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    New member, questions about Opticoat

    I installed Opti-Coat Pro on my car. I have a few additional questions. Thanks! 1) Does Hyper Seal have UV inhibitors? The Optimum website product description does not say anything about UV protection. 2) Since my car sits out in the sun, is OCW the best choice for me to use as a drying aid for the biweekly wash? I planned on using Hyper Seal as my drying aid but if Hyper Seal has no UV inhibitor then OCW is probably the best drying aid for me. Could I maybe apply Hyper Seal as a drying aid once every few washes? How often could I apply Hyper Seal in my situation? 3) On the wash days I do use Hyper Seal as a drying aid, should I not use OCW that day? Or do I apply one after the other? 4) I understand carnauba is a natural product and degrades naturally. What happens to any OCW that's left on the surface when I wash with ONR? Does the wash get rid of the wax? I'm curious of any effect of wax on top of wax or if there's nothing to worry about.
  2. Does Opti-Guard leave an after smell inside the vehicle once applied? Will there be any noticeable things on the leather once applied, for example will the leather appear more shiny or will it be stickier etc. On the Opticoat website it says "Opti-Guard Leather should not be used on Tanned Leather surfaces." What's the reason why it can't be on Tan leather? Will it stain the tan color or make it darker?
  3. Shine&wax

    New member, questions about Opticoat

    Thanks! I have a few more questions. If I decide to get Opticoat Pro by a professional installer, can I still apply Optimum Spray Wax after washing with ONR for my maintenance? How does the Optimum Spray Wax interact with the Opticoat Pro coating? Do the UV absobrbers from the Spray Wax sit on top of the ceramic or do they permeate into the coating and clear coat?
  4. Hello everyone I recently bought a 4 year old car and I am considering applying Opticoat. I previously had Opticoat on a previous vehicle and I can personally attest to how less dirty it would get between washes, how easier it was to wash, how good it looked, and how hydrophobic it was. What's holding me back right now is that the Opticoat prices rose significantly since the last time I had it (I applied Opticoat about 8 years ago) and also that the car is 4 years old. My current routine right now is weekly wash with ONR and Optimum Spray Wax. My car sits outside in the open sun and does get bird droppings between washes. It does have a few light scratches, the front bumper has its share of rock chips, and maybe 2 or 3 of these chip rocks exposing bare metal. Overall the paint looks good from a distance and I am happy the way it looks. My questions to the forum: 1) If I choose to apply Opticoat, will I only need to wash with ONR for the rest of the car's lifetime? Or would Optimum Spray Wax on top of the Opticoat also be a good idea? 2) If I choose NOT to apply Opticoat and continue with my weekly wash routine, will my current routine do a good job in maintenance for the rest of the car's lifetime?