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  1. JoeG1005

    Durability during first 30 Days

    That is a true statement! And let's face it - her car is getting the same love mine is - she just doesn't have Opti-Coat on hers!
  2. JoeG1005

    Durability during first 30 Days

    I did a quick rinse (no soap) and dry with my leaf blower (no contact that way) on day 8 because the car got some road grime on it from a trip. Yesterday, I gave it love. Pre-soaked with Opti-coat No Rinse in detailer strength, gentle power wash, microfiber hand wash with Opti-coat No Rinse and dried, then Hyper-Seal. Came out gorgeous. I hope my wife doesn't find out how much I spent on all new microfiber towels, mitts, grit guards, cleaning agents, etc.
  3. JoeG1005

    Durability during first 30 Days

    Thank you Ron! I appreciate the information. I've been dying to wash the car... its 2 weeks old on Wednesday.
  4. So it's pretty common knowledge that Opti-coat Pro and Pro + shouldn't have chemicals for 7 days and is fully cured/hardened in 30 days. My questions are related to any cleaning during that first 30 days. - I've read elsewhere that you absolutely should not do anything to the car as far as contact wash goes for the 30 days. Seems like a good practice, but is it accurate? The exception seems to be using an ONR soaked MF to gently wipe anything damaging (i.e. bird poo) - Will a pressure washer impact the coating during the curing time if you just want to rinse loose dirt off the surface of the car? Is a pressure wash better than a wipe as above for those items like bird droppings, etc.. It seems like I am better off just not doing anything for 30 days for absolute best results (other than remove the odd dropping, etc.) Comments? Any other advice?
  5. Thank you. After talking to the dealer, it is clear it is simply branded differently due to the various state warranty laws. Since the dealer applies it, the warranty has different regulations in each state.
  6. I am anxiously awaiting a new vehicle I ordered where the dealer is a partner with Optimum for their car dealer program and the associated dealer backed warranty, etc. I’ve ordered this package (but since the car isn’t here yet, I can change it) I became a bit confused on the differences after I talked at length with an outstanding Opti-coat detailer installer near the dealer where I’m getting the car. So apparently, mostly for legal reasons it seems, these products aren’t quite the same, but probably are.... on and on and on. I really want to make sure I’m getting at least the equivalent of Opti-coat Pro (I believe the dealer product is equivalent) and then I can make the decision on which direction to go (either dealer or detailer) Anyone have any good information on this or experience with the car dealer installed product and it’s performance?