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  1. Has anyone ever tried mixing in some hydrogen peroxide with fabric clean on organic & tannin stains? i think I’ll give it a go but wanted to ask around first. I’m thinking fb&p 10:1 + 1oz of HP 1:1 in a 16 oz bottle
  2. stephen.details


    Ron, I must say, big props to the OPT team. Placed an order yesterday, received a shipping notification this morning at about 9:00am EST. That is faster any detail supply store I’ve ordered from! And the shipping was cheaper as well. Definitely will be doing more direct ordering from Optimum.
  3. stephen.details


    Just placed an order for an 8oz bottle, also my first bottle of Opti-Seal. Along with a gallon of Car Wax and Some Opti-Clean. Really can’t beat spray-wipe-spritz of wax-and dry—my favorite way to wash my own car now. Much easier than dragging a bucket of water across the street and down the stairs my complex parking lot. I’ll be adding some Opti-Seal to my daily, as well as my girlfriend’s as soon as I get it. I’m assuming that you can still use Car wax as a clay lube, and then apply Opti-Seal over top to dry paint forming that crazy synergistic cross link migration thingy where OS migrates beneath car wax? Please advice if this has changed. I love the deep look of Car Wax personally, but the durability of OS is appealing for up selling.
  4. I get overspray on plastics quite often and never seen an issue, it might have to do with the particular substrate you’re over spraying onto. I’d say try cutting down the dilution to like maybe 7:1 or 10:1. You could grab some bath towels and shove them behind the seats before spraying, may take a couple minutes but will save you from having to fix anything. Or maybe spray the product closer and don’t fully pressurize the sprayer? somewhere in a thread on here Yvan said 10:1 is the better dilution for foam
  5. I decided to give N914 another shot for fairness, and because I spent $20 on it. once again reaffirmed this is a much better multi-purpose cleaner (think APC with no degreasing power) than anything else. I washed a big ol Ram big cab truck last night with it. it lays super flat on the paint, and when you go to dry, even with a drying aid it just kinda absorbs the “puddle” of water but leaves so much on the surface. Even with a twist loop towel. Honestly don’t understand how others have so much success with it. OH! And it’s supposed to be this fantastic “cleaner” rinseless that cleans the panel waaay better than ONR, but I have been washing with ONR for almost a year now and rarely do I see dirt on my drying towel if I presoak the panel before washing. There was an uncomfortable amount of dirt on my towel, like I’ve never seen. It looked like i hadn’t even washed the panel! Meanwhile ONR never lets me down. It dries SUPER fast, even with no drying aid or vehicle protection, and makes for a faster more efficient cleaner. And the way it beads on the surface and visually encapsulates the dirt gives me peace of mind. While N914 sits flat on the panel like it was rinsed with just water. Won’t be trying that experiment again. Just because ONR isn’t the newest shiniest wash out there, doesn’t mean it’s still not the king of Rinseless washing.
  6. stephen.details

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    It’s more fun when it’s not polished, you can beat it up more 😂
  7. stephen.details

    2_04_22 ONR demo

    Heijneker, there’s an interesting video on the OPT YouTube of them using ONR to wash a truck that’s been in a building fire (straight sponge to paint). Completely covered in soot and ash. The man in the video makes a comment along the lines of “will it hurt the paint, well it’s been in a fire!” Of course the comments had a field day with that line. but I think his point is basically look, even if the vehicle is heavily dirty ONR CAN tackle it. Yeah the paint might not perfect but if the car is that dirty what’s more important a clean car with a few inevitable swirls, or leaving the dirt on because “oh no a mark!” us rinseless users will be defending that it’s not an “in between Wash” for the rest of your detailing days. Again & again we will explain the multiple safe methods of washing and again & again people will say it scratches. 🙄 And me personally, I’d rather have a clean, shiny car than one covered in dust and dirt—even if that means a few swirls along the way.
  8. I recently bought N914, as in used it for the first time tonight. ONR is without a doubt the better option. I got N914 mostly for the waterless wash dilution but it’s just not that great. I think it’s better place is a “multi-purpose cleaner” somewhere between a rinseless and an APC. It is a surfactant with a polymer in it. So like you stated not a true rinseless. i even tested it by spraying a bunch on my bath tub and agitating it, foams right on up!
  9. stephen.details

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    I certainly will experiment! I’ll be sure to post my findings as well. I have a hunch that much like power clean, fb&p, and so on that the 3:1 dilution is just a recommendation and not a hard rule. I’ll try it 10:1 in a spray bottle also 128:1 or maybe 64:1 in a pump sprayer. I had actually seen your post on the rinseless dilution (and also factoring in it’s the same polymers as ONR but *more*) it may just work. I’d imagine maybe with the 64:1 a higher amount of product per panel would be needed but that’s fine by me. raining today,which will give my car a chance to get a little dirty, will report back when I get the chance to wash it.
  10. stephen.details

