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  1. Today I had my first Opti Coat maintenance wash. The installation was done by a shop that is owned by someone I consider a friend. I wouldn't want to suggest that any funny business was done, but I've seen my co-worker at my part time gig try and coat a car after using a cleaner wax... And also not polish or coat roofs of trucks, vans, and suv's.... But I digress.... My question is wether or not the surface is supposed to feel like naked paint. It felt like it was freshly polished and panel wiped. It was installed three years ago. It's a garage queen, but was rinsed at a self serve and parked for a the winter by the owner. I didn't get far on it as I didn't know how to remedy some of the fallout that was on it, or the severity of the water spots. It was taking forever, so I advised him to take it back to the shop, and have them evaluate the coating when they perform the maintenance wash. He did use the old version of Hyper-Seal after washes... I left him what was left (about 12oz) in my 32oz bottle of ONR and showed him how to perform the was with the BRS, and how to use Opti-Seal, Car Wax, and Instant Detailer as drying aides. Maybe that will help him?
  2. dlc95

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Only needs one hour before Opti-Seal application.
  3. From what I understand, the uv inhibitors migrate into the clear, buy it has to be used consistently, over time to really make significant impact? Regardless, I'm going to use Car Wax as my default paint protectant. I don't market it's abilities because I can't prove them.
  4. dlc95

    Yvan Retiring?

    Professionally. I have my own little business, but haven't tried like I should. This spring I'm going all in with detailing and selling select products that I use online. I'm used at a local shop, when I don't have cars of my own to service. It's a high end facility that does tint, ppf, corrections & coatings. While I never discounted the idea that I could do these cars, I regularly work on Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, McLaren, Audi, as well as domestic vehicles there. I've been there for two years this March. I started as a hobbyist in 1996, when I was 19. In 98 I started polishing with a rotary buffer, and I got pretty hooked. Took some time off as I was teaching and playing drums professionally from. 1997-2007. It was when I stated dating who would become my ex fiancee from 2002-2007 that I took a break. The last year or so we were together I polished her mom's Mazda Protégé and got bitten by the bug again. After we broke up, I worked out a deal with my neighbor that I'd keep his cars clean, and he would cut the grass. That was until 2017 when he moved. 2011 was when I got my first Porter Cable and I fell in love. 2013 I stared doing it on the side for money as I was working at a car wash (the break up hit really hard. I quit my job teaching drums because the ex lived across the street). 2013 when when I got on Autogeek and the whole world opened up. I had been on Autopia and Megs forums as far back as 2007, but mostly spectator. Winter of 2014 I bought my own car wash, but the crazt winter put me right out of business. Got another job teaching drums for a bit, and detailed to pay bills. Yeah, it's been one heck of an adventure! I wouldn't change a thing. It's been fun!
  5. dlc95

    Yvan Retiring?

    Heh, no. Still adjusting to my new phone. It's wildly frusterating!
  6. dlc95

    Yvan Retiring?

    That's how I ended up with multiple lines of polishes. I ended up selling several of them on ebay at a drastic loss. Painful lesson to learn about consumerism. As of now the only non Opti things that are staying are the selection of 3D polishes. I have a quick and efficient procedure when using them. And at work it's all I usually use. Oh, and I'm keeping my Meguiar's stuff for nostalgia's sake. My best friend from 5th grade to today, we started using Megs in 1996, and I'll still use it on his vehicles. His mom's car has Gloss Coat on it though!
  7. dlc95

    Yvan Retiring?

    There is a glaring difference, and that is Dr. G. It's one thing to have a blender build a product, and quite another to be the chemist himself. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? As far a Yvan goes... He's was a catalyst as to why I'm here - even after his retirement from the company. His advice has paid significant dividends in my process. Eternal gratitude for that.
  8. Nice turn arounds,, Heijneker Wow!
  9. dlc95

    Why should I use Gloss Coat in 2022?

    I wasn't intending "grain of salt" to equate complete dismissal.
  10. dlc95

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    Ha! Yeah, you're probably right....
  11. dlc95

    Problem with Hyper Compound

    Noted, sir. Thanks!
  12. dlc95

    Why should I use Gloss Coat in 2022?

    Thanks, Tug. I wouldn't say that I completely dismiss their findings, or experiences - not in the least, but I leave the door open to my own unfamiliarity with a product. Hence the reason I've had the same bottle of Opti-Seal all these years. I finally "got it". Had I taken it's naysayers as gospel I would have thrown it in trash early on. But others that have had good success inspired me to "unlock" it. I've been drumming ten years longer than I've been detailing, and the same thing goes for drum gear. Some of the best pros use stuff that doesn't work for me and vice versa. Doesn't mean they're wrong, it's just that their set up is wrong for me at this time.
  13. dlc95

    Why should I use Gloss Coat in 2022?

    To Tug's point, there is a distinct difference in my efficacy and knowledge of a produc, the more I use it. Example: for about two years I've been using 3D ONE for about 97% of the paint corrections I've done in that time. I can't even count how many cars that was at this point. My attraction to that product, and our compatibility gave me a much greater understanding than if I had used it once in a while, while trying out the ten other polishes on my shelf. This is why I take any and all of these youtube test videos, and fourm testimonials with a grain of salt. Even of those whom I deeply respect. Another detailer I work with has a drastically different approach and product choice, but he can still achieve great results. He also has his own clients. But - he has no problem laying down a coating after polishing with a cleaner wax (Megs d166), with the assumption that a panel wipe is going to remove it. Another example: I got first bottle of Opti-Seal in 2015. I never liked it. But. I never applied it properly. At first I sprayed it on the paint and immediately wiped off. Then with the foam I kept applying after the wet trail was gone. Not enough product, thus no flash off, I had to wipe off. Then I applied really heavy, with great impatience I wiped off immediately.. This summer comes and I see the benefit of using Hyper Polish for prepping Opti-Seal. Then I reevaluated my application technique to match what Yvan was doing. Today, OS is one of my favorite products that is happily traversing the snow, salt, and slush this winter. I wasn't expecting that based off what others have said. I'm glad I took the time to learn that one, and am looking forward to learning the polishes next!
  14. dlc95

    Why should I use Gloss Coat in 2022?

    That, and I like to apply it like Opti-Seal/Gloss Coat. With a foam applicator, let as much flash, and do a final light wipe of any high spots.
  15. dlc95

    Problem with Hyper Compound

    Great write up, Heijneker! I sometimes get a lot of marring with Intensive Polish and Hyper Compound on orange foam. But I'm still learning them. The Optimum Microfiber Pads are much easier for me to get the cut and finish that I was looking for. So much more cut, and much nicer finish. I did a Bronco at work. It was brand new, and needed some correction. I started with Intensive Polish on am orange waffle and it marred the daylights out if the finish. Hyper Polish struggled to remove the marring. I had to go back to a more familiar combination to proceed around the vehicle. I've since learned that I could have moved to the black waffle pad with Intensive Polish, which is what I recently used on a Toyota Tacoma. The blue (polishing/finishing) and green (cutting/polishing) Buff and Shine foams are still my favorite foam pads. They make the Hex Logic for Chemical Guys, which is a sort of take on a waffle style. The Hex Logic were the first random orbital pads I've ever used, and I still love them.