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  1. Islandson81

    OCW durability issues

    Whoa, I had completely forgotten about this post! Yeah, you won't be disappointed by OCW! I've since moved on from Natty's Blue and have gone to Collinite 845 because of the great durability. But I still use OCW as my topper of choice.
  2. Islandson81

    OCW durability issues

    Greetings from Texas! When I first started using OCW, even after meticulous surface prep, I found its durability to be less than advertised. With a single application, I would be lucky to get a month's worth of durability. I became a little discouraged. And then it started me thinking on the abuse my car goes through on a daily basis. It is exposed to the elements 24/7, both at home and at work. The hot TX summers; the up-and-down, topsy-turvy TX winters; the heavy rains we can get: the kind of rain that dumps 1"-2"of water in an hour. Highly acidic, no doubt, since the air quality in the DFW area is one of the most heavily polluted outside of California. And let's not forget the dusty environment of my condo parking area. Morning dew and light rains will turn the dust collected on the surface into a cake, which eats away at OCW. No wonder that OCW wasn't lasting too long. Once I took all of the above factors into consideration, I came to the conclusion that OCW is not at the heart of the problem, but rather the extremes it is forced to go through every hour of every day. If OCW were a living, breathing thing, it would be screaming in pain. So why do I like OCW, and why do I keep applying it? It's affordable, imparts a great shine, adds a bit of depth, and it's FAST and EASY. So fast and easy that I have no qualms applying it after my car's weekly wash. And after my last polishing session about a month ago, I used two layer's of Natty's Blue Paste as my base, then OCW as the topper. Natty's blue adds the depth; OCW gives the shine. Or at least that's the way it seems to me. Now that I've had my "Ah-hah" moment, I realize that OCW is really an outstanding wax. Durability issues? I don't even think twice about it anymore. I simply OCW my car after every wash. And now that I've had lots of practice applying OCW, I'm now thinking of adding Opti-Seal to my arsenal, adding a layer or two, and then going with OCW as the topper and maintenance wax. Conclusion: If there's anyone out there, sititng on the fence about OCW, I say: GO FOR IT! Happy Detailing, everyone! -Ross
  3. Islandson81

    Hi there from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Welcome to the forum, Fraser!
  4. Islandson81

    No DA polisher

    I completely forgot to add what type of car I have. It's a '12 Honda Civic in Crimson Pearl. VERY soft paint. Condition, apart from the small defects described, is actually very good. Good thing I don't have the hard clear some of the other car manufacturers use. Then I'd REALLY have to use a DA. I'm willing to put in the time and effort to clear out some of the defects. I was thinking of using Hyper Polish a few months back but liked the glazing and sealing qualities of GPS. But now it seems it doesn't offer enough cut for my needs, so I'll be following your advice and going with Hyper Polish. From here on out, when washing and waxing, a LIGHT touch will always be used. Especially when applying Natty's Blue Paste. After my twice-yearly polishing, I use it as my base, and top with OCW. Great results! Natty's gives the depth; OCW gives the shine. Thanks again for all of your advice. I greatly appreciate the help. -Ross p.s. Has anyone seen or heard from Perfections? Hope he's okay.
  5. Islandson81

    No DA polisher

    Thanks for replying, Lowe. Yeah, I kinda thought I would be SOL. Oh well. Since I can't get rid of the swirls and scratches, I can at least hide them. Guess the detailing world is divided in two parts: those with a DA/rotary, and those without. And unfortunately I'm in the latter (and smaller) group. Anyone out there in Optimum Land wanna do a two unused orange hand pads for a half full bottle of OCW or OS? Just kiddin'. Happy Detailing, everyone!
  6. Islandson81

