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  1. Jayk82


    Thanks Ron! Adding to my cart now!
  2. Jayk82


    Is the new formula shipping already from Optimimum?
  3. Jayk82


    Saw Dr. G talk about this briefly during The Rag Company TRCMA with Levi. Can't wait to try it!
  4. Jayk82

    Optimum Synergy Podcast M.I.A.

    You’re welcome @Heijneker! I didn’t realize the background of why thery weren’t available through my usual Podcast preference (iTunes), so I just happened to search in Spotify and lucked out!
  5. Jayk82

    Optimum Synergy Podcast M.I.A.

    Yes, I started with the (I assume the first one) that was dated March 28, 2016 and have been listening to them in succession with no issues as of posting this!
  6. Jayk82

    Optimum Synergy Podcast M.I.A.

    I know this is an older topic (it's April 2021 as of me posting)...but for what it's worth I was able to find the back catalog on Spotify (even using a free Spotify account instead of having to pay for a Premium account) to listen to all of the old podcasts.
  7. Jayk82

    Loving the Opti-Clean

    Thank you Ron. Been lurking for a long time, finally decided to join up and make a few posts. Have greatly enjoyed diving through all the different info throughout the years on here!!!
  8. Jayk82

    Loving the Opti-Clean

    I have just started to use the OPT line-up (so late to the game, I know!)...have used ONR & ONRWW for several months, now incorporating Power Clean, Opti-Seal & Car Wax to my usage, and have a shipment from OPT of the Leather Protectant, Carpet & Fabric Cleaner / Protectant, and the OOC. I'm also super excited to see how the OOC will fit into my routine for both my vehicles and clients' vehicles. I've been using Megs Hyper Dressing and more as of late the Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing but figured the Opti-Bond would be my next purchase from OPT. I am absolutely loving the synergy from just the products I've been using. I can't wait to dive in and try a bit of everything from OPT. And yes Heijneker, I am missing the podcasts as well!!! Wish someone at OPT could find the time to start those back up, it has been a wealth of knowledge to dive into that library and help understand the OPT way of things.