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  1. I think @Ron@Optimum is the man to answer that question. How I read the instructions; you can use it without an extractor, but it would be better if you did. I used to only use a DA polisher, an MF pad and a MF towel and got absolutely astonishing results (pictures in other threads). Right now I vacuum the seat as well after going over the seats with a polisher. It seems to really pick up dirt and changes the color of the fabric after passing over. Ive got a REALLY powerful vacuum though, probably comparable to the MyTee Lite or something. For cconvertible tops, I would suggest rinsing would be sufficient, but extract as well if possible. Otherwise dry with MF towels. On-topic: I had the car back in for a second appointment. The roof had no hydrophobic properties in this specific instance. But like I said before, that would have been a miracle. The roof was a mess.
  2. Did you manage to do this test? I need some advice from the experts! The roof: I recelty had a VERY neglected convertible roof to clean, but sadly nothing seemed to really work. The roof is about 15 years old, most likely never cleaned before and lives outside in The Wet Netherlands. I suspect it used to live under a tree as well. This was worst case scenario. What I tried already: I soaked it in water first, then applied Power Clean @ 1:6 Distilled water, and brushed it with Optimum/TRC Tire Scrub brush. HOLY COW, the amount of green dirt that came off was insane. I then rinsed it with an insecticide sprayer and vacuumed it dry, which revealed a cleaner surface, but still moss was remaining. I repeated this process about 3 times, even rinsing with a pressure washer (desperate), which helped, but still. Not even using a brush attachment on my FLEX XFE 7-15 would do the trick. Moss was still visible, and If you scratched the roof with your nail, significant amounts of moss would come off. The 4th time I used OCFCP concentrate @ 1:3 Distilled water, brushed it, worked it in with a towel and vacuumed it dry. I will book a second appointment with the car soon enough. Let's see if OCFCP managed to protect the roof somehow, even though that would be a small miracle given the circumstances. Any thoughts on what I could try next? I think the roof is too far gone, but have no real experience on this, so don't want to give up right away.
  3. Heijneker

    Loving the Opti-Clean

    After about a year of solely using ONR to wash cars, I recently did buy some Opti-Clean. Main reason for buying OOC was that I always find some missed dirt hiding once I do a final inspection, and wanted to clean that easily and relatively safely. I now have also used it for cleaning my own car once it gets some dust and dirt from sitting outside, and am totally loving it that way. It applies sparingly, seems to clean without causing swirls, wipes extremely easy and slick and leaves a very clean and slick surface. Since I clean my car every few days before it ever really gets dirty, it might actually replace the ONR washes most of the time. It literally takes me 6-7 minutes and two TRC FTW towels to get a smear free finish, even on glass in the brightest lights (I'm REALLY picky about my glass, I need it PERFECT). And of course no water dripping out of crevaces! Slowly getting to love every single product OPT makes... Why do Car Washes even exist? People should just be doing this for 5 minutes every couple of days so they always drive around in a clean shiny car.
  4. Heijneker

    Loving the Opti-Clean

    @Ron@Optimum I can see why people new to the line-up could be confused sometimes between the products. You've got ONR, OOC and OID, which all can be used to clean your car. Especially since ONR is used for dirtier cars, but OOC is actually the stronger cleaner. You need to use them to understand the difference, I think. I'm curious where Instant Detailer would fall in the line for me, I guess just cleaning smears, or very light dust from sitting in the garage. I'll definitely give it a try, and most likely will absolutely love it as well. Yvan stated it was the best smelling product in the line-up, let's see if it can beat OCW or Leather Protectant, those are my favourites right now. On a sidenote: Opti-Bond is giving me that per-fect tire finish, but it took me a while to understand it. At first I thought it was patchy, or didn't even do anything. In the old days, I used to use a really shiny tire dressing, one that made your hands smell terrible for weeks, so you can imagine the finish it gave. I went straight from that, to Opti-Bond, so that sure needs a learning curve, but now I love how it makes the tires look. A really matte finish, almost like it isn't dressed, but it provides the 'new tire' look. I apply it on customer cars but don't tell them, since it isn't that noticeable, but it's the icing on the cake. I even accidentaly applied Opti-Bond on glass (don't ask....) and thought I was done for... Tire dressing on glass?? That's a nightmare scenario in my books. But nothing of the likes, it didn't even smear, it just made the glass slick haha... Oh man, I can't stop talking when it comes to OPT.... Man do I miss the Podcasts.....
  5. Heijneker

