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  1. Follow-up: I visited the Opti-Coat store and didn't see any products specifically for detailing Opti-Coat professional coatings. Is the detailing process, then, an Opti-Coat NR followed by Opti-Coat Hyper-Seal ?
  2. Mr.Outback

    Compatibility of Hyper Seal with ONRWW

    Should add that unlike Rain-X products, Hyper-Seal didn't seem to cause wiper buildup, either on my glass or wipers. However, I'm now using Opti-Pro glass clean and protect on the glass, and a small amount of ONR in the washer fluid (seems to work pretty well).
  3. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    If my current Pro+ performs well (and no, I won't be subjecting Pro + to tunnel washes, etc) then 3's a major contender for my next vehicle. My present vehicle's been polished two times already (once when brand X coating was applied, 2nd when Pro + was applied) and I actually just missed getting Pro3 because my local Opti-Coat detailer wasn't authorized to sell it. I've been told trying to "upgrade" now would not be wise.
  4. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    For future reference: How much better would Opti-Coat Pro3 protect against the dreaded tunnel car washes when compared to Opti-Coat Pro+ ? Or for that matter, typical hand washing the back of a vehicle just driven on a dusty gravel road (my Subarus's rear hatches have proven to be superb dust magnets) ?
  5. Mr.Outback

    Compatibility of Hyper Seal with ONRWW

    What is the cure time for Hyper-Seal? Some other SIO2-based sealers claim they need 4 - 8 hours of cure time (depending on environment) for their molecules to "orient" for maximum protection.
  6. Mr.Outback

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    One last thought here: I've now have the ONR new formula (bluish color), and the Opti-Pro No Rinse (yellow color). Other than color, are these the same formula, or are they slightly different (I was told the OPNR is designed to work better with Opti-Pro coatings) ? Just making sure I use the right stuff....
  7. Mr.Outback

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    I wonder if there's a detailer trade publication similar to Automotive News or Wards that actually lists detailer purchasing stats and favorite products (how many units sold per month, etc.) ?
  8. Mr.Outback

    Opti-coat pro+ Newbie Question

    Thnx Ron. I'll use chemical decontamination similar to procedure/schedule Pan the Organizer uses for his OCP+. Fortunately we use a lot less road salt here in Oregon.
  9. Mr.Outback

    Opti-coat pro+ Newbie Question

    Adding to this topic: many youtube detailers describe how important claying is towards removing surface contaminants from clear coat. But somewhat hidden in their remarks is that for a pro ceramic coating, clay baring is not good because it can actually wear that coating down. For those, chemical decontamination's recommended (as Pan the Organizer showed for his Pro+ coated car). Should claying be avoided on a Pro+ (or for that matter any Brand X) ceramic coated vehicle ?
  10. Mr.Outback

    Hyper-Seal on other ceramic coatings

    This may be the full Chicago Pro Youtube video about Graphene (it contains several different YouTube shows including one where Dr Beasley does talk about graphene). If it's not appropriate to have Youtube links here, Forum Moderators, please delete this clip link.
  11. Mr.Outback

    Hyper-Seal on other ceramic coatings

    I've seen Chicago Pros' youtube video about ceramic and graphene comparison (I remember both coatings were high level consumer products, not "pro" products) and saw for those two coatings that polishing - to paraphrase an old Bill Cosby line - "Murdered 'em and bumped them off". I assume that for a silicon carbide coating a __lot__ more polishing would be required to do the same. So far I've not found the video where Dr Beasley talks about graphene. Pan the Organizer has touched on graphene .vs. ceramic but suggested ceramics are proven while graphenes are still in early stages. Hopefully in future this neophyte will learn the true differences (my hunch is it's the matrix substrate, not the graphene, which makes a "graphene" coating work). Pan also mentioned clay baring a ceramic coating could damage the coating, so I'll stick to infrequent chemical decontamination as maintenance.
  12. Mr.Outback

    Why Gloss Coat?

    My apologies if repeating myself, but it would be great to read or see something definite as to what Graphene coatings really are. I understand Opti-Coat Pro coatings are Silicon Carbide that bond to clear coat and as result are very durable. But graphene? A black oxide suspended/dispersed in some sort of Matrix (SiO2 ? Portzabee Wax? Furshinluggner mystery compound? Those certainly won't be "1 atom thick") ? Side note: I wonder what TurtleWax did to get rid of the blackish appearance of Graphene in their "Flex Wax" version. Or are they using pseudo-Graphene ? I tried it before getting Opti-Coat Pro - didn't live up to its hype.
  13. Hyper-seal's went on my vehicle's Pro+ around day 10. So far so good, but have ordered several Opti-Coat pro products to keep it looking good. FYI my 1983 Toyota Camry frequently got caught by lawn sprinklers and often wore water spots; no ceramic coatings in those days so it was vinegar and various polishing waxes - more or less worked OK though its paint was deteriorating by year 9.
  14. Is Opti-Glass similar to Opti-Coat Pro in that it contains silicon carbide? I think my detailer applied Opti-Glass to my vehicle's side windows as part of the Pro+ application (windshield remains Glassparency coated).
  15. If I could only have one of the two (Power Clean or M_wash), which would work the best on a Pro+ vehicle?