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    I just enjoy the process of grabbing a couple towels out of my back seat, spraying on opticlean, wipe, add a little car wax and buff to a high shine. It may not be much faster than a rinseless wash but I can keep a nice to-go car wash right in my back seat and even wipe down the interior safely. I enjoy washing my car as a decompression activity so it usually only gets dirty enough to need a dusting, hence waterless. (I know touch=swirl but I enjoy shining my car more than I care about a few swirls that I can just polish out once a year.) I think a valid method to try would be drop 1/2 ounce to an ounce of ONR into a 50oz sprayer (iK multi pro, idk how many Canadian ounces that is) and pre treat the panel with 64:1 ONR just enough to break down salt and grime but not enough to have it dripping wet. Then you can use Opti-Clean as your lubrication for the wash. what I have also tried, and you make enjoy, is mixing up about 1/2 to 1 gallon of ONR at 256:1, throwing some towels in there but ringing them out hard so they’re just damp and not dripping. Spray on your waterless of choice and the ONR let’s you glide a little smoother across the paint without getting the floor wet so like a rinseless wash but with waterless technique?
  11. stephen.details

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    Yeah I can do a rinseless but waterless allows me to potential go places where no water is allowed. Also I just enjoy the process haha. with ONR as a waterless the amount of product you end up using makes you just wanna go rinsless for sure. opti-clean as a DIY product is honestly relatively affordable once diluted. 4 gallons for $10 a gallon is cheaper than any RTU waterless out there, and honestly I was doing the math and a lot of other waterless wash products end up about the same cost as OOC (see shine supply eco shine) but you also have other products that are 128:1 for a waterless, which I honestly don’t understand how ONR isn’t able to do so, especially after the reformulation supposedly adding slickness. I think a small part of my problem also came from using the OOC bottle that comes RTU to apply product. The trigger starts getting weak about half way through the bottle so you have to use more sprays per panel if that makes sense.
  12. stephen.details

    Dilutions dilutions oh goodness

    TL;DR anyone had luck with “weaker” dilutions of Opti-Clean such as 5:1, 10:1 similar to other OPT off label dilutions, or mixing it with ONR to stretch the product out? Has anyone ever tried diluting Opti-Clean down 5:1-10:1? I’m wondering if it’s one of those OPT products similar to power clean or fabric clean where the label says 3:1 but you can find great success still with weaker dilutions. Im also wondering, and may try this, mixing a spray bottle of 50% QD ONR and 50% Opti-Clean 3:1. The reason being for both questions, is I want to stretch my Opti-Clean far enough to be able to use out of a iK sprayer but I don’t wanna just burn through 50oz in the container every wash. Those sprayers tend to be a good high pressure, but with a product only dilutable 3:1 even in the gallon concentrate you’re looking at 10~ washes from a half gallon sprayer. The pressure on these sprayers has you burn through product quicker than say a trigger bottle. I’m looking to add waterless “fleet” washing to my business and really would like to stay within the OPT system so that I can know when I use opti-clean and then spritz some OCW on to buff dry and wax it easily, that everything is working together perfectly. straying to the dark side and picking a product like N914 with a waterless dilution of 128:1 is last resort because I enjoy the synergy. if I must I’ll use a trigger sprayer but the pump sprayers just make moving around the car quicker. I also JUST bought some more ONRWW and have about 1/3 gallon of blue ONR still so not exactly an economic decision to buy *another* rinseless product haha. i had tried some waterless washes with ONRWW 16:1 and had decent success but the towel didn’t always feel lubricated enough if I flipped to a side that wasn’t particularly damp from previous panels. Maybe I just needed to soak the panel more but I’m looking to work in parking garages and the appeal of waterless is I can wash with virtually no run off, including wheel faces. any tips, comments, or advice? I really wanna find a way to make this work and do it as safe as I can relatively speaking. I’ll try the OOC + ONR mix soon, I can only imagine the synergy will do its thing since these products play well together, just not sure how long they’d “last” mixed together. Might try it 50% ONR 64:1, 50% opti clean 3:1 i know at $10 a gallon once mixed the gallon of Opti-Clean is still a great deal, just don’t wanna burn through product. Because in the sprayer that makes for roughly $4 a wash where as ONR can be as little as .37 a wash in a bucket of 2 gallons of water.
  13. just wanted to share some shots of my OPT powered wash from yesterday. OCW is amazing even as a drying aid.
  14. I use one of those synthetic detail brushes. Dip in my wash bucket and go to town. Always seems to work just fine. tip: do that first before cleaning the panel as it will create a ring of dirt in the ONR that your sponge or towel can pick up for you
  15. stephen.details

    Magic in a Bottle Here’s an example shots of fab clean 10:1 on tan carpet with lots of mess.