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  1. Mr.Outback

    Hello from VT

    Wrt PPF, my local OptiCoat installer put Pro+ on my vehicle's clear coat and PPF (possibly 3M but not identified by installing car dealer). Pro+ seems to be working well on both at 11 months.
  2. A problem with many soft plastics is they outgas plasticizes when heated. In cars that means fogged windows and who knows what else. I wonder if Protectant Plus helps control outgassing? It does keep my leather clean (whole interior was Opti-coated earlier).
  3. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Scott also measures sheeting, and gloss (latter was before and after his pro samples were applied to test hood panel). Quite a few products reduced gloss - Optimum's raised it.
  4. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    He could create a "road film" concoction and every so often, spray it evenly on the panel, allow it to dry and remain for a given time, then do his wash/etc. procedure before checking for beading. But his testing's pretty thorough as is.
  5. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Given the small size of HD's test areas, it certainly seems feasible to borrow a set of used syringes from an appropriate installer that have just enough product remaining to apply to the panel. As for what authorized detailer would do that, I've absolutely no idea. It seems any reputable coating maker's gonna have enough product in its dispenser to coat a vehicle (do dispensers come in different sizes? Petite for that Rio N? Gigantic for that coal-burning lifted Hummer?) and have a bit left over. Hopefully Scott HD's tests will provide some useful durability info.
  6. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Scott HD appears to follow a very specific test pattern (foam/rinse/foam again/wash with "again" foam/rinse. Panels are kept facing sun behind his shop, exposed to elements, and rotated 90 degrees while still facing sun. So far to my knowledge he hasn't tested "driven vehicles" ala Pan the O and Chicago Auto Pros.
  7. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    FYI, one of Youtube's better known Pro Detailers is prepping a pro coating long term test that includes OptiCoat Pro3 (tubes plainly visible as part of product grouping). It'll be one of his longest tests, given how long OptiCoat products generally last.
  8. Mr.Outback

    Sponge dripping versus Soaked

    For that matter, I wonder if it would be good to modify how I use ONR: for usual light dust/dirt, Mix with distilled water, liberally spray on the surface of my vehicle, let it dwell for 30 seconds to a minute, then gently wipe off with plush microfiber towels. If dirt is heavier, resort to foam/rinse, then bucket wash with big black sponge and ONR, then microfiber dry.
  9. Mr.Outback

    Poor performance by Optimum tire protection?

    The 3 cars I've driven with piano black trim (so many car makers use this !!!) , despite care, end up with faint spider webbing or similar fine scratches in the plastic's surface. Wrt OptiiCoat Protectant Plus, it seems to work well hiding fine scratches in piano black trim .
  10. Mr.Outback

    Opti-Coat Pro3

    Wanting the best .vs being able to __get__ the best: a challenge for us customers is deciding how far to go to __get__ a coating, and __when__. In my Pro+'s case, my vehicle had already received a badly applied ceramic coating that our local detailer had to polish off in order to apply Pro+, which in turn required an overnight shop stay to cure. Fortunately, the detailer provided transport to/from his shop and did fine work. For my current vehicle, upgrading to Pro3 would require a 50 mile or more trip to an "exclusive" detailer, another overnight stay to get applied, and having Pro+ polished off. Is it and the trip hassle worth it? Possibly, if the car was brand new and uncoated, so I'll consider that for next vehicle. Meanwhile Pro+ and other Optimum products have worked well: they definitely make the vehicle easy to wash. Perhaps some day there will be a Pro4 that can survive brush car washes (no coating can to date, nor are any warrantied for that abuse) - that would be a further enticement.
  11. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    Not quite sure how Pro+ can (?) bond to Pro3 given both coatings are designed to bond to clearcoat or paint. I remember someone here remarking that to apply Pro3 to Pro+, one had to first polish Pro+ off (a chemical decon would not be enough).
  12. Mr.Outback

    Opti-Coat Pro3

    Youtube has a number of detailers testing different products (either real world or on test panels). Save for Chicago Auto Pros who compared Opti-Seal (ignoring, for some reason, Hyper-Seal), none of 'em are testing/have tested Opti Pro products against others. Pan the Organizer did showcase Yvan applying Opti Pro+ to one of his vehicles and showing good results 1 year later, but with no direct comparison to other products.
  13. Mr.Outback

    OC 3

    One curiosity, given Pro3, like Pro+, is a multi-layer coating, is how the coating "wears" over time. Does it change properties as different layers become exposed? Or do the layers actually blend together to create a solid "whole layer" that is uniform in appearance and behavior (Pro+ apparently does this)? FYI Yvan commented about the number of times an expert can "prep" a vehicle to receive a new or different coating: about 4 or 5 times before there's no more clear coat to protect. Per Ron's comments, one detailing outfit now offers a detailing spray that is supposedly fantastic wrt gloss, but lasts 1 - 2 days, max.
  14. Mr.Outback

    Poor performance by Optimum tire protection?

    For some reason I've found Nokians more difficult for tire dressings to adhere to. Presently I use power clean or M wash on 'em, then use hyper shield new formula as dressing. idea is to keep brake dust from turning the Nokians brown - so far, so good.
  15. Good to know the steps. Only suggestion I'd add is applying the ONR with distilled water via an IK 2 qt sprayer. When filled, sprayer can easily cover a large size car at least twice and avoid water spotting.