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    Glad you mentioned this, and was a little concerned with previous comment as I have been using HS on glass with every wash --- enjoy watching rain roll off while driving in rain on freeway -- don't need the wipers😁
  2. AMDG75


    Dumb question, I've asked before: since marketed as a drying agent, is there any harm (other than to our wallet) in using this with each car wash given its long durability? Specifically, will applying layer upon layer cause us any grief in the long run? This product really is addicting in how it leaves such a smooth and hypophobic finish. Thanks.
  3. AMDG75

    Loving the Opti-Clean

    No expert here, just someone who likes to keep cars in good shape. --- offering my observations on the tire products. Have noted that the Opti-Bond Tire Gel lasts only several washes. However, the Optimum Tire Protection and Coating lasted a good 4 months through salty snowy Cleveland weather - simply washed off the salt/etc with ONR, and the tires look great. Although I could have let the tires go longer, went ahead and re-applied this past weekend. Will see how long it holds up in warmer weather. Just my two cents. Thanks.
  4. AMDG75

    Water Beading

    Beauty and beading is in the eye of the beholder - nothing excites some of more other than a really high contact angle or 'tight drop' so to speak, especially when parked to another car lacking a 'toned' bead 😂 Probably why am now addicted to Hyperseal....a while back I asked if there was any harm (buildup etc) to using every time I wash, other than to my wallet? (Keeping our cars clean is an obsession; told my wife there could be far worse obsessions and she likes having a clean car but *&^%*( it's white)
  5. Follow up: have now used Hyperseal routinely as drying aid -- and secondary to how great it works/looks/feels and helps to dry afterwards, I find myself becoming addicted. Just as the FDA requires package warnings of addiction on opioids, Hyperseal may require a similar warning 😉 But seriously: 1. Is this a waste of time, product and money as Hyperseal offers months of durability? 2. If I wash the car weekly, will there be an excessive buildup of product? Bottom line, is there any reason Hyperseal (or Optiseal ) shouldn't be used routinely as drying aid? Yes, this an expensive product - but keeping our cars clean is my few vices/hobbies so I can live with that. Thanks
  6. Appreciate info, Ron and Detail Mutant. Follow up: will either --Seal product 'gunk up' microfibers? Over the years, trying a few different towels, seems that the waffle weave are the most versatile, but even after soaking/using vinegar rinse/wash, it feels like the towels still have product in them. I should probably keep rags for separate projects; what do you use to apply the -- Seal products. Thanks.
  7. Dumb question: how do these products differ? Have been addicted to ONR for years, particularly as I can wash cars in unheated garage throughout northern Ohio winters. Have been satisfied with using the instant detailer, but wondering if any advantage to using the other products. Have read comments that all have been used as drying agents, and perhaps opti-seal lasts longer. Follow up question: which is easiest to use in cooler weather. I can wash the cars with ONR around 32 degrees, however below 40 degrees, there is some streaking that takes more effort to dry/buff out. Thanks.
  8. AMDG75

    Tweaked ONR

    Similar to a software update, could Dr. G provide a solution (update, if you will) to his disciples that we could add to our existing supply of ONR? That way his loyal car wash addicts could have the upgraded formula without having to wait until we exhaust what we have. 😋 (I just bought a bottle of ONR, and as that goes a long way,.)
  9. Appreciateupdate/clarifications. Understandably, when a junkie hears rumors that his supply may dry up, he panics 😱 Obviously, I am pleased with Optimum products. Had Opticoat Pro professionally applied 6 yrs ago, and it is still holding up well. Better in fact than the Ceramic Pro applied 2 yrs ago to my wife's car. So pleased, that I have become an evangelist for optimum products, spreading the gospel to colleagues who share the clean car fetish. As mentioned, I have been addicted to ONR for some time, and more recently the instant detailer/enhancer, tire protection and the hyper seal products. Having a detached, unheated garage in NE Ohio, makes it challenging for a simple enthusiast who only hand washes our cars to keep things clean - but have found that a couple of 5 gallon buckets of warm water + ONR remains effective in upper 20 degree weather. So please---don't discontinue these. If you do, give us fair warning
  10. Read on the Autopia Forum that Optimum may be discontinuing some products. I have attached the link below. Is this true? Can someone speak to this? Does this relate to pro-installer lines, or all lines? This is not the first mention of changes at Optimum on detailing forums, so wonder if there is some truth to this. I have been addicted to Optimum products for years, as I'm sure just as others on this Forum are secondary to how well the products work. If things are changing at Optimum, please inform your loyal customers. If these are rumors, then please put them to rest. Thank you.
  11. AMDG75

    Durability during first 30 Days

    This is one very worthwhile addiction! Would she rather you be out carousing 😏 Any money spent on drinking is down the plumbing a few hours later, whereas money/time spent on keeping the car well maintained lasts forever.
  12. Appreciate everyone's recommendations. I do 'deep cleans' every few months, and paint still looks great and hydrophobic properties still mostly intact. Will follow your suggestions and do a real decontamination. Afterwards, it seems that the next step would be either Gloss Coat or Hyper Seal, if I don't want to have re-Opticoated? I understand that neither would be as durable as Opticoat, but Opticoat still appears to be intact, so just want to apply something extra. As for re-Opticoating, not sure that I want to spend that much -price around here for any good ceramics have gone up 3x since first applied. Moreover, the person who did a great job prepping my car before Opticoating no longer does Opticoat, and the person who applied Xpel Ultimate to front clip back when uses Ceramic Pro (which based on incredibly small sample size of 2, I am less impressed with).
  13. I am open to recommendations. I am not a detailer, just a simple person who likes to keep cars clean (even if it means a quick once over after getting home from work), and nothing more satisfying than having snow/water simply bead off. I was just wondering if there was something (like Hyper Seal) that I could use to achieve my desires result). My thought was if 6 yr old Opticoat Pro was a bit ‘worn’ and not in need of re-doing, then Hyper Seal would achieved intended result. The instant detailer is very short lived, so when lurking on Autogeek/Autopia, I saw others rave about various SiO2 products, which in turn prompted me to ask here —- where it all started So, open to suggestions. I recognize that Hyper Seal will likely last several weeks, but that’s fine with me—-unless you guys suggest that using the instant detailer serves same end result. Also, happy to consider some sort of decontamination as Tug Bankert suggests. (I periodically use IronX, more so on my wife’s white SUV), or any other advice. thanks
  14. Appreciate your response. As it does appear that my car needs to be re-coated, may try Hyper Seal as this is what I am looking for.
  15. Thanks for your quick response! I neglected to ask if using something like hyperseal would offer protection as my Opticoat is now 6 yrs old and maybe worn a bit. Maybe it’s not needed, but thought I would ask. While l’ve taken plenty of organic chemistry and biochemistry classes in preparation for other degrees, I am certainly no chemist, although I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express 😂. I just figured if identical chemicals listed in same order, that there may be some equivalence between products. Thanks.