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  1. bensla

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    Thanks for your comments Heijneker! You have some great input here too. I find the waffle weave with Opti-seal as the drying aid to be incredibly smooth when drying, no grab at all so I'd suggest giving that a go. That’s really interesting that Yvan suggested waiting for it to dry a bit. That was the conclusion I was coming to and the advantage of doing the whole car with the ONR first, then going back to the starting place to start drying.
  2. bensla

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    Detail Mutant, I think you’re onto something here!! I’ll definitely give it a try. I use the Hydroshot drawing from a bucket of deionised water after each drive when the roads are wet/salty. Takes 3 mins and keeps the car clean inbetween weekly washes in winter. Switching to 300:1 ONR as a pre-rinse for the weekly routine sounds like a very interesting idea though for sure.
  3. bensla

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    Lots of really interesting points thanks all. So I just did a wash but skipped the foam. The car wasn't that dirty so I just used one bucket. I sprayed the car with QD strength ONR then proceeded with the rinseless wash but doing sections at a time. Some observations: - Drying a section immediately after washing means you are dealing with a lot more moisure than if it was left in place while doing the rest of the car before coming back to dry. - The additional moisture meant I needed to use my second dry towel to buff /dry the fine drops on the paint as well as the glass. Using a dry towel to buff the paint felt a bit worrying. - Skipping the foam and pressure rinse meant the ONR on the panels was noticably dirty, especially on a white car. Drying this level of dirty ONR felt a bit risky. Do you think it is safe enough to dry like this? - The lack of pressure rinsing meant that the gaps between panels remained dirty where they normally would be rinsed clear with the foam+pressure. This would be an issue over time I think as it would accumulate. - The routine took 20 minutes. I am sure I spent longer doing it this way due to excess moisture at the drying stage. I think the take-home for me is that using a cordless pressure washer changes the game so much that its benefits outweigh the additional time and small additinal faffiness! I'm still very intersted in exploring using ONR without the foam and pressue rinse though so value any thoughts on my observations!
  4. bensla

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    A&J and Lowejackson - thanks both for me really good info! Lowejackson I love your thinking with this. I think there is definitely appetite for this kind of thing on YouTube it’s just hard tapping into it when you cover lots of topics like I do on my channel! If you specialised though and built up the audience I think it would do well. I totally agree re. trying to avoid walking around the car and also love the idea of the utility belt. I feel some timing tests coming on to compare panel-by-panel with stage-by-stage. When doing panel-by-panel how do you deal with the rear quarter that turns into the cills that runs below the doors? Do you still treat that as one or do you do the cill portion below the door as you do the doors?
  5. bensla

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    Does this differ from just using a stronger solution of ONR?
  6. bensla

    My ultra-fast wash, dry and protect routine!

    Thanks both, this is really fascinating feedback. So I think where I feel the single bucket is a bit risky to use without a foam/spray you guys are using two buckets to lessen the risk and remove the hassle of the foam lance. This is very interesting indeed. Opti-clean mixed with ONR in a pre spray is very intersting too. I'm very tempted to try two buckets instead of the foam, might be able to get the routine down to 20 mins!
  7. I've been very intersted in the Optimum products for a while but it's taken me a while to figure out how to really use them as a super-fast routine without necessarily buying each product in the range etc. I made a video on the process if anyone is interested. Would be interested in any improvements to the routine (as long as they don't increase the time taken!) . My goals are to have a clean car all the time with minimal effort and minimal damage! Basically the idea is to keep things super simple. So the routine looks like this: 1. Foam wash and pressure rinse 2. ONR wash (with Ultra Black Sponge) 3. Dry with Opti-Seal (Rag Company Dry Me A River towels) There are so many steps missing compared so the usual two-bucket method and the constant slickness from using ONR really adds confidence that you're not causing damage. Especially as the drying stage is lubricated from the ONR dampness, this point in particular is one of the most underrated aspects of ONR I think.
  8. bensla

    Buff when using as drying aid?

    Thanks so much for you reply. Interesting, my assumption was the spotting was left from tiny drops of the ONRWW that were left after the first drying wipe (with OS spray). The marks are tiny circle shaped spots rather than streaks. So I think in any case the fix would be as you say so use a clean ONR soaked cloth as a final wipe. Possibly a dry cloth for glass and the soaked one for paint?
  9. I'm enjoying using OS as a drying aid, however I'm finding that it is leaving a very fine spotting pattern if I dont use a second dry towel to buff after the first wipe. I'm worried this is running the risk of marring the paint. I'm using the 'dry me a river' towels. Has anyone else experieced this and can anyone comment on the risk off doing a buff after the spray and wipe? I'm also wondering if I could live with the fine spotting on paint and just do a buff on the glass.
  10. bensla

    Opti-Seal as Drying aid

    Wrung out towels leaves residue for me, really noticable on glass. Do you not get that?
  11. bensla

    ONRWW as contactless prewash.

    Thanks! That sounds good - essentially as long as I'm not expecting anything a normal foam pre-wash wouldn't be able to achieve it sounds good. Essentially my question is really just 'does ONRWW leave a residue if pressure hosed off rather than buffed off'. I will give it a test tomorrow and see how I get on. Thanks!
  12. bensla

    ONRWW as contactless prewash.

    Thanks, sorry perhaps I wasn't clear. I understand that it wont be enough as any kind of ongoing or complete solution. All I'm wondering is would it leave and more streaks after a pressure rinse than a foam would, specifically ONRWW. There have been times when a foam and rinse has been enough to shed one day's dirt and get the car looking basically spotless again. I know the limitations of that approach for washing in general. However the video you posted does seem to suggest that 'they do the same thing' so it does seem like it might work so thanks for sharing that! I will do some experimenting.
  13. I am experimenting with super-fast contactless top-up washes (mid week, after longer/dirtier drives etc). I am thinking a snow foam and then rinse off with DI filtered water, but I wondered what might happen if I just used my ONRWW solution from the mini preasure spray bottle instead of filling up a foam cannon etc. I think it would loosen the dirt probably as well as a snow foam but I'm thinking it might leave marks after the rinse off where a snow foam wouldn't. Has anyone tried this? Would normal ONR be better than ONRWW? Although it might be nice if some wax was added through the process. Thanks!