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  1. mr_robot

    Gloss coat

    Mine is on it’s 2nd year and still pretty decent. Granted it’s garaged and driven 1000-2000 miles a year but still beads and rolls water. Only done 1 decon wash thus far.
  2. mr_robot

    Optimum's Company Mentality

    It’s a tax form in the US for freelance/subcontractors.
  3. mr_robot

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Does Gloss Coat offer UV protection?
  4. mr_robot

    Opti-Coat Pro3

    Does this require the annual refresh recoat like the other ceramic coating brands?
  5. mr_robot

    Using other brands to Prep for Gloss Coat

    My thoughts after several months: First attempt I did the following: 1. Wash the car with ONR 2. Iron removal with Eagle One Plastidip Wheel Cleaner 3. Used Power Clean & Mothers Clay Bar 4. Used Griots BOSS Fast Correction Compound 5. Another rinse/wash with ONR 6. Final wipe down with Griots Paint Prep 7. Applied Gloss Coat but was very grabby, not fun at all and wasted a lot of product as it just felt it wasn’t spreading evenly. 8. After a week of curing, I washed it using Power Clean and another final rinse with ONR. 9. This time I used Optimum’s Paint Prep and the application was so much smoother and easier. Not sure if this was due to the first layer of GC or the Paint prep from Opt So far everything is still holding up and beading water like crazy. Also so easy to clean with ONR. I do use Turtlewax Hybrid Ceramic Wet Wax as a drying aid though....
  6. mr_robot

    Applying Gloss-Coat on a white vehicle

    I had no problems applying it to my White BMW. You will be able to see it, just look at it at angle and you can see it flash. Also like others stated, I second pass is recommended to make sure you have enough coverage.
  7. mr_robot

    ONR Safe for Hardwood Floors?

    I’ve used it on my hardwood floors and it left a very clean no residue finish. Looked and felt cleaner than it would if I used my stiffer wet jet.
  8. I meant prespray by presoak. I use a portable washer which I fill with ONR and rinse the entire car down before using the BRS and bucket. I do this during the winter time when my landlord shuts off the outdoor water supply to prevent the pipes from freezing. But since I have completely moved away from traditional washes just wanted to know if I can skip the prespray/presoak/pre-rinse step.
  9. That was his master plan, first review and suggest products, make people follow and trust you. Then start showing the negative of such said products, then introduce your “Superior” product.
  10. I’ve always presoaked but as I am getting older it’s getting tiring lol If ONR was designed to be used without presoak then I suppose it’s safe without it? Still using your best judgement depending on your case.
  11. mr_robot

    Big Red Sponge

    I just throw mine in the washing machine with other MF towels and use MF restorer solution. Might be time to retire this sponge for dirtier jobs, think it’s about 4yrs old.
  12. I used to follow Scott at Dallas Paint Correction respectively and thought all his insights were great but in the end it was just all a master plan to launch his own products. I bought them of course believing in his system but all his products were mediocre at best. Used his rinseless and Sio2 spat sealant and definitely not repurchasing them and back to Optimum for majority of my products.
  13. mr_robot

    Big Red Sponge

    How long is the average life of the BRS used by an average consumer? I think I’ve had mine for a while and it’s starting to fall apart and it’s lost it’s color (much darker red)
  14. mr_robot

    Uneventful Gloss Coat experience

    Put the second coat today. Couple things, the packaging was very different. First one I bought it just came in a clear ziplock bag. The second one came in a clear case and opticoat logo ziplock bag inside as well. Much better packaging for sure. I washed with ONR and used Optimum Paint Prep this time around. I primed the pad with good 20 drops or so. It was much smoother than first time around but felt grabby not to long after starting a panel. Kept adding drops as needed and even though it felt like I was using more than last time I only ended up using 5cc.
  15. mr_robot

    Double and Triple Coating Gloss Coat?

    I'm doing a second coat just so I know I got complete even coverage any other benefits from that I get from the 2nd layer will just be an added bonus.