    Hyper-Seal on other ceramic coatings

    @Mr.Outback not an answer to your question, but there's an interesting video on the YouTube channel Chicago Auto Pros with Dr. Beasley on graphene coatings.
  6. Heijneker

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    Hey there, The following could be totally untrue; I vaguely remember a reputable source once stated that MDR could be added to the ONR wash solution, to aid in very light water spot removal. Is this true? I just re-watched a video from Forensic Detailing Channel where ONR in itself was unsuccesfull in doing so. Also, why is this? Why aren't these minerals water-soluable anymore and stay bonded to the paint. Thanks in advance.
  7. Heijneker

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    MDR indeed did not remove the water spots. HOWEVER, MDR is a gel so you can let it dwell for a longer time to do it's thing. It will even totally remove lesser coatings if you let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Please don't use highly acidic wheel cleaner.
  8. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse

    @No Soap You'll love it! I notice a big difference with a gallon purchased a year ago!
  9. @Detail MutantCould you elaborate how you clean interior glass with ONR and a small spray of Opti-Seal? I would LOVE to know! 3 month lifespan from Opti-Seal? That's the first time I heard that short of a lifespan and from my very limited knowledge it does outlast that. For example; I Opti-Sealed a neglected Dacia Logan somewhere in July, with the foam applicator. Application sure wasn't ideal. Since then it has covered loads of miles, and has only been cleaned maybe three times, using ONR and no Wax or (Opti-)Seal I'm 99% sure it still has Opti-Seal on there. Last clean was December 26th, and it still beads water, on most panels. I have no experience with Hyper-Seal or Gloss enhancer, but Opti-Seal works amazing for me; costs pennies per car and is amazingly easy to use and versatile.
  10. Heijneker

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    Just got a gallon from TRC Europe, abd noticed some clumps when I opened it. Hopefully you can see if in the following pictures. After shaking it hard for 15 minutes, the clumps seem to be almost completely gone, maybe a few very tiny ones still remain. Is this normal?
  11. Heijneker

    Magic in a Bottle

    I did! The last post were differences made with 1:6 foamed as airy as possible. Stains that didn't come out right away with the polisher, I would spray it undiluted once, go over it once more, and boom, gone.
  12. The other day I finally got to use Optimum CFCP! Man was I excited, and I got the perfect candidate as well! A neglected Volvo C70 (beautiful car). Armed with CFCP at 1:3 with distilled water, a FLEX XFE 7-15 Corded with a Hook & Loop Upholstery brush and some microfibre towels, the results were absolutely incredible. Thanks again Dr. G. and OPT!
  13. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    So I got to test the new formula alongside the old one! I had two similar buckets with grit guards and both with 3 gallons of water and ONR at standard dilution. One bucket had ONR dating back from the end of may and a BRS which suffered through a 100 washes, the other bucket had ONR and a new BRS that were bought on January 10th. Both had as hot as possible water, car was neglected but had some sort of protection, it had some morning dew on it and was around freezing. There was no difference noticeable in smell or look of the solution. So on the hood, without a pre-spray, I used the old ONR & BRS on one half and the new ONR & BRS on the other half. Straight away, the new ONR beaded up ALOT faster than the old one! I was astonished at the difference. So much so I forgot completely what I was testing and happily went on to only use the new Formula for the rest of the car..... Oops! But yeah! New formula seems like a vast improvement! I have some difficulty with achieving smear-free interior glass with old formula, hopefully the new one will do better! Maybe you have some tips, Ron, or anybody else? Also, why is there so little to read about Optimum Glass Clean & Protect??? It's the best exterior glass cleaner I've ever used, very easy to get perfect results and the hydrophobics are an added bonus. I use it after having used ONR and dried the glass.
  14. Heijneker

