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  1. Redgrandam


    It’s a great combo. And so easy. It gets confusing for people trying to do the ‘best’ option when many companies state you should always apply the longest lasting product as the base layer as when the base’s time runs out it will take anything applied overtop. Optimum doesn’t seem to say that is the case with your products (for good reason no doubt, I question it with the other companies even). But the information for someone researching this will lead them all over the place. looking forward to anyone with the old and new opti-seal to compare the beading. As that was my only complaint with the old version.
  2. Redgrandam

    New Opti-Seal Bottle

    Has Opti-seal always had a ceramic component to it?
  3. Figured out the images!
  4. I put it on Reddit. I was shocked at the difference. I honestly thought it would be hard to see. I’ll make a new thread here once I’m done all my tests. If you just want to delete this one entirely I don’t think i am able too.
  5. Hmm.. it won't allow me to delete my old photo and won't allow any more photos, so I'll be back once I have more photos and will make a new post and share them from another host.
  6. I was discussing with someone how I feel like ONR encapsulates better than other rinseless washes (specifically N914). So I thought of a quick test. I grabbed some dirt. Put it in jars with water. Shake them up with 1/4oz rinseless wash. I think the images speak for themselves. The after photos are only 30 seconds after shaking. next I’ll have to try this with some of the other rinseless washes I have in my cabinet. I suddenly regret trying out N914 today lol. Back to ONR for me!
  7. Redgrandam

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    It has been discussed somewhere in here about using Opti clean as rinseless and the formulation is optimized to be used with less water than ONR. Diluting it down makes it work not as well. That’s what I recall.
  8. Redgrandam

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    When I used Opti clean in a pump sprayer I used a fair bit of product as I like to put it on pretty liberally. It cost almost as much as a touchless wash around here. The rinseless concentrates I use are usually diluted around 44:1 or 48:1. In that range. I wish there was a version of Opti clean in that range. I find the pump sprayer uses more product and I could probably use less if unused a trigger sprayer as it makes a finer mist, but at a cost to my hand lol. A pump sprayer for me seems to use around 40 or so oz I think. But like I said I’m liberal with it and that is probably overkill. in canada here a gallon of Opti clean is around $60. I would never consider the RTU options, when comparing to any of those I’ve seen opti clean is a deal. if it were me doing a business, I would probably have waterless as an option when I needed it, but if I can use rinseless somewhwere I would use it case by case as that will always be way cheaper. I agree there is something nice about using waterless though.
  9. Redgrandam

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    I’ve been doing waterless washes this winter on my personal cars. I liked Opti clean but unfortunately I had the same issue - it’s just too expensive for the dilution you use it at. I ended up using another waterless wash concentrate that works well and is more economical unfortunately. I’ve certainly seen people using ONR as a waterless but as you know it’s not designed for that. Would rinseless washing be an option? Pre spray with ONR, then have a bucket with towels or sponge. You would just need that small amount of water then.
  10. Redgrandam

    Interesting video testing optimum spray wax

    My guess is also, if optimum doesn’t protect substantially from UV rays then nothing does. (The tester notes that nothing else he has tested as shown it does).
  11. Dmitry tests out the spray wax. I am trying to find identify if there is a flaw in his testing. I’m not sure there is unless somehow clear coat texture allows for a thicker coat of spray wax left behind.
  12. Try it and see. It won’t hurt anything. It’s a matter of whether it’s fully encapsulated and gets blown off with the water or not. I don’t think it will look as good as towel dried in this case. Not unless you rinsed with clean ONR first.
  13. how do you detail around emblems and badges? Do you use a detail brush with the rinseless solution? Spray on Powerclean on the emblem and detail brush before washing the rest? Or so you just save that for traditional bucket washing?
  14. Redgrandam

    Clay Lube & Waterless

    When compared to N-914 I don’t find N-914 to really be any slicker. I find it soapier. ONR is slick to me more the way gelly or slime is slick. I believe the recommended dilution for clay lube with ONR is 64:1.
  15. Redgrandam

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    Which is funny. Cause if you took a normal car soap and wash pad and went to town directly on that dirt there would absolutely be way more scratches than this ONR method. I don’t know why people don’t see that as soon as you put the media on the panel and move it it’s already dragging some kind of dirt. Even if you change it every swipe. Just some do a better job of encapsulating and lifting than others.