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  1. JanosK

    Claying with Ferrex

    @Setec Astronomy Thanks for your reply! Yes, the results were as you have described. The car hasn't been clayed for the last 3 years and it's a rather neglected car, although surprisingly it didn't had a bad buildup of contaminants as per touch/bag test. Of course, you could have just a 2nd application with FerreX, however I'm just striving the efficiency that is possible. This method was presented by Yvan Lacroix and is used in his shops. I really respect Yvan and trust his knowledge, so I'm assuming that this method is working or at least working to an extent that is necessary. This is the point here that I'm not sure about, did the method worked as expected and there is no need to strive for "perfection" by removing "all" iron contaminants or there is just something to tweak on the process?
  2. JanosK

    Claying with Ferrex

    Hello, I did some testing today and I'm kind of confused with the results. I had ONR (1:256) on the surface, did 2 sprays of Ferrex into my ultra clay towel and went on with claying (1/3 of a hood). Ferrex foamed up very nicely. Claying took about 3 minutes, then I have let the Ferrex sit for another 5 minutes. After rinsing and drying the paint, I have spayed some Ferrex on the surface to see if there is something left of the iron contamination as we don't have discoloration effect when applied together with ONR. I also had two control areas, one where I have not clayed at all and one where I have clayed only with ONR (1:64). I was quite surprised there still was a considerable amount of spots that turned purple at the Ferrex+clay area. Should I have left Ferrex longer on the paint or I just should be all too worried?