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  1. Heijneker

    Magic in a Bottle

    How about these ones: Yeah this stuff is a real life cheatcode, so I ordered a gallon!
  2. Heijneker

    Cure times for OPT products

    Opti-Seal is kind of sticky to water for some time after application from my findings, what does that suggest? Here's water on Opti-Seal approx 1.5h after application. But the next day it was similar to this:
  3. Heijneker

    2019 Ford F-150

    I think that's a normal thing to go through, I had the same. I was getting more and more stuff and chemicals, now I'm slowly backing down again. Maybe let the wash be detirmened by the way you feel?; If you want it do be quick and easy, or a full-on mind-cleansing session. Cleaning your car is such a soothing experience, with ONR it may be over with way too soon. 😋 I use ONR with the BRS every week and clean my car inside and out in approx. 1 hour from grabbing my stuff to putting it away again, and get very good results. Car Wax and Opti-Seal I use as intented once in a while. Power Clean almost never (I'm light on the brakes), only for washing my towels. Optimum Glass Clean & Protect on the windows every wash, CFCP on the occasional stain. Then a couple of times a year it could do with a more thorough wash, wheel whells and barrels fancy an occasional jet wash. I haven't really found a suitable Rinseless process for those, but haven't been looking either! So, yeah, would recommend!
  4. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Second on the sponges absorbing the dirt, once every few washes I give the BRS a good Power Clean scrub, which makes it release alot of traffic film from within; awesome! My sponge has sufferes about a 100 washes already, from mostly neglected cars lol. Looking a bit rough along the edges but working ever so good. Amazingly soft when soaked in hot ONR now.
  5. Heijneker

    Magic in a Bottle

    Like I said; magic in a bottle: This was a nasty, but fresh, pasta sauce spill on our new carpet. My girlfriend got really mad, she 'knew' it would never come out. CFCP 1:3 to the rescue!
  6. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Thanks, Ron. Great review. Only thing is, the more dirt in the new Formula ONR solution could also be down to the different sponge? Excited to try the new formula, almost finished my "old" gallon + large bottle from april.
  7. The other day I finally got to use Optimum CFCP! Man was I excited, and I got the perfect candidate as well! A neglected Volvo C70 (beautiful car). Armed with CFCP at 1:3 with distilled water, a FLEX XFE 7-15 Corded with a Hook & Loop Upholstery brush and some microfibre towels, the results were absolutely incredible. Thanks again Dr. G. and OPT!
  8. Sounds like a plan, guys that would be the way to go! Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks! For timesaving, but just wanted to know if it was possible basically. ONR on itself really amazes me after every wash, due to how it makes the paint look. OID would increase that amazement, while Opti-Seal would provide the longer lasting protection and improved water-shedding behaviour. Of course Car Wax would be perfectly suited, but I want to try out different stuff!
  10. As the title implies, can I use Optimum Opti-Seal as intented (WOWA) after having used Optimum Instant Detailer as a drying aid with ONR. Will it migrate under the instant detailer or will it remove it? And what if, I used BOTH simultaneously as a drying aid? Would that work?
  11. Heijneker

    Claying with Ferrex

    My thoughts: I believe Yvan used this method of Claying with Ferrex before a quick polish. I'm unsure if he used this as well for a full-on multi-stage detail. I would expect claying this way would surely leave some decontamination behind, depending on the condition of the car of course. But you are killing (or almost killing) two birds with one stone, claying removes stuff Ferrex doesn't and vice versa. As long as you clean your polishing pad often (pad washer seems to be best), it doesn't matter too much if there's still some decontamination on the paint. Perfection isn't required for a quick polish.
  12. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse

    OPT distributor Europe hopes to have Gallon size ONR new formula in stock by the end of this month! Hope I make it till then with what I have 😁
  13. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse

    @A&J That is the distributor for Europe! You may want to contact info@optimumcarcare.nl for new formula Optimum No Rinse.
  14. Heijneker

    Opti-Coat Pro3

    Way to go OPT!! Excited to hear and see more of OC3
  15. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse

    Oh and the smell!!!! 😍