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  1. scratchedup

    Water Spotting

    so is there any use for Instant Detailer in my application
  2. scratchedup

    Water Spotting

    After the MDR/wash Hyper Seal dry is it a good idea to use OPT Instant Detailer Gloss Enhancer? + How much dwell time after I apply the MDR before cleaning?
  3. scratchedup

    Water Spotting

    I had ProPlus+ applied a year ago. On my lift gate and overall rear of car I am having water spotting problems. On You tube there are videos but not relative to PP+ coated cars. I just purchased MDR but I also have M Wash, ONR, Hyper Seal and OPT Instant Detailer Gloss Enhancer. How should I go about removing the spotting and follow up with protection. Thanks
  4. scratchedup

    New, Just Retired

    any help on posting pics from Apple photos?
  5. scratchedup

    New, Just Retired

    Fayetteville, GA. Porsche Cayenne...body, calipers, wheels and glass. Pro+ Lot O questions. Tried to post pic from Apple photos but apparently file too big.