanks so much Ron! Please pass along my thanks to Dr G as well. To confirm a couple of things. GC resistant range is: ph 4-10?? HS resistant range is: ph 4-10 And a follow up question, wouldn't MDR, which if memory servers has a ph of around 2.8, nuke GC then with the long dwell times that a recommended for chemical decon? Paul
  6. paulgyro

    Yvan Retiring?

    Great! Exactly what I was thinking. Extra safety factor to be sure. After spending all this time and money you want to THE BEST results.
  7. paulgyro

    Yvan Retiring?

    Wow, crazy. Good to know.
  8. paulgyro

    Yvan Retiring?

    I wasn't implying the ONR hurts paint protection. I was asserting that ONR would effect bonding of coatings due to it leaving polymers behind evidenced by the existence of Optimum Paint Prep (PP). All the demos I've seen of applying Gloss Coat and Opti-Coat have used PP before applying after prepping with the full Optimum system. Perhaps this is a bad assumption but my thought was "Why would Dr G make the product if it wasn't needed?" I guess the only way to know for sure would be to do a lot of testing. If ONR or Hyper Polish residue doesn't have to be removed prior to using Optimum coatings why does PP exist and why was it using my Yvan over the years in all the videos I've seen on YouTube? I'd be find if I didn't have to buy another product and it would eliminate a step in the process! Paul
  9. paulgyro


    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Indeed I did cross post to FB after posting here as seems it gets different folks. I'll summarize the responses here for the record. Things disappear quickly on FB! Ron I would love to hear your comments on these questions. One commenter believed GC would last "forever" if you keep topping it off with HS. Others disagreed with this view. I questioned what causes a coating to break down, is it the bond to the paint or external wear, or both? Others questioned if HS will crosslink with GC seeing they are related products. Also Ron, how does the gloss and slickness of HS compare to OCW? Can you also confirm the ph resistance range of GC and HS? I know Yvan would also say Opti-coat is resistant to ph 0 - 14, not sure if the same if true of GC. I know so many questions! Paul
  11. paulgyro

    Yvan Retiring?

    This is true N914 leaves nothing behind and can be used as a panel prep at stronger dilution rations. ONR, can't and thus why Optimum has Panel Prep spray. I've not used the new ONR yet as I've been using up my old stock.... new version is on it's way now. I've also used FEYNLAB Pure Rinseless which at 250:1 normal dilution is a panel prep, so you are always getting a good cleaning that doesn't hurt paint protections. Of the three I've used extensively thus far my favorite is N914. Cleans well, slick, and wipes clean with less spotting then the others I mentioned. Looking forward to using the new ONR.
  12. paulgyro

    Yvan Retiring?

    I tend to agree but isn't Dr G biased towards his own creations? Of course! That's why we need strong 3rd party independent testing.
  13. paulgyro


    So to follow up on some people comments here, is Hyper Seal not slick then? How does it compare to OCW and Opti-Seal? I'd hate to spend all the money on a topped that isn't slick.
  14. With so many consumer, and pro-coating systems on the market ranging from $75 - $200, each with their own pros/cons should we consider the mentioned combo in the tile as the ultimate combo outside of certified pro-only coatings? With the chemical resistance of Gloss-Coat (GC) and the sickness, hydrophobics and durability of Hyper Seal (HS) for $150 (GC $100 + $50 HS) is there a better combo on the market? Also, if I used this combo and applied HS every 6 months why wouldn't GC last forever?
  15. paulgyro

    Clear Coat Restorer CCR

    Thanks for the feedback. So if I fill the rock chips with CCR won't bond to the new paint? I'm assuming it would just like factory clear coat does.