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  1. Jedi_master

    OID before OCW?

    After washing thru touchless, is it wise to wipe down with OID before OCW? Or I should go straight to OCW? My rational is that OCW lacks the cleaning agent that OID has, hence requires perfectly clean surface. Right?
  2. Jedi_master

    Cure time for opti-seal?

    Since I can apply OCW like QD, what will be the reason for me to use OID assuming cost is no objection? I know that OCW provides better and longer protection than OID, but which one is slicker? It seems that better slickness provides better dirt (not dust) repellant. At least in my experience anyway.
  3. Jedi_master

    Cure time for opti-seal?

    Okay, a tougher question.. Once I put OCW on top of OS, I can no longer layer OS or OID until OCW wears down, since there will be bonding issues for layering polymers on top of wax? Right? Another word, I can't put OS or OID on OCW? Not that I would want to but try to understand the correct application.
  4. Jedi_master

    Cure time for opti-seal?

    What's the cure time for opti-seal?
  5. Does a full cap from the 32 oz bottle equal 1 oz? Sorry still waiting for my ONR to arrive.
  6. Does OID contain cleaning agent?