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  1. AZSteve

    Applying Gloss-Coat on a white vehicle

    I was able to coat my truck last Saturday and it went just fine. I had it sitting in my garage with the door open so that the light would hit it at an angle. After an hour I topped it off with Opti-Seal to help protect it while it cures this week. I did pull the truck into the sunny driveway on Sunday and found one smeared quarter-sized spot on the hood where the product wasn't evened out. It was so small and subtle I could only see it at one angle in the sunlight. I ended up using a bit of fine polishing compound to level that spot out and then just put Opti-Seal on it. With the Opti-Seal on top, the finish is super slickery (LOL) and looks great. Oh and the 10 oz size was just enough for me to go over the truck twice in order to make sure that I covered everywhere. This is a 4 door Super Crew truck BTW.
  2. I am getting ready to apply Gloss-Coat on an Oxford white F150 . my concern on a white vehicle is if I will be able to see it flash so I know when to wipe / spread it, or even being able to see any high spots? I previously applied it to my root beer colored truck and it was a breeze with the dark color. Any tips or suggestions as far as lighting conditions or how it works on a white vehicle? Thank you
  3. Has anyone ever tried mixing No Rinse and Opti-Seal together for maintenance? I wonder what the results would be if I mixed 2 oz. of each in a 20 oz spray bottle and used it to wipe down between washes. Good, bad, Ugly, or not recommended.
  4. AZSteve

    Opti seal chalked my plastic trim?

    Yes, I applied Optimum Gloss Coat to my truck (not the trim) and then I top coated everything using Opti-Seal including the plastic trim and mirrors. I didn't think to get pics as I corrected it afterward using Adams VRT. Thanks for the responses. Edit, the black mirrors, and trim on my truck are slightly textured. They looked great when I first applied the seal, but then a few minutes later they turned chalky and faded looking. I noticed when applying the Opti-Seal to the painted panels it would develop a very slight white haze that I would wipe off. It reminded me of applying a spray-on type ceramic. I might try to see if I can repeat this on the trim and take pics.
  5. I applied a coat of Opti Seal on my black plastic mirrors last evening and this morning they were chalky. I thought this was ok to be use don plastic and other surfaces? I corrected it by scrubbing them down and then applying another product to them, but I was disappointed. I am not blaming the product as it could have very well be my misunderstanding and screw up.
  6. After stripping and polishing my truck I applied Opti Coat and then a layer of Opti Seal an hour later and the finish is veeery slick, even more so than with Jescar PowerLock. I thought I read a couple of posts here that said that ppl didn't think the product was slick after applying. After I stripped and polished and before applying the panels "squeaked" when I rubbed my finger on them just like a bare finish should. About 12 hours after I applying, I poured a glass of water on the hood and it beaded like nothing I had ever seen, so I was pretty sure it is covered. Again, I just cannot believe the slickness I am feeling on the panels and I am questioning this based on some posts here saying ppl didn't think it was slick.