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  1. Heijneker

    Pink Optimum Spray Wax?

    I recieved a clear bottle of Intensive polish as well! And I like it, very easy to see the amount left and just looks cool. Would love to have to pink Car wax!!!!! I use the IK sprayers, I now have a yellow/orange Power Clean, green Angelwax Vision and pink would look great. I had a blue one as well with ONR @ QD, but no need for it. Would make it very easy to seperate, since I have misused some products before.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Outback! Sure makes sense that the Self Serve carwashes are neglected. I just visited the third one, and probably the nicest one. Sadly similar results to the second one. For good measure I tested a second car this time, and only ONR'd half the car. Thinking that maybe that could have been the problem, but it seems the spotting is the same. Thanks for the advice on the spot-free stuff. I'm currently looking into it, but I don't really understand how it works/what I would need yet.
  3. While the above posts were helpfull, they didn't really apply to my question. What I was wondering was; After washing the car with ONR, rinsing the car with DI/Spot-free water, what would the result be? Does anyone have any experience with this. I did some testing myself, using self serve carwashes. One gave SEVERE crusty waterspots after baking in the sun lol, luckily ONR made short work of it and removed it all. The second one left small, hard-to-see watermarks on the car. Boy was it the quickest wash ever though haha. Just sponge it up and rinse it off. Such a pleasant and easy experience, with awesome beading afterwards (OOS & OCW). Results below. Will be testing a third one later today.
  4. Heijneker

    No Rinse and Bird poop (and bug guts)

    Thanks for the reply, Setec. I haven't heard of those etchings being caused in such a short timespan. I was under the impression that whatever the case, if you got the dropping off within a few days, you would be fine. It would leave a mark yes, but that would disappear within a few days as UV rays break it down. In my very limited testing, this has been the case anyway, but like you said, lots of different variables. Maybe I could remove the mark (mostly) with OPC? To my understanding, etching happens largely due to the clear coat expanding and contracting around the bird droppings. Which would take a couple of days as the car heats up and cools down during the day. I don't think I could do anything about etching, but maybe OPC could also improve the look a bit somehow, when removing those longer sitting bird droppings.
  5. Preferably, I would like to hear Dr. G's take on this one. So to raise money for a good cause, and test the products, I washed cars in my village, using ONR, OCW, OPC and the UBS. Naturally, most of them are neglected. It's been hot as well, and bird poop (which people don't even remove) is the name of the game over here. Bad combo that is. I soaked the bird poop with some ONR wet towels, before going over it with the sponge and the towel. Most of the poop came off with a bit of extra effort. What I found was, that bird poop left incredibly visible marks on the paint. Everything was off of the paint, but it was very clear to see where the poop was. I feel like, that an automatic car wash would have done a better job in removing those marks. Wouldn't be so strange either, since the car is blasted with strong soaps and beaten to a pulp, you probably can't expect ONR to get the same kind of clean. On regular road grime though, it leaves absolutely nothing to be disered, even on neglected cars. So my question is; what could I improve on to decrease those bird poop marks? Maybe spray a little bit of Power Clean on it beforehand or after the gunk is gone? The idea being that doing so, I remove the remaining acids on the paint. Cars just get washed too little. In a perfect world, everybody would ONR their car every couple of days. Just takes maybe 15-20 minutes. Or at least remove the bird droppings. Oh what a world would that be.
  6. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    (New formula) No rinse works great on bugs too! Just ONR @2561:1, Ultra Black Sponge, TRC Double Twistress and OCW as a drying aid. Just a rinseless wash, no pre-rinse, on a hot car in 25°C, fully in the sun. Most of the bugs came off with the towel. For the rest of the car, just took it slow and worked panel for panel, came out looking great. For the wheels, which weren't that dirty, OPC @6:1, brush with TRC W&B Brush dipped in ONR, wiped with a towel. Followed by OPT Tire Shine. No streaks, smears or watermarks. Awesome! Both of the cars washed this way:
  7. Like the title says, I recently got my first order of Optimum polishes, beinig Hyper compound (A GALLON!) and intensive polish. My experience is limited to using Mezerna 300 and the new Rupes line-up for the past year, for about 40 cars or so. So first time using Optimum polish; HOLY $#@&! A totally different experience, MUCH easier to work with. Where the traditional polishes are often difficuilt to evenly spread around, and can dry out or dust, OPT polishes are amazingly foolproof. I genuinly think it cuts my polishing time in half, or even more. Very easy to spread, easy wipe-off, great working time, little dusting (hyper compound MF Pad), fast application, to name a few. My IK trigger sprayer did seem to struggle a bit with Hyper compound. Haven't compared cut yet, but you can feel the grit in the Hyper Compound. The car I worked on today had basically unscratchable paint. Hyper Compound on a 6' MF Pad, XFE 7-15 speed 3, didn't do a lot. On the black pillars, it did cut very well. I was flying over the car, this is a(nother) game-changer for me. Thank you, Dr. G!
  8. Heijneker


    Again Off-topic on the Rags to Riches as MF Detergent. Smells nicer, seems to leave no residue (smell) on the towels. However, have not noticed a difference in hydrophobicity, and it does a worse job on stains it seems. Compared to Power Clean.
  9. Heijneker


    Getting really off-topic now, so delete/replace if deemed necessary. I did get some R2R in the mail today. But I did try to strip my towels with just OPC the last couple of days. Went through about 300ml (10 oz) of OPC in roughly 45L (13 gallon) of water in buckets. Quite some dirt was drawn from the towels: And this was after a wash, plus I pre-soaked them not too long ago as well. Next a lot of rinsing, a lot of distilled white vinegar, and again a wash. Most of the OPC was gone after that. I tested one drying towel already and it worked pretty well, but still not like new (I've got a new one to compare). So I took some apart and they will undergo a R2R strip wash as well. Will see what that does. It smells nice anyway. I'm not at all a chemist, and have little knowledge on the subject, but I suspect there to be a lot of solvents in R2R? It looked pretty weird in my bucket of water. A lot like looking through hot air, where it distorts the view.
  10. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    https://www.nonpaints.com/en/optimum-no-rinse-wash-shine-waterless-wash There you go, hope they deliver to you. New formula is gonna blow. your. mind. If you still have some, compare it to the previous version side by side. You'll see it works alot harder for you 😋.
  11. Heijneker


    Will do, it isn't on the european TRC website somehow, but I did see it at other shops.
  12. Heijneker


    I only wash with Power Clean yeah, about 50-75ml per load. Is that sufficient? Than about double the amount of vinegar in the fabric softener port. He also stated he washed on cold, but that really didn't work well for me, so I wash my towels on 40 °C. I hope to try the R2R wash, but it's really hard to get over here in the Netherlands.
  13. Heijneker


    @AMDG75 I personally have a big problem with towels becoming hydrophobic, so I don't like to use sealants as a drying aid. My second batch of towels is now completely hydrophobic as well, even though I only used Optimum Car Wax, Optimum Glass Clean & Protect and Carpet & Fabric Clean & Protect with these towels. This could very well be due to my wash process being insufficient somehow, but it's the same as Yvan Lacroix said to have used. Maybe it's caused by something else. A lot of people use drying aids without any problems, but it is something to keep in mind.
  14. Heijneker


    Great to hear, looking forward to using it.
  15. Heijneker

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    A bit of advice I would like to share here; Damp microfibre towels work better than dry ones. Ones that come fresh out of 1400 rpm washing machine cycle are perfect, barely any water in them but still wholely damp. Also wipe the paint a bit slower with it to give it time to absorb the water. It also glides easier over the paint. Just did another 7 minute wash in the garage this way and results were even better, with less drips.