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  1. Robert

    Pink Optimum Spray Wax?

    Yes. Smells the same.
  2. Robert

    Opti Bond Question.

    Thanks. Spraying is so fast I’ll probably wash as usual and just reapply.
  3. Robert

    Opti Bond Question.

    I recently bought some Opti Bond and have applied it to two cars. So far I love it. I applied it with a touch up HVLP spray gun at 1:1. In my earlier years I loved my tires to look like glazed donuts, shiny. Now in my 50s I want them to look clean, like a new set of tires. So I foam Power Clean at 3:1 and scrub with a tire brush at each wash. But I’ve started using Opti Bond. Question… Now that I’ve applied it how do I clean the tires without removing the Opti Bond? Will Power Clean with a tire brush be too aggressive? Thanks!
  4. Robert

    Pink Optimum Spray Wax?

    I’ve always seen the blue bottles. Now I’m wondering about that first bottle I got being in a clear bottle with white wax.
  5. Robert

    Pink Optimum Spray Wax?

    Ordered both from the Optimum Store on Amazon.
  6. Robert

    Pink Optimum Spray Wax?

    It’s a clear bottle with pink wax. My last bottle was a clear bottle with white wax. I haven’t opened it yet. Reluctant to try it.
  7. I just received a new bottle of Optimum Spray Wax ordered through Amazon. It was pink. It’s always been white in the past. Has it changed to pink or did I get a knockoff?
  8. I’m curious to what product you’d use in the case. I use all Optimum products. I washed my car the other morning and finished it off with Optimum Spray Wax. Usually our cars are garaged but this day I had to leave it out overnight. Overnight we had a lot of rain. The car was parked on clean concrete. The next morning brought sunny clear skies. I have some ONR at QD ratio in a pump sprayer. I sprayed the car all over and used several microfiber towels to wipe it down. Then I finished drying using Optimum ID&GE as a drying aid. I have just about all the optimum products. What would you have done differently or better? Thanks!!!
  9. Ballpark, how many typical sedan size tires will I be able to do with the 8 oz bottle?
  10. Robert

    M Wash?

    Ok. Thanks.
  11. Robert

    M Wash?

    Just curious. What’s the relationship between Optimum and Opti-Coat?
  12. Robert

    M Wash?

    I was reading the description about the foam cannon. It says: Using your Opti-Coat M-Wash combined with the Foam Lance as a pre-soak...... I’m not seeing the M Wash listed anywhere. What is the M Wash?
  13. Robert

    New user.

    I was a bit skeptical of Optimum products. But I started with the ONR. I’m up to 4 products now and all are great!