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  1. If I see or hear the word "flex" and my mind immediately thinks of their R.O. machine, sorry about that. For I've used Optimum Polish with everything from an LC purple foamed wool pad to a black pad. Pad choice really depends on the severity of the defects and the paint characteristics. For my test sections I normally start with OP on a white pad and move up from there to more aggressive pads. If you're relatively new to the rotary I'd highly suggest downloading and reading "Dave KG"s rotary polishing guide, it's got a couple of small typos but the information contained in those pages is gold. Here's a link:
  2. Charlies02GLS

    Optimum Instant detailer & gloss enhancement

    I believe Optimum is in the process of doing a complete redesign on the webpage so it's pretty out of date. Just give them a call to order the gallon size.
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    Newbie from MO.

    Welcome, I like the ride. Even for being a younger fella (<25) I've always found the LS to be a particularly appealing car. Wish NY would let us tint the front windows legally....
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    Optimum Instant detailer & gloss enhancement

    I'd honestly recommend buying the concentrated version of OID because of the price point. The 17oz container of ready-to-go OID costs about $10.00 versus the 32oz concentrate which will make a gallon of OID for about $20.00. For mixing it you could just buy a gallon of water from the grocery store, fill up your Nalgene water bottle then dump in 32oz of concentrate, shake and you're ready to go.
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    hi fom mo

    Welcome Ron, glad to have you here. I think you'll find this forum to your liking and hope that we can answer any and all of your questions.
  6. Nope, what that means is that the polish wasn't broken down well enough. This could have either come from using too much product for that area or not working it until the polish had completely broken down. I've never used the Flex R.O. so I can't give you any guidelines from experience for a general estimate in terms of how long this will take. Best way for me to describe how to recognize when the polish is broken down is it will go from that initially sort of milky color to almost clear/translucent. When it reaches this state it will also be a cinch to wipe off the surface. For a 2x2 section I use 3-4 drops (pea-sized) with a rotary initially and then 2-3 after the pad is primed. Check out the picture Bence posted in the thread below to get a better idea of just how little you should use: If you've got any other questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps. Charlie
  7. With that picture it's kind of tough to see what's going on. My initial impressions are that you are using too much polish though and it isn't properly broken down. When you tried to wipe the residue off was it pretty easy to do so or did the polish seem to want to stick to the surface?
  8. Charlies02GLS

    Does Optimum PowerClean brown tires?

    What brand of tires do you have Brad? I've been fighting a horrible browning issue with on my father's Michelins and it looks like the same thing is beginning to happen on some BF Goodrich's on my mother's *ugh* Yukon. Doesn't seem to matter if I've used a ph neutral car wash solution, high-ph cleaner, or even a slightly acidic product (p21sTAW) since all have given me similar results after drying off the tire.
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    U.K. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. Glad to be of help. Anthony doesnt cover Poliseal in the video but that's a fairly straightforward application and its nice to see the capabilities of OP.
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    First Polishing Experience

    OP is a really versatile polish but it does have its limitations like most products. I'm having a heck of a time trying to finish out the resprayed sections of my girlfriend's vehicle with OP and finishing pads because the paint is so soft compared to what I've worked on. That said, on harder and even "normal" strength clear coats OP finishes out beautifully for me with a rotary and of course with a PC as well. If you're scarred of dry-buffing, spritz water on the pad to provide a little extra lubrication. Also try smearing the polish around a bit before turning the machine on. I gauge when OP is broken down by the transformation of the polish film from a milky color to a much clearer state where its almost transparent.
  13. Charlies02GLS

    First Polishing Experience

    How much polish were you using? Typically if a person states that the polish was taking a long time to break down they had too much on the pad. General rule of thumb I follow is initially 2-3 pea sized drops on the pad per every roughly 2x2 area and less after the pad is primed. I'm a bit confused by the mention of fine scratches though. What do the scratches look like in appearance? Just typical swirls or is there some distinctive pattern to them?
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    Help with OHC, OC, and OP

    I'd say use 2-3 drops on the pad and work it until it until the Optimum goes from the initially somewhat milky color to being completely transparent. Using the PC it will take a fair amount of time for the product to break down but I can't exactly say how long it will take for the polish to go from that milky to clear color.
  15. Charlies02GLS

    Help with OHC, OC, and OP

    "2 Passes of OHC with orange 4" CCS pads>1 Pass of OP with white 4" CCS pad" This seems like too big of a jump. The swirls don't really look severe enough to warrant using hyper compound in my opinion. Try using just the OC/OP with an orange pad to see if you get better results. If possible, could you take a picture of the polish in its broken down stage before wiping it off? In all honesty the first couple of experiences I had with Optimum were frustrating using the PC because I wasn't breaking down the polish properly so that could be a problem for you as well. Hope this helps. -Charlie I might have time this upcoming weekend to experiment with my girlfriend's 07 Jetta that's horribly swirled with my PC and some 5" pads.