    No DA polisher

    For various reasons, I don't own a DA, so everything has to be done by hand using LC CCS Eurofoam Hand Pads in White and Red. I've done several polishing sessions on my car, (and my wife's) using the above mentioned white hand pads, Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion and Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish. Both have done a great job cleaning the paint and, because of the glazing action, hiding some of the imperfections. Now I want to try OPT GPS and see where that takes me. Can I expect a reasonable amount of correction by hand? Since I don't have a DA, I'm not expecting miracles, but I'd like to at least lessen, if not totally get rid of, some minor hazing and VERY light scratches and swirls. Or am I just dreaming an impossible dream? -Ross p.s. Got a pair of Orange hand pads, but never used them. Not sure what kind of damage I can do with them. LOL
  7. That's one of the arguments I made in favor of claying, but my buddy was adamant. That's probably because his car is garage kept and is not a DD like most of our's. I'll be sure to keep on claying before polishing. And I didn't know that waffle weaves came in smaller sizes. Did a Bing search earlier today and came up with several sources....and yes they are DEFINITELY cheaper than cobras. More stuff to buy. LOL I think the reason my buddy is so against claying is because his cars don't need claying to begin with. He babies them incessantly. Plus they're garage kept and he has an old beater he uses as a DD. Good thing I didn't toss my clay kit. *sigh* Now if only the weather would cooperate. The only time I can work on my car is on my days off....and wouldn't you know it's always raining on those days?! Wassup with that?
  8. Greetings, one and all! I have a buddy who's seriously into detailing. He insists that the claying step is totally unnecessary....that a good washing, followed by intensive polishing ( he alternates between GPS and PS ), preferably with a DA, is sufficient to clean the paint and do some minor or heavy correction, depending upon the pad choice. Naturally I was skeptical. And then he showed me his car. Perfection! My car needs a good polishing, and I'm considering using his method. The "Old School" part of me is saying that the clay bar omission step may make polishing a bit harder and take longer, but I'm "New School" enough to want to try anything once. So, waddaya tink? And did I mention an excuse to buy more MF towels? In the past, when drying my car after washing, I would use a Pakshak WW, followed by a Cobra Gold Jr. MF to buff. But I've noticed that the large size of the WW made it unwieldy. So I decided to try two Cobra Gold Jrs instead. Can you imagine how much easier it is to work with a 16" x 16" towel as opposed to a 16" x 27" WW? The only problem? Not enough MF's in my arsenal. Q: How does one sneak past an order of additional car care products without the wife knowing? A: You don't and can't. Women have a sense for such things. That's why they're called the "Significant Other" and we're called the "Insignificant Odor" ROFL! Happy Detailing, everyone! -Ross
  9. Islandson81


    I was thinking of using a MF applicator pad for applying OCW. I currently use a Cobra Mango Breeze folded into quarters but the material frequently bunches up, making application a tad difficult on vertical panels. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Islandson81

    Messing Around

    I love shiny things
  11. Islandson81

    New from Texas

    Greetings from Arlington, TX! Welcome to the forum, Collin....glad to have you aboard! -Ross
  12. Islandson81

    Durability problems

    I pinpointed the problem. The problem(s) are not in the surface prep or OCW itself, but rather in my application of OCW. In my eagerness to squeeze out every last drop of my dwindling supply, I was applying WAY too thinly. This coupled with overbuffing and it's no wonder I was having durability issues. I searched my memory (which is a hard thing to do) and followed my older, and far more succesful technique for OCW application. Needless to say the results were superior. Just detailed my car yesterday, and when power washing, noticed that it still beaded nicely and it shedded surface dirt and dust with no problem. After drying my car, I was going to leave it at that and call it a day, but then I thought: "Ah, what the hell", and decided to give it another application of OCW. My car sure looks purdy right now! In the movie 'Tron', the character Flynn says: " problems, only solutions." I'm glad that I was able to find a solution to my problem, along with the help and aid of every fellow forum member. Moral of the story: Don't be a chintzy little tightwad like me. If your bottle of OCW is getting low, don't bother trying to stretch it. Get a new one. Duh! Happy Detailing, everyone! -Ross p.s. The gallon size sounds real sweet right now. LOL
  13. Islandson81

    Best Applicator for Opti-Bond Tire Gel?

    That is so cool! Think I may need to add that to my shopping list.
  14. Islandson81

    Durability problems

    BTW, a single bottle, used weekly on both my car and my wife's car, and it's lasted close to a year? Thin is indeed in!
  15. Islandson81

    Durability problems

    Possibly, but I used the same procedures on my present car as I've used on my previous car....a dark blue metallic '12 Fit: clay, polish, a wipe down using QD strength ONR, dry, then wax. And the wax easily lasted over two weeks. And it's a DD parked outside 25/8. 1. Possibly oils left behind from the polish. Next time I may need to re-wash instead of using ONR at QD strength for wipe-down. 2. I go to the local coin operated car wash. I dislike using the soap option since its filled with nasty chems that could do long term damage to my paint, not to mention removing any LSP's. After that step, I wash using ONR. 3. I've clayed the paint just before the polishing step and it was smooth. Maybe there were some oils left behind that I didn't see and the QD wipe-down didn't remove. 4. I carry a spray bottle of distilled water for quick spot removal of bugs and bird bombs. After spraying the affected area, the water just sheets off. Conclusions: 1. I need to re-clay, re-polish and this time do either an IPA wipe-down or re-wash the entire car prior to applying OCW. 2. OCW is still doing its job, so just because water no longer beads does not mean there is no protection. 3. Stop being a tight wad and get a new bottle of OCW. It's close to a year old and there's only about an ounce remaining. Or maybe even the gallon size? Hmmmmm. I love the ease and convenience of OCW, and the results I received on my previous car were outstanding. I can't see myself using another LSP. I just need to refine my technique. Thanks for the help and advice, guys! I really appreciate it! Having help to figure out a problem is half the fun....the other part is using those tips and getting even greater results than before. Mahalos again! -Ross