    Cure times for OPT products

    Well, look at the pictures that show the water behaviour changing from 1.5h after application to a day after application. No round beads at first, but later it beaded water very nicely, suggesting it still needed time to cure?
  15. Heijneker

    Cure times for OPT products

    I can figure haha, don't really know how to explain. But water seemed to stick more when getting wet 1.5 hour after application, compared to a day after.
  16. Heijneker

    Magic in a Bottle

    How about these ones: Yeah this stuff is a real life cheatcode, so I ordered a gallon!
  17. Heijneker

    Cure times for OPT products

    Opti-Seal is kind of sticky to water for some time after application from my findings, what does that suggest? Here's water on Opti-Seal approx 1.5h after application. But the next day it was similar to this:
  18. Heijneker

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    I was wondering, for those that use Opti-Seal as a drying aid; how do you keep your towels from becoming hydrophobic? For me it's a pretty big problem, but I use low quality towels not even meant for drying (16x16, 320 GSM 70/30 Chinese made). They sit several days afterwards as well, before being washed, so worst case scenario basically.
  19. Heijneker

    2019 Ford F-150

    I think that's a normal thing to go through, I had the same. I was getting more and more stuff and chemicals, now I'm slowly backing down again. Maybe let the wash be detirmened by the way you feel?; If you want it do be quick and easy, or a full-on mind-cleansing session. Cleaning your car is such a soothing experience, with ONR it may be over with way too soon. 😋 I use ONR with the BRS every week and clean my car inside and out in approx. 1 hour from grabbing my stuff to putting it away again, and get very good results. Car Wax and Opti-Seal I use as intented once in a while. Power Clean almost never (I'm light on the brakes), only for washing my towels. Optimum Glass Clean & Protect on the windows every wash, CFCP on the occasional stain. Then a couple of times a year it could do with a more thorough wash, wheel whells and barrels fancy an occasional jet wash. I haven't really found a suitable Rinseless process for those, but haven't been looking either! So, yeah, would recommend!
  20. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Second on the sponges absorbing the dirt, once every few washes I give the BRS a good Power Clean scrub, which makes it release alot of traffic film from within; awesome! My sponge has sufferes about a 100 washes already, from mostly neglected cars lol. Looking a bit rough along the edges but working ever so good. Amazingly soft when soaked in hot ONR now.
  21. Heijneker

    Magic in a Bottle

    Like I said; magic in a bottle: This was a nasty, but fresh, pasta sauce spill on our new carpet. My girlfriend got really mad, she 'knew' it would never come out. CFCP 1:3 to the rescue!
  22. Heijneker

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    Thanks, Ron. Great review. Only thing is, the more dirt in the new Formula ONR solution could also be down to the different sponge? Excited to try the new formula, almost finished my "old" gallon + large bottle from april.
  23. As the title implies, can I use Optimum Opti-Seal as intented (WOWA) after having used Optimum Instant Detailer as a drying aid with ONR. Will it migrate under the instant detailer or will it remove it? And what if, I used BOTH simultaneously as a drying aid? Would that work?
  24. Sounds like a plan, guys that would be the way to go! Thanks for the help!
  25. Thanks! For timesaving, but just wanted to know if it was possible basically. ONR on itself really amazes me after every wash, due to how it makes the paint look. OID would increase that amazement, while Opti-Seal would provide the longer lasting protection and improved water-shedding behaviour. Of course Car Wax would be perfectly suited, but I want to try out different stuff!