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  1. Tug Bankert

    Yvan Retiring?

    One great truth about Dr.G and Optimum is that what Dr. G. says is always accurate. If he says that pro plus is 2 microns thick then thats how thick it is. If he says that the new onr is the best no rinse wash then its true. These youtube guys that test multiple products have a bias. They are not looking at the science. I don't have to test another coating against opti coat pro 3 to know that there is no other coating that can compare to it not even pro plus. I know this because of the science and its performance by those trusted reps that put it through the wringer. If Dr. G backs a product with a fact you know it can be trusted.
  2. Tug Bankert

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    Sometimes the towel you are using causes those spots. Spray OCW on the towel before you use it. One spray per panel usually. Change towels until you find one that works for you
  3. I agree with Ron. Listening to non professionals on the subject of trying to restore a coating you have no clue of how to install makes no sense. I am a pro installer and I would never give my customers a walk through of how to fix their coating nor would I walk someone through a fix with a coating from someone else. You need to go back to the installer and I emplore you to put all of your energy on the installer. Threaten them with bad reviews, call them once a week, sleep out side of their shop or whatever it takes to get their attention. Iann, You also said that one of the responses of someone sounded like he really knows what he is talking about and you expressed amazement in his description of restoring the coating. His response was that he is not a professional installer but an enthusiast that has a great interest in OPT products. Stop listening to rookies and go to the source. Iann, This reply was not meant to be a kick in the nuts but educational to you and all those who read it. When I have a question or concern I go to Dr. G. or another regional manager. They are the authority especially when it comes to the products themselves. In this case, your installer is the authority so please nag them until they re coat the entire vehicle. Please let us know how it goes after you call him. Thanks
  4. The ultra clay towel is now available at the rag company
  5. Tug Bankert

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    My advice to you is be willing to travel to find the best. This installer sounds like he has a low standard. Put your car on a trailer and haul it to the next town. I have seen and heard of installers that think all coatings are equal and switch coatings. Any installer that will not stick with a particular coating until he masters it sounds like a high paid enthusiast. I do not understand why someone who is an opti coat installer would ever choose another coating after using Opti. It is the only true permanent and hardest coating. Most other coatings are temporary.
  6. Tug Bankert

    OC 3

    Pro only and depth of gloss and clarity like no one has ever seen 😁
  7. Tug Bankert

    OC 3

    Plus, I am super excited for this new coating like a kindergartner in a new sandbox 😀
  8. Tug Bankert

    OC 3

    Yes for sure. I don't want to rush him I just want to be informed 😁
  9. Tug Bankert

    OC 3

    Would there be a possibility that I could have a syringe for testing purposes?
  10. Tug Bankert

    OC 3

    I see
  11. Tug Bankert

    OC 3

    Ron, are we any closer to the release of OC3?
  12. Bad installations is exactly what would happen. Good point, Ron. When you designate something as pro and limit those who can get it funnels out the people who just want to play and the serious pursue it with a vehement passion.
  13. Tug Bankert

    Optimum clay towel

    Is the mitt still available as well?
  14. If you offer pro products to everyone they can no longer be titled pro. Boosting sales is not the goal when offering something like a permanent coating like pro. It is literally clear coat in a syringe. The standard will not be held by enthusiasts who install it who are not selling it for a profit. I can guarantee that enthusiasts will leave high spots galore and it will look terrible. Pro is only regarded as something special because it is not available to all. The minute it becomes at hand then it looses its place of honor.
  15. Tug Bankert

    Optimum clay towel

    Ron, is the opt clay towel going to be back any time soon?