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  1. LostVulpine

    Problems logging in?

    I've had the same as Ron, been replying to a comment and have been kicked part way through
  2. The main selling point I have seen from wheel specific coatings are to do with the amount of heat they can withstand without compromising it. I am no expert on coatings so I have no idea how much heat a paint ceramic coating can withstand and if extra heat resistance is actually needed, one for @Ron@Optimum to pass on to Dr G maybe?
  3. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    Not going to lie, this thread got me quite excited, just got a 'new to me' Subaru and was hoping that a new version of Glosscoat had arrived to make my protection decisions a whole lot easier!
  4. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    Very interesting, looking forward to @Ron@Optimum updating us on the subject . . .
  5. LostVulpine

    new gloss coat formula

    There is a new formula? How new are we talking?
  6. LostVulpine

    Hi from Philadelphia

    Indeed, welcome! You've come to the right place, many years of experience at every level on the forum.
  7. This. And yet these are also the people who polish their cars every 6 - 12 months due to the wash induced marring from their far superior techniques . . . Seems nobody wins!
  8. LostVulpine

    First time using Optimum Polishes

    Thanks for the update @Heijneker, the OPT polishes are one of the products I've never got to trying as my current was in very good condition. Saying that on Thursday I'm picking up a new to me 2017 Subaru XV (Crosstrek for my American friends) and that will need a polish so I've been looking into these polishes a little deeper, always nice to hear first-hand experiences.
  9. LostVulpine

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    If it has had that much of an improvement I cannot wait until it filters through to the UK . . .
  10. LostVulpine

    ONR vs new products

    I too have had the same thoughts the last few months about certain products in the OPT range. I think most on here would agree that the professional-grade coatings are some of the best available. I also love that ONR is probably the best product most people have never heard of . . . I have to admit I am yet to get a bottle of the new formula to try (being in the UK it takes a while for the stock to filter through) but still very happy with the performance of my current ONR. I do feel that while the professional-grade coatings have been going from strength to strength the consumer coating Gloss Coat has fallen behind many of the newer 'lite' coatings of others, and cost-wise some of the higher-end consumer coatings. I have read many a thread on other forums, from home users to certified OptiCoat pro installers, that Gloss Coat struggles to hold its own in many aspects. I would imagine that Gloss Coat is not the product keeping the lights on at OPT so understand it's probably not at the top of any list to be looked at, but you never know with Dr. G what he's tweaking so maybe there is a new version on the horizon? For me this is the only product that I have really struggled to justify purchasing, every other product has excelled at its job, and like many OPT products, other jobs too! Don't want this to come across as a rant or dig, just my opinion looking at the current market trends.
  11. LostVulpine


    Thanks for that information Ron, have been thinking about trying this, and this is the nudge I need to source some over here in the UK (once the new formula filters through . . . . )
  12. LostVulpine

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    I use an identical system as A&J and once the panels are complete I move onto the wheels. I've tried washing the whole car then going round to dry and seal but as mentioned it does seem to take me longer than washing, drying and sealing an individual or small group of panels together.
  13. LostVulpine

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    Sorry Ron, that's what I meant - how long before new tyres are suitable to be coated with TPC which you've answered
  14. LostVulpine

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    May I ask how long you waited to coat the 'new' tyres @Ron@Optimum? Just about to fit 2 new rear ones and was considering trying out TPC for the first time . . .
  15. LostVulpine

    2019 Ford F-150

    I found myself in the same situation, I went out and bought all the 'in' things, following guides I had seen on YouTube to the letter. Then you find another guide that said you were using the wrong snow foam, your wheels brushes were wrong and 'destroying' your paint and your sealant only last 30 days and this new one lasted 31 days . . . But the results did look good . . . Long story short, I came down with a genetic lung condition triggered by a cold that meant these methods were no longer available to me due to the setup time, the number of the items I had to carry around from the garden, the number of times I'd need to go round the car etc. It also meant when it did become too much I couldn't just stop and call it a day mid wash. Oh, and I have 2 children, a wife and a business partner that all require my limited energy and time. Then I came across a post on a detailing forum (which included a few of the members on this forum) about ONR and I went from there. I did my research, worked out which products would work for me within the range and 3 years later I'm still using the system. As a note, I have never polished my car and it is a daily driver in the English countryside so its paint can have quite a tough life! Is my car perfect? No, not at all. Can I tell the difference in the result of the different cleaning methods? Not really. ONR and the whole system makes the process quicker, easier and gives me results I'm more than happy with. But as with anything, each to their own of course, as Lowejackson said, it is about finding things that work for you and your circumstances which really no one else can decide for you.