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  1. Hello, Greetings from India! Sorry, if my questions sound too trivial and have been answered in some other threads. I have a black car with Modesta ceramic coating. My queries are: 1. Is Optimum no rinse wash designed for ceramic coated cars? Will it impact efficacy of some of the self healing properties that coating has to offer? 2. I wish to add more gloss to my car. Which one should be more helpful for this purpose - ONR (blue one) or ONRWW (green one)? 3. I have to park my car in scorching sun. So UV protection is also an important consideration. Assume ONRWW offers better UV protection. 4. I live in a dust prone area and plan to use rinseless wash twice a week. Which one of these 2 products offer better dust repellance, if any? Cheers Deepak