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  1. CHALM

    YouTube video showing drying with OOS?

    Still loving this method!
  2. CHALM

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome Steve!
  3. CHALM

    Joined Today

    Welcome Phillip! You'll love the entire Optimum product line.
  4. CHALM

    YouTube video showing drying with OOS?

    I tried this Friday with a No Rinse wash. "Amazing" sums it up.
  5. It's the 4-3/8 BP for the 3401 (brand new). I'd do 30 shipped, or possibly trade. Thanks.
  6. CHALM

    YouTube video showing drying with OOS?

    Nice find on the video. I keep learning new things about this amazing product line!
  7. CHALM

    Hi from Florida

    Welcome to the Forum Jay! You can't go wrong with Optimum!
  8. CHALM

    Optimum Carpet Cleaner!

    Very nice results. I've been toying around with it too. Mainly around the house...great stuff!
  9. Great idea. Thanks for sharing Yvan!
  10. CHALM

    Flat Paint with GPS

    Case in point.....Only Hyper Polish on this 2005 Toyota 4 Runner. Audi Fat 5's with Hyper Polish. Lexus LX 470 with only Hyper Polish
  11. CHALM

    Flat Paint with GPS

    Hyper Polish doesn't get enough credit. It's amazing!!!
  12. CHALM hello

    A little late, but welcome. Do you by chance know who admins the regular Optimum website?
  13. CHALM

    Hello all

    Welcome to the club! Lots of great information to be found here.
  14. CHALM

    Flat Paint with GPS

    For the most part, Optimum Hyper Compound and Optimum Hyper Polish aia Flex 3401 and Optimum MF pads (cutting and polishing). There were some areas where I had to break out the M105. I topped my work with Opti Seal and then Optimum Car Wax.