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    ONR vs new products

    I too have had the same thoughts the last few months about certain products in the OPT range. I think most on here would agree that the professional-grade coatings are some of the best available. I also love that ONR is probably the best product most people have never heard of . . . I have to admit I am yet to get a bottle of the new formula to try (being in the UK it takes a while for the stock to filter through) but still very happy with the performance of my current ONR. I do feel that while the professional-grade coatings have been going from strength to strength the consumer coating Gloss Coat has fallen behind many of the newer 'lite' coatings of others, and cost-wise some of the higher-end consumer coatings. I have read many a thread on other forums, from home users to certified OptiCoat pro installers, that Gloss Coat struggles to hold its own in many aspects. I would imagine that Gloss Coat is not the product keeping the lights on at OPT so understand it's probably not at the top of any list to be looked at, but you never know with Dr. G what he's tweaking so maybe there is a new version on the horizon? For me this is the only product that I have really struggled to justify purchasing, every other product has excelled at its job, and like many OPT products, other jobs too! Don't want this to come across as a rant or dig, just my opinion looking at the current market trends.
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    Thanks for that information Ron, have been thinking about trying this, and this is the nudge I need to source some over here in the UK (once the new formula filters through . . . . )
  3. LostVulpine

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    I use an identical system as A&J and once the panels are complete I move onto the wheels. I've tried washing the whole car then going round to dry and seal but as mentioned it does seem to take me longer than washing, drying and sealing an individual or small group of panels together.
  4. LostVulpine

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    Sorry Ron, that's what I meant - how long before new tyres are suitable to be coated with TPC which you've answered
  5. LostVulpine

    Optimum Tire Protection & Coating Review

    May I ask how long you waited to coat the 'new' tyres @Ron@Optimum? Just about to fit 2 new rear ones and was considering trying out TPC for the first time . . .
  6. LostVulpine

    2019 Ford F-150

    I found myself in the same situation, I went out and bought all the 'in' things, following guides I had seen on YouTube to the letter. Then you find another guide that said you were using the wrong snow foam, your wheels brushes were wrong and 'destroying' your paint and your sealant only last 30 days and this new one lasted 31 days . . . But the results did look good . . . Long story short, I came down with a genetic lung condition triggered by a cold that meant these methods were no longer available to me due to the setup time, the number of the items I had to carry around from the garden, the number of times I'd need to go round the car etc. It also meant when it did become too much I couldn't just stop and call it a day mid wash. Oh, and I have 2 children, a wife and a business partner that all require my limited energy and time. Then I came across a post on a detailing forum (which included a few of the members on this forum) about ONR and I went from there. I did my research, worked out which products would work for me within the range and 3 years later I'm still using the system. As a note, I have never polished my car and it is a daily driver in the English countryside so its paint can have quite a tough life! Is my car perfect? No, not at all. Can I tell the difference in the result of the different cleaning methods? Not really. ONR and the whole system makes the process quicker, easier and gives me results I'm more than happy with. But as with anything, each to their own of course, as Lowejackson said, it is about finding things that work for you and your circumstances which really no one else can decide for you.
  7. LostVulpine

    Magic in a Bottle

    They are great results! It's a bottle I've had on my shelves for about a year now but so far I've only managed to clean one of my baseball caps with - did an amazing job as my wife was about to throw it away due to its state . . .
  8. LostVulpine

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    I use Opti-Seal every week as a drying aid, using Rag Company towels (mainly pluffles) and have not had any issues, these towels are nearly 2 years old. The difference I think is that I wash them straight afterwards so they don't sit around having the chance to dry. Have you thought about keeping an extra bucket of ONR to leave them in until washing them? Might stop it drying into the cloth?
  9. LostVulpine

    Tweaked ONR

    I thought that would be the answer, totally understand the costs changing packaging - be interesting to see if the users in Europe (like myself) notice the difference as it starts to filter through to us . . .
  10. LostVulpine

    Tweaked ONR

    Ron, I think I might know the answer but will there be any noticeable difference in the packaging between the old and new formula?
  11. LostVulpine

    Damaged Gauge Cluster Cover?

    I would tend to agree with No Soap, I am an amateur compared to most on here to be me that looks more of a residue than actual scratching/damage . . . maybe a little stronger than ONR is needed to remove it, glass cleaner sprayed on to a cloth perhaps?
  12. LostVulpine

    Acquiring Hyper Seal

    Thanks Ron, I had a feeling he might be the best point of contact, have ordered from him before with relation to OPT and Rag Company products.
  13. LostVulpine

    Acquiring Hyper Seal

    Hi Ron, just wondering what would be the best method for someone in the UK to acquire some Hyper Seal? I have looked at registered Opticoat installers (none are really close or mention selling Hyper Seal) so was wondering if the detailing companies I already use for OPT products be able to order it in? I haven't contacted any of them about it as yet, due to Covid-19 they are rushed off their feet so struggling to keep up with emails for the time being. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. LostVulpine

    OC 3

    Thanks for the replies, look forward to seeing/hearing more . . . ! (Was secretly hoping it was a new revised Glosscoat for selfish reasons . . . !)
  15. LostVulpine

    OC 3

    Gentlemen, May I ask if this is likely to be a consumer or 'pro only' coating?
  16. LostVulpine

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    I'd just like to add the only reason I use OPT products was because of A&J and Lowejackson and the posts they made on a UK based detailing forum. As mentioned in my introduction due to health issues the whole snow foaming, rinsing, 2 bucket method, etc. was not an option so without them and their posts I would probably have a very dirty car and also miss out on the quiet time I get when I get to clean my car (which is usually needed!). They are both a real asset to your brand.
  17. LostVulpine

    Well good evening . . .

    . . . one and all! Long time lurker, first time poster! With the amount of information and advice I've gained from this forum I thought it was time to actually say hello. I'm Adam, from Norfolk in the UK. I've always liked a clean car but in the early days only knew of the soap, bucket and sponge method! I think in my years of cleaning I've probably done more harm to paint than good overall . . . Like most, got a 'new to me' car and thought I might look into how to look after this one properly and down the rabbit hole I went! I joined detailing forums, watched YouTube and ended up buying the pressure washer, the 3 buckets, the wheel soaps, paint soaps, glass cleaners, mitts for one part of the car, mitts for other parts, the list goes on and on . . . I think I washed my car twice with all this stuff and loved the results. Shortly after these first initial cleans I was diagnosed with a genetic respiratory condition that seriously hampered my ability to carry out tasks like car cleaning and getting about but I still loved having a clean car. I thought that was going to be an end to me cleaning my own car. Then I started to wonder if there was an easier, more efficient way to get the same results but took less effort to do and set up, and if I had to stop halfway through it wouldn't cause any damage to surfaces. I did my research and came across ONR, and about the whole Optimum Synergy, and thought what a great system! I found this forum and started working my way through the products section, post by post - one of the most informative and polite forums I have ever come across! I was sold, so an order for ONR, BRS, Opti Bond and Spray Car Wax was made and since then I've never looked back. None of these chemicals set off my respiratory condition, I can do a panel a day, or the whole car, which ever suits me with very minimal setup time and all with very few chemicals. Anyway, that's my story, looking forward to getting involved further with this forum and finding out more about polishing as that's still something I'm yet to try, but itching to have a go at!