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  1. Just an FYI….if you research, the company Kavaca, PPF’s interior areas that are prone to scratches. You can PPF anything if you have a plotter that can cut. Pro installers PPF piano black finishes all the time. Piano black finishes are notorious for marring/scratching. But if you want to prevent scratches…..that’s your only option But as far PPF’ing, I don’t believe in it because it’s more of A PAIN IN THE ASS removing it. Most people don’t think that far.
  2. Blame the people/companies that are trying to save the earth. I've seen dashboards on 100K Lexus's melt. Can't do anything about it. If you don't want it to melt, keep it out of the heat and in a temp controlled room.
  3. Honestly.....It's a car, it's meant to be driven. Most high end cars are not practical anyway. People that can afford those types of cars anyway are not bothered with those kinds of things. How to avoid those soft touch surfaces? Either you don't drive it and touch those areas, or just PPF it. That's just my 2 cents!
  4. digital808


    I prefer the foam applicator when applying Hyper Seal. Basically I apply it like I'm applying Pro/Pro+ coatings. I've tried both and depending on the type of microfiber pad that you are using, you tend to use more product. With Hyper Seal, a little goes a long way. Also with a foam pad, you can get into the tight areas (as the foam with compress a lot) versus trying to fit a microfiber pad in tight areas.
  5. digital808

    OC 3

    LOL! Obviously you have no clue that whoever gave him those Opti-Coat coatings just pretty much screwed himself/herself with Opti-Coat as each authorized installer signs a contract. Obviously, that someone just breached its contract. And being that he also has Pro3, there’s not too many installers that install Pro3. So that person may get caught.
  6. digital808

    OC 3

    I’m wondering if his test panel is single stage paint or is it clear coat/base coat? If it’s single stage paint, his test is already voided in regards to Opti Coat Pro Coatings.
  7. digital808

    OC 3

    Wonder how he got a hold of Pro/Pro+ or Pro3? According to Opti-Coat contract, authorized installers are not suppose to give away pro coatings and in regards to Pro3, it’s a very exclusive coating. Someone just did a “NO NO” Just took a quick peak at the video! Lot#’s were scratched out! LOL! Will be interesting though to see the test results.
  8. digital808


    Let’s just put it this way instead of overthinking anything, the longer you can keep a freshly coated vehicle dry, the better it will be. When I coat ANY vehicle, I keep it dry for a minimum of 12hrs. I basically allow 1 day for full cure. Then I top it off with its topper before sending it out into the wild. You folks are just making something so simple, into something so difficult which is confusing most people that don’t understand coating application.
  9. digital808

    OP Coatings

    Thanks for the clarification.
  10. digital808

    OP Coatings

    So OP is coming out with SiC coatings 1yr, 3yr, 5yr and 7yr. Hmmmm…..wondering if they are trying to mimic Opti Coat being that the owner was previously affiliated with Optimum Products. Things that make you go HMMMMM!
  11. digital808

    Optimum's Company Mentality

    So you’re seeing the company shrinking, good thing or bad thing? Not gonna lie, I’ve been detailing passionately since the 80’s (DIY/Prosumer) to an actual business, so I’ve seen a lot of BS. I remember Optimum from long ago and am glad it’s still around.
  12. digital808

    OC 3

    Will take note of this
  13. digital808

    OC 3

    Ok got it. I have Pro3 in my possession, just haven't applied it yet. LOL!
  14. digital808

    OC 3

    Does anyone have video of Pro3 water characteristics?
  15. digital808

    CCR Issues

    Did all steps! Oh wellz! Will have it repainted!