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  1. Redgrandam

    Chicago Auto Pros testing

    He said he is going to test something else on the trunk. Hopefully he uses Opti-seal again for another test.
  2. Redgrandam

    Pink Optimum Spray Wax?

    Does it still smell like coconuts? I’m kind of surprised that things like colour would be added or changed randomly. I know that wouldn’t impact the product effectiveness, but usually a specific recipe is followed (I would assume). Does Dr. G just feel like having fun sometimes? I just got a gallon of wax and it is white (and wonderful).
  3. Redgrandam

    ONR interior Glass cleaning trick?

    I find I don’t even usually clean the exterior glass aside from using the sponge and drying after using ONR. 9/10 times the exterior glass looks great after that alone! (Well that and optimum car wax as a drying aid). I’ll have to try going back over with the sponge almost dry if I see any streaks. I have that same towel too but haven’t tried it for glass cleaning specifically yet.
  4. Redgrandam

    Using Power Clean on windshield

    OPC does seem to be safe at 3:1 on glass. At least when I used it the other day it seemed fine, for bugs, not letting it dry of course.
  5. Redgrandam

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    Why not just use ONR? I've heard ONR will kill the suds in a traditional soap. Plus, any PH neutral soap isn’t really aggressive anyways, they do very little cleaning on their own, being as they are ph neutral. An aggressive shampoo would usually be alkaline.
  6. Redgrandam

    How safe is Opti clean on surfaces

  7. Redgrandam

    Is it ok to mix ONR and OCW?

    Not sure if you use a drying aid or not, but using the blue ONR and OCW as a drying aid works amazingly well, and is very easy, so that might get you by until the new ONRWW is out.
  8. Is Opti-clean basically completely safe on all exterior surfaces? Specifically if left to dry is there any chance of etching or damage on paint, plastic or glass? (At the standard dilution). I know ONR is completely safe even if it dries you just hit it with more ONR, just wondering if Opti clean is the same in this regard or if caution should be used like with an APC when spraying it.
  9. Thanks for that idea. It was feeling like it would be wasteful to use Opti clean at the 3:1 standard dilution (and fairly expensive) just to pre spray. But at 16:1 that might be a great solution!
  10. Before going into ONR wash (on a car that’s waxed but not coated), do you normally spray bugs with another product or do you find ONR soaking is usually enough? Does spraying with Opti clean on those areas tend to help or work about the same vs soaking with ONR? Or do you use an APC then rinse with a hose/ONR spray first?
  11. Redgrandam

    ONR vs new products

    It seems like (due to marketing) the hype, if you will, has lessened a bit with optimum, at least that’s what YouTube would have me believe. I have watched a lot of reviews on other products, most comparing to ONR, and the biggest ones that seem to be claimed as ‘better’ seem to revolve around Yvan now promoting a competing product. I’m new to the optimum consumer line, and I continue to be impressed with ONR and OCW. With ONR specifically I haven’t tried any competitors, because it’s affordable and works exactly as it’s supposed to, so I’m not honestly sure what ‘better’ would look like. It’s tried and true and just works! I’m looking at my gallon of car was soap and wondering what I’m going to do with it as I think I did my last traditional wash today, hopefully ever (so much work, so much stuff!). I think with ONR people have gotten wrapped up with the lubricity feeling with the wash media. Thinking that another one is better because it feels more slick. That not necessarily true, as we know, and unless ONR is scratching, then it must be slick enough! I have yet to really see someone complain about scratches with ONR in any of the reviews I’ve read or watched. It’s hard to see a company as trendy and popular when they don’t have a steady stream of new products for you tubers to play with. It’s so easy to get the itch to constantly use something different. It is something that makes this a good trustworthy company though, IMO.
  12. Redgrandam

    ONRWW for door jambs

    Yeah, thanks. I mean just maintenance washes. Not a deep cleaning of the door jambs. I have rust proofing on one of my cars so the door jambs can be pretty oily and messy so I have to use different wash media than the rest of my RW. I could probably just dip a towel in the solution too I suppose. But I will usually use regular ONR for the wash and a separate drying aid though. I was using a waterless wash and wax type product but don’t like the specific one I’m using.
  13. Is ONRWW at a 1:16 dilution a good option for a quick door jamb wipe out for regular washes? I know regular ONR is good for that, but looking to leave a little protection and repellency for water and dirt.