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  1. ive also found that ironx snow foam is a good start. could just need a good decon like chris suggested. Also CarPro recently released Reset. "Reset breaks down road grime and traffic films with the power of an alkaline cleaner, whilst being as gentle on the surface as a pH-neutral shampoo. Afterwards Reset quickly rinses free from the surface, leaving behind no soap residues or interfering silicones, and restoring the beading and dirt releasing properties (The ‘Hydrophobic Effect’) of the surface to help maintain its protection"
  2. not sure if maple ridge is close, but here is an optimum installer.
  3. primo spaghetti

    light scratching after washing opti-coat 2.0

    did you scratch it while washing, or you didnt correct it fully when polishing? id wait longer than 2 weeks personally to wash with anything other than ONR. it sounds to me like your wash method may be the culprit. how did you wash the car?
  4. primo spaghetti

    Post-Opti Coat Pro and 2.0 Application Precautions

    and there you have it. from the optimum master himself. good work Chris.
  5. primo spaghetti

    Post-Opti Coat Pro and 2.0 Application Precautions

    wow. no time to dedicate to answering customer's questions? what is happening guys... