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  1. Good to know, thanks. Detailer just finished OptiCoat Leather and Vinyl for my vehicle (needed a day to apply/cure). Was pleased that leather still felt like leather and didn't become plastic. Was advised of cleaning procedures so will get hold of Protectant Plus for future maintenance. FYI except for glass OptiCoat's now protecting the entire vehicle.
  2. Ryeguy, on my new Subie Outback I initially had a dealer-applied coating (possibly crystal fusion) which did little to keep car clean and turned windshield into sandpaper grinding the wiper blades down. Our local detailer, amazed by how bad the dealer stuff was, prepped the car, applied Opti-Coat Pro+ to exterior clear coat/plastic and Glassparency to glass (preferred two-step glass treatment). The detailer warned me about waiting 7 days to wash but had used Opti-seal, and as vehicle is garage kept there were no issues. Now helped along by Hyper-Seal (now new formula version), the Pro+ , at 7 months, so far beads nicely and is very easy to keep clean. As Ron mentioned elsewhere, I don't tunnel-wash (voids warranty) nor let anyone other than detailer or myself wash the car (most of time that's ONR in distilled water applied by IK 2 sprayer - whole car takes about 10 minutes).
  3. Mr.Outback

    Water Spotting

    Just curious....perhaps a version of Hyper-Seal could be made available that promotes water sheeting rather than water beading? That way the detailer could coat parts of a vehicle that are known to water spot the most (rocker panels or parts exposed to water sprinklers): the mineral water simply flows off. . Apex Rehydra-Sheet is one such product, though to be fair it too beads water until there's enough water for the beads to link up and flow off en masse.
  4. Does ONR actually encapsulate/remove the APC, or is it the water/ONR dilution which removes the APC from the surface?
  5. Mr.Outback

    HELP ! - Opticoat Pro + Clouds

    Good to know. Unfortunately there are very few "Youtube" videos comparing true Pro products (authorized detailers only) to Consumer level products. I learned about Optimum Pro from Pan hosting Ivan's Pro+ detailing, and fortunately our local detailer was authorized for the Pro+ product.
  6. Mr.Outback

    HELP ! - Opticoat Pro + Clouds

    Good to know about the multi-step coating cautions. FYI, Pan The Organizer just posted a Youtube video outlining all steps and a few caveats for applying a consumer grade, single step SIO2 or Graphene-SIO2 coating product.
  7. Would chlorinated brake rotor cleaner be of any help to remove tar (I vaguely remember Chicago Auto Pros using something like that) ? Could it damage Opti-Coat Pro+ ?
  8. will the oils that are in protectant plus cause any window fogging for a car left in high heat/sun conditions? The NW's had some ridiculously hot days this's an Outback XT with Nappa leather.
  9. Mr.Outback

    Water Beading

    Beading of ONR / distilled water, after initial rinseless wash with same, on fender of my '21 Outback XT: Sorry, but the allowed 20 K picture limit means this is all I can show.
  10. Mr.Outback

    M Wash?

    Where, please, does M-wash fit within the "cleaning" products? I see Power-Clean's and Ferrex's good for decontamination, but might be too aggressive for frequent use. Also, how long do the fluoropolymers last between M-washes on an Opti-Coat Pro+ surface?
  11. Mr.Outback

    Chicago Auto Pros testing

    Chicago Auto Pros posted a Youtube today of "real world" products, their performance measured two weeks after application. Optimum Opti-Seal was one of the products tested on the trunk lid of a black Lexus, alongside a Dr. Beasley's nano product. The tester, Jason, commented that there "was nothing there" and indeed the trunk lid showed no hydrophobic properties from either product. Jason went on to day the trunk lid had proved problematic for other coatings they tested. Is two weeks expected life for Optimum Opti-Seal on a black trunk lid during the summer? For some reason CAP did not test older or newer version of Hyper-Seal. Sorry for poor quality image but forum limits are pretty tight.
  12. Now that my vehicle's scheduled for full Optimum Pro interior protection (leather, fabric, plastics), and having noted comments here, my question is: aside from regular vacuuming, what's best technique for keeping an Opti-Coat Pro interior protected car's interior clean? Interior was previously Scotchguarded by the dealer (probably a triple Z job) but decided vehicle deserved better protection.
  13. Mr.Outback

    Coatings .vs. blackberry bushes

    "Scratch" IMHO is a gouge that actually penetrates the coating surface (not leave just a smudge nor a smear), and thus would void the Opti-Coat warranty. I'm already aware that tunnel/"brush" car washes can damage the coating with scratches and are to be avoided.
  14. Our streets here in Portland OR are rapidly being choked with Himalaya Blackberries which grow into whatever open space is available. Along roads, they branch out into the street itself. sometimes up to 5 feet or more. Are Pro+ or any Opti Coat products tough enough to withstand being scratched by these bushes?
  15. Mr.Outback

    OOC vs ONR Waterless

    Am curious if any forum users have had experience with Rain'X's waterless wash. It seems similar intent to OOC but I'm dubious Rain-X's "water repellency" coating will stay on Pro + for any appreciable time. FYI I used Rain-X with some success before car was Pro+'ed but found its water repellency somewhat unpredictable (only Youtuber I know of who praised the stuff was Scotty Kilmer).