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  1. skeelo221

    Hyper Polish question

    Thanks Ron! Do you have to tape off trim with Intensive Polish? Or does it clean and wipe right off like Hyper Polish?
  2. skeelo221

    Hyper Polish question

    Interesting info about the Hyper Polish! I am getting ready to apply Gloss Coat in the next few weeks to a new white Honda and I was planning on using DA + polishing pads to very lightly polish with Intensive Polish prior to using Optimum Paint Prep. Is this OK or worth purchasing the Hyper Polish instead of using the Intensive Polish I already have? Thanks!
  3. skeelo221


    Thanks Ron! I’ll go for Gloss Coat then and use up the rest of the Opti-Seal I have 👍 Sorry for mixing topics, but is it recommended ~2-3 month cure time for new vehicles before using Gloss Coat?
  4. skeelo221


    Hello Ron, I have been using optimum products for a number of years now, but up until now I have only used Opti-Seal and OCW for protection. I am getting a new white truck so I am considering the new Hyper Seal vs. Gloss Coat as they are both the same cost. I am curious how the new Hyper Seal formulation compares from a protection standpoint to Gloss Coat? Basically is there much protection benefit to Gloss Coat with Opti-Seal drying aid if instead I put down a base layer of new HS every ~6 months, and use HS or Opti-Seal as drying aid with ONR washes? Thanks!!