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    I did a decon wash (power clean, ferrex + clay, MDR, and ONR wash) and put on hyper seal afterwards. Going forward, for maintenance washes, is it a good idea to use opti-seal as a drying aid for an ONR wash? I think opti-seal is a much easier to use drying aid. Will it still leave some protection with hyper seal underneath it or should I stick to using hyper seal only as a drying aid now? I plan to use hyper seal after a decon wash (once in spring after harsh winter, and once in fall before winter starts).
  2. Hi, Anyone else experience a clogged sprayer with the Hyper Compound bottle? I think the compound is too thick and solidified in there. I was able to flush it out with an isopropyl solution after the first time, and got it working the next time I used it. However, today I went to use it again. I tired to flush didn't seem to work and the sprayer doesn't work anymore. Last time I was worried this happened so I actually took it out of the bottle, flushed it and stored it separately, so there shouldn't have been any material in there. Maybe my flushing last time damaged the internals. Any advice? Should I just apply it normally or is there a sprayer that would work better with this thick material? Can we buy the sprayer separately? I feel like this design is deficient.
  3. emperors61

    Using Power Clean on windshield

    Okay, great. That should make my decon wash much more straightforward. I've switched to using the air foamer for most things over the water foam cannon since all products cling more, and seem to work much better.
  4. I've done further research, and found out what you mentioned about the concentration of IPA needing to be much higher, which increases its flammability. I've also dug deeper into methanol, and seeing you could mix it with propylene glycol to get a lower freezing point with less methanol. However, further reading on methanol toxicity, seems to indicate ethanol based windshield fluid is best. That's why I used to use SONAX NanoPro Xtreme which was an ethanol blend, but that is no longer available in North America. My stash has almost run out. I'll look for a suitable replacement wiper fluid to mix with the Opti Glass cleaner concentrate or try to make something ethanol based that is no worse in concentration than what's commercially used. As for winter driving, I usually plan to visit Montreal, Toronto, and possibly Quebec City this year. So I need to handle -20C (-4F) or much colder.
  5. For concentration, I can make my own mixture and empty the current system and refill. I'm thinking to just use isopropyl alcohol (which is more friendly for the environment) and distilled water mixture (to lower the freezing point) with either ONR or the opti glass clean & protect concentrate as the cleaner component. All the winter windshield wiper fluids I have tried either streak, use methanol, or have some other negative [smell, useless color, staining, etc]. I don't see any negatives to this approach, I'll make a mixture and try it out in the cold before putting it in the car.
  6. emperors61

    Using Power Clean on windshield

    Would diluted 3:1 PC used with an air foamer be safe on glass if allowed to dwell for 2-3 minutes, agitated, and then fully rinsed?
  7. Hi, To better maintain the opti glass coating (consumer version) on my exterior glass surfaces I was wondering if I could add the Optimum Opti Glass Clean & Protect Concentrate at the right dilution rate to my windshield wiper fluid? Also, would it work with various winter windshield wiper fluids as well?
  8. I see, I'll try using it without the spray gun to see if it improves the gloss or does nothing compared to Opti Seal and OCW. I usually wash the car once a month, so I didn't think I was claying it too often, but I can just skip it and see how it goes without it.
  9. I use the NanoSkin auto scrub fine grade mitt to clay every time, not an actual clay bar. I would buy the Optimum Clay towel, but it's no longer available. The car has a serious amount of brake dust (due to the pad material) and tree related incidents (sap and other secretions). For ID&GE I'm looking for gloss enhancement not durability. This is what I found posted by Chris Thomas on Autogeek forums circa 2010 about using the Optimum Spray gun with different chemicals: "Regularly:OptiBond 1:1Protectant Plus 1:1OptiClean 3:1Optimum Car WaxTried:Power Clean (dissipates too slowly and I don't like to wear a respirator)APC+(too hard to breath)Instant Detailer (works good, just use OptiClean more)PRO Blue Ice Tire Gel (1:1 switched to OptiBond)"
  10. Hi everyone, I was just curious if there was any benefit in terms of appearance if using the Instant Detailer + Gloss Enhancer (ID&GE) 30 min after Optimum Car Wax + Opti-Seal? My procedure, is to apply ONR to the panel, use OCW as a lubricant with a fine clay mitt, then use Opti-Seal as a drying aid for the panel. I was wondering if adding the ID&GEwould provide a better gloss on top of that or is it already maxed out? I would also ask if there is any benefit in using the ID&GE with the Optimum Spray Gun? I already have that for the Opti-Bond Tire Gel application to the tires, so looking to get more use out of it. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences. Thanks!