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  1. beetlevw72

    Very unsatisfied with opti coat

    Glad to hear. Your customer service is awesome. I remember calling to ask a question a few years ago and Dr. G himself answered.
  2. beetlevw72

    Poli seal,before&after

    Very impressive! Poli-Seal is a true miracle product, especially on softer paints. Some AIO's don't finish down as nicely as PS. Not to mention how PS melts into the paint. Oh, and I have found PS to be sun friendly. Even on black Honda paint. Can't beat that!
  3. beetlevw72

    Pre Soak

    I have not tried this myself with the Opti-Coat No Rinse but I don't see why not. I have done it with ONRW&S as the prespray and ONRW&W as the car wash solution with good results. All of OPT products play well together so I would say this would too. At any rate, it's certainly not going to hurt anything. I say give it a try and report back your findings. Science is fun!
  4. Gary, I think you will be very pleased with OCW. It is a great stand alone wax and if you desire even more it goes over Opti-Seal wonderfully. I think though with you using it every 2-3 weeks you will be just fine with the OCW in itself. If you ever have a question as to whether you should use your clay towel or not, try the plastic baggie method where after washing and drying take a thin sandwich bag and put it over your hand. Gently glide your fingertips along the surface. If you feel it catching or lots of little bumps, it's time. If not, you're good to go. I usually only need to clay once or twice a year but everyone's situation is different. With a good routine and your upkeep of OCW, I feel you will find you don't need to clay that often.
  5. beetlevw72

    Very unsatisfied with opti coat

    I am by no means a certified installer but I can tell you from personal experience that tap water can and will leave water spots in coatings. I had another brand's coating on my previous vehicle and had used some warm tap water to heal a small swirl mark in my Xpel paint protection film. Not wanting to wipe off water on a dirty surface I left it there like a fool not thinking it would do anything. It didn't hurt the film, but the coating on the paint sure enough had water spots in it the next time I washed it. Was I frustrated? Sure was! But it was frustration towards myself. I was the one who did it knowing full well we have harder than average water here. It was totally in no way the coating and I went ahead and reapplied it to that area. My point here is, even though it's frustrating that this happened, it's not the coating that did it. And if it states that water spots are not covered then it's been fairly put out there in the open and not hidden whatsoever. I have always found OPT to be a very upfront and honest company and have used their products and knowledge shared by people such as Yvan for years. I honestly feel that regardless of the brand of coating, you would have run into this same situation. If I may, I would suggest to get it fixed and then have Mike do your maintenance. You have quite a nice car and seem to really care for it so why not let him keep it looking it's best since he does a great job as you said? At any rate, I hope you can get this fixed and I'm sure you will enjoy your Opti-Coat Pro+ for many years to come.
  6. beetlevw72


    I've used both the blue wash sponge from optimum and the BRS in a standard wash. They work great. But I can hardly justify not using ONR that I don't get to much Lol.
  7. beetlevw72

    Car wax and opti seal 24month life?

    I can understand that some products, depending on storage temps, may "spoil", but I have had my OCW, Opti-Seal and Poli-Seal at room temp for 5 years or so. They still work. I tend to think some people over state things a bit sometimes.
  8. beetlevw72

    Temporary coating for road trips.

    It's actually a lot more than a temporary coating. It lasts up to two years according to 3M. I still prefer my Xpel Ultimate PPF. It's amazing and none of the orange peel affect like the Paint Defender will have.
  9. I would avoid using IPA on any finish. It's just not good for it. If you need something to remove any excess polishing oils I suggest Optimum Power Clean. Much safer.
  10. beetlevw72

    When and how - MILKY HELP!

    You may be noticing some high spots in the coating that make it appear darker. Also, I'm wondering if the milkiness is related to humidity since you said its there sometimes and not at others. Also, you said you wiped with your finger and it went away and then came back. If it was a chemical reaction I don't think it would return. I've seen my car get some very very small droplets of condensation that make it look hazy but there is nothing wrong. Either way, check with your detailer. I'm sure he can help
  11. beetlevw72

    left over ONRWW

    It won't hurt at all. I've done this quite a few times. In fact a gallon of distilled water mixed with ONRWW makes enough for 2-3 washes for me.
  12. beetlevw72

    Opti Seal durability over a glaze?

    Are you referring to a glaze as an AIO like GPS or Poli-Seal or as a pure polish like Meguiars #7? If there are any protection properties then yes, it would very much affect the bonding of OC 2.0. If it is a polish than you would want to use IPA or rewash the paint with an all purpose cleaner like Opt Power Clean. Personally I lean towards the power clean as IPA can be "grabby" and you may inflict marring in the paint. Also, if you use the Optimum compounds and polishes you can skip the whole rewashing and just wipe the surfaces down with an ONR dampened mf towel.
  13. beetlevw72


    I've not experienced any dust attraction. But I do get insane beading
  14. Soundwave, I've had my OID mixed with distilled water for about 6 months or more. Still good as new.
  15. Most of you guys already know me since I've been here a while, but just curious if anyone else is in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton area.