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  1. stephen.details

    Ferrex as a wheel cleaner?

    I had seen in an old video Dann “rinsing” ferrex off wheels with ONR he dipped a wheel whoolie in. But I thought I had seen a rep say you had to use a hose to rinse. Is there consensus on this? I know something like power clean needs lots of water (or lots of towels). Sometimes I don’t have the ability to rinse a customers car and need to get heavy dust off.
  2. stephen.details

    ONR & the “Soiled” Car

    yeah figured pump sprayer was my best option but ya never know. iK sprayers are over priced as heck, I have the “iK Foam pro 2” and it’s a complete waste of $35 lol but marketing got me good. Husqvarna has a 2 gallon pump sprayer that’s rated for 80PSI ($35 the same as my 48oz iK sprayer lmao). Even comes with 4 different tips so that’ll have to do me. I figure I can mix up 2 gallons of ONR in there and just throw it in the trunk when I’m mobile, 80PSI should be more than enough to knock dirt loose id think.
  3. While I haven’t come in contact with a car so far gone I couldn’t handle it without a hose, yet, I’m still curious. im a mobile guy so if I have water hookups it’s a blessing. Yes I know about cordless pressure washers but at the moment it’s out of the budget. I’ve tried looking on autopia and the likes for threads on the subject but all the links are dead. Anyone have any advice for a “soiled” car and ONR? or is the sponge and a heavy application good enough
  4. stephen.details


    Lowe, I just figured it I could use it to one step polish by hand. My car only as what I deem light swirls/“wash scratches”— since it does list itself as being able to be used by hand and I currently have no outside power and rotary’s are expensive. but then again, I guess I could just as easily pick up some griots polish from advanced and a cheap applicator pad.
  5. stephen.details


    Thanks Setec. maybe I’ll try G-P-S with a hand applicator or some sort yeah polishing is a whole exotic world of mystery and a side of detailing I think I’m one of few online that are not super interested in it.
  6. stephen.details


    3D’s spray/liquid wax has caught my eye as they state it fills swirls and minor scratches. Ive never seen mention of optimum car wax doing this, so does it? Like noticeably? i see 3D also has express wax versus standard carnuba but I imagine that’s more of a quick detailer so I digress (price is why I mention it). (There’s way too many products out there and it seems half of them do such similar things they’re just labeled different for the sake of sales) I also have to imagine, since optimum car wax can be used as a drying aid, with maybe very slightly diminished returns, that I could keep it in the family and use an ONR dampened towel to spread it out a bit easier than a Dry one.
  7. stephen.details

    ONR vs new products

    It’s funny how after Yvan finished marketing for N-914 it lost its hype as well. i guess it really doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as that brand works for you. Although, I highly appreciate the mindset of OPT, and the focus on end user and environmental safety. I see a lot of companies claim their environmentally friendly because it uses less water, but what’s in my solution–ya know? And the fact that there’s really only Necessary products. looking in groups/forums, it seems ONR is regarded as “Wheaties” as someone put it on YouTube. But I have a feeling that the years to come as new detailers come in rinseless & waterless will be the new standard.
  8. stephen.details

    OPC to Optimum Car Wash?

    I feel just throwing it diluted in a spray bottle and pre treating problem areas before washing would be just as effective and take maybe a minute or two? And then the soap or rinse would neutralize it the more I listen to the old podcast the more I appreciate the system and synergy of it all haha
  9. stephen.details

    ONR Polymers?

    I can’t remember what video it was, but there has been independent testing showing the polymers of ONR when used with other companies popular protections don’t degrade it enough to even be able to tell unless you plan on applying 5 different LSPs to your car for testing and internet points.
  10. stephen.details

    Sponge dripping versus Soaked

    To each their own. I don’t have a big red sponge I have an ultra black and I’m suspicious the BRS may somehow hold dirt during passes better. i think the multiple mitt /towel is good for soft expensive paint for your mind —but ONR is supposed to be Uber safe so I think the multi media methods can sometimes just be overkill. There’s a video by “the paint corrector” on YouTube busting ONR myths and he takes a microfiber, rubs in some dirt and then with ONR rubs it all over a perfectly corrected spot of paint and it induces no marring nor scratching. I see no reason you couldn’t use a single quality towel as long you’re dunking it in your ONR frequently and using a liberal amount of product. I’ll post the link to the video if anyone’s interested
  11. stephen.details

    Sponge dripping versus Soaked

    He also said to be diligent with 256:1 and that higher dilutions won’t increase power but that’s contrary to what I’ve learned on this forum ,& would defeat the idea of ONR QD. Yvan is very smart, but he seems very ?stubborn? For lack of a word in his methodology sometimes
  12. stephen.details

    Annoyed by those who don’t believe in ONR

    Oh, Ron, im sure you get plenty of really ridiculous complaints from users that just can’t be happy.
  13. stephen.details

    Annoyed by those who don’t believe in ONR

    Love to help! The originator definitely deserves some internet points for the thorough explanation—and points to ONR for beating Ech2o in cleaning power. and we all know his process would have been even better with a big red sponge 😎
  14. stephen.details

    Annoyed by those who don’t believe in ONR

    In light of this thread, here’s a contrast to those negative nellies that proves ONR an effective cleaner
  15. stephen.details

    Annoyed by those who don’t believe in ONR

    Diggin up this old thread to express my ever growing frustrations with the same people online lol. Consider this response a release of frustration at the lack of open mindedness, and most often pure ignorance of the world of online detailers. (Not to be confused with people who actually clean their car) The cool thing about science, is whether you believe it or not, it remains true!