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  1. LostVulpine


    H iRon, Jut wondering if there will be a new 3 inch polisher as well?
  2. LostVulpine

    Show me whatcha got

    @Lowejackson County Detailing Supplies sells them in the UK - look under Tolco in the brands list and they are in that section. They also have a wide range of OPT products.
  3. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    Well, this is great news, I have been trying to decide what coating to put on come the spring and hopefully this will of filtered through to the EU/UK by then. I have a friend heading to the US in December, maybe he can get hold of some while over there visiting family.
  4. Those photos look great! With these kinds of results, I wonder if Dr G would consider selling HS direct to consumers? Would love to GC my car then maintain with a compatible product like HS but it's extremely difficult to get in the UK.
  5. LostVulpine

    Advantages using Opti-Bond?

    So I tried Protectant Plus and OCW today on the plastic trim around my Subaru. I washed the car with ONR and Opti-Seal as my drying aid then applied both products in different places. I understand that the wax can migrate through the OS but would that be the same for Protectant Plus?
  6. LostVulpine

    Advantages using Opti-Bond?

    Thanks to you all for the replies, I must admit I hadn't even considered using Protectant Plus, something I will try next wash. I also have some OCW so will try that in a few places for comparison!
  7. Just wanted to get some peoples thoughts/experience on this topic - I have a new to me 2017 Subaru XV (Crosstrek), it has plastic cladding around the wheel arches and the bottom edges of the vehicle. I currently use ONR followed by Opti Seal for my drying aid which I use on these plastics. I was wondering if there would be any benefit of using Opti-Bond on the plastics over just having Opti-Seal on them? Would it provide higher UV protection? Maybe prevent them from becoming brittle? Thanks.
  8. LostVulpine

    New detailer/ slowly becoming OPT addict

    Welcome along, you've come to the right place to ask questions!
  9. LostVulpine

    Problems logging in?

    I've had the same as Ron, been replying to a comment and have been kicked part way through
  10. The main selling point I have seen from wheel specific coatings are to do with the amount of heat they can withstand without compromising it. I am no expert on coatings so I have no idea how much heat a paint ceramic coating can withstand and if extra heat resistance is actually needed, one for @Ron@Optimum to pass on to Dr G maybe?
  11. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    Not going to lie, this thread got me quite excited, just got a 'new to me' Subaru and was hoping that a new version of Glosscoat had arrived to make my protection decisions a whole lot easier!
  12. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    Very interesting, looking forward to @Ron@Optimum updating us on the subject . . .
  13. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    There is a new formula? How new are we talking?
  14. LostVulpine

    Hi from Philadelphia

    Indeed, welcome! You've come to the right place, many years of experience at every level on the forum.
  15. This. And yet these are also the people who polish their cars every 6 - 12 months due to the wash induced marring from their far superior techniques . . . Seems nobody wins!