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  1. Mr.Outback

    New Member with Questions

    Doesn't polishing, as it removes material, shorten the lifespan of any coating, clear coat or otherwise? What kind of polishing exists that can remove contaminates __without__ removing the coating (clay? a gentle formulation?).
  2. Mr.Outback

    New Member with Questions

    There's also M-Wash for maintenance washing, and claims to repel airborne heavy metal pollution via its fluoropolymers (not sure how that affects brake dust (iron)).
  3. Mr.Outback


    side query: Which Optimum product's better as drying aid: Opti-seal new formula or Hyper Seal new formula?
  4. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Info appreciated, Ron. My most likely last car (am getting on in years) will probably be getting OC3 as I want it to have the most durable protection possible. My understanding is OC3 doesn't need a long wait time after being applied to "drive home" in inclement weather (a factor here in the NW) as my local detailer who does Pro+ is not an "exclusive" Optimum dealer and most likely won't be able to install OC3.
  5. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Scott HD's testing continues and he is seeing differences between Pro+ and Pro3 (visual suggests Pro3 reverts to sheeting more than Pro+). Scott's test is to foam, rinse, foam, wash with sheepswool mitt, then rinse (all with pressure washer), then pressure wash test for beading. If test panel doesn't reject water (either bead or sheet roll off) product's dismissed as failed. No Optimum product has failed.
  6. Mr.Outback


    Given all the latest You Tube chatter about adding "gloss enhancers" (usually Si02) to ceramic coatings already offering long life, I keep wondering how often is __too__ often? Is 4 - 6 months a reasonable amount of time to wait between proper applications of Opti or Hyper-Seal? And I keep wondering if ceramic coatings like Pro+ and Pro3 will simply "shrug off" those other third party products?
  7. Mr.Outback

    Safe PSI for pressure washing Pro 3 coating?

    What would be a safe PSI to use with Pro+ ? My pressure washers are 600 and 1800 psi respectively.
  8. Mr.Outback

    Opti Shield

    This spray-able plastic coating product showed up on Youtube. Is it an Optimum Tech product? Is it still in production? If so how where does it fit within the Optimum line?
  9. Mr.Outback


    For whatever reason I've found Hyper-Seal, once dried, becomes very "grabby" such that during an ONR or other wash, drying the vehicle often tries to pull the microfiber towels out of my hands. That makes it kinda tricky not to use too much pressure and scratch the coating/paint with the dirt you're removing along with the ONR. FYI "my" Hyper-Seal's on top of Pro+.
  10. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Seems good place to mention Allstate's now pushing Scotchguard "amino based resin" paint protection. My Subaru dealer claimed it was the best coating they've worked with (their first "ceramic coating" package was a joke to my Optimum installer, who replaced it with Pro+). I've not heard of amino based resin paint protection and have no idea if it's truly better than the SIC or top SIO2 products - no, I'm not having it installed, "my" Pro+ is at its 1 year anniversary and so far works fine.
  11. Mr.Outback

    Water Beading

    WRT beading I've found my Pro+ will eventually sheet rather than bead in areas with a lot of road grime (behind wheels, rear hatch, etc). Usually an ONR or if not that then an M-wash will restore "beading". Problem with beading is sometimes dirt/dust on the paint gets dissolved into and concentrated by the beads, and if they dry "bead marks" are left behind - sheeting helps carry the dirt away.
  12. Mr.Outback

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    The Rag Company demonstrates using ONR on a very dirty vehicle.
  13. Mr.Outback

    New Formula No Rinse Review

    I've had good luck using Rags to Riches microfiber towel detergent, making sure the dryer is free of any fabric softener (I run cotton bath towels/etc through dryer before drying any microfiber).
  14. Mr.Outback

    Rock Chips in Ceramic coating

    Good to know about pro3 though for my local dealer it remains Unobtainium (He's not Optimum exclusive - nearest of those's 40 miles away). My local detailer had coating left over from another Pro+ job and successfully re-coated the dinged spot. Only a slight dimple (probably due to loss of some clear coat) remains. After hyper-sealing, hopefully it will be good to go for a long time.
  15. Mr.Outback

    Rock Chips in Ceramic coating

    Hopefully my retailer touchup will work OK. The Dr. G interviews I watched recently elsewhere on this forum were very illuminating in that apparently one can apply a second coat of Pro on top of existing Pro, and that Pro3 is so thick it can actually be polished to remove scratches.