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  1. dazajac

    Gelcoat restorer

    I stopped doing a circular motion after the first pass. I was doing left to right for every pass after that. I forgot to mention that. I realized the circular motion would probably leave a pattern in the coating. I started using the left to right to try getting it to blend with the pattern in the surface. The sides had a horizontal pattern in them probably from the manufacturing process. I was hoping to blend the Gelcoat Restorer into that if it was going to leave some sort of pattern from the microfiber. My client did call Opti and got in touch with someone. He's going to Tennesse and there's someone down there that using the restorer often. I told him to have him call me since I'd like to talk to him about applying the restorer. I polish dull gelcoats on trailers 2-3 times a year. Not having to waste 2 days would be great.
  2. dazajac

    Gelcoat restorer

    The client and I agreed that paint thinner wasn't going to be an option because of the vinyls. Some areas had 5-6 coats as I was trying to work out the smearing. But even touching the previous pass would create a smear mark from the towel touching it. And rubbing it in a circular motion just kept making a circular pattern in the gelcoat.
  3. dazajac

    Gelcoat restorer

    Here's a little bit closer look
  4. dazajac

    Gelcoat restorer

    Thanks for the reply Ron. The marks going left to right are the smears I'm talking about. Everything else looks good but these spots. I can clean them up by wiping over them with more Gelcoat but I end up creating more. I tried polishing them but that left a dull spot unless I need to wait a day or so before polishing.
  5. Is there a way to clean up Gelcoat restorer? I got it leveled out pretty well but if you swipe an area that you previously wiped, it smears it. I'm trying to at least clean up these smear marks. I think my client would be happy if these smears marks were gone. It's not perfect, not as shiny as new Gelcoat, to be expected, but 10x better than what it was. I even tried to lightly polish out the smear marks but it leaves it dull and I couldn't get it glossy again without having to put on more Gelcoat restorer. Thoughts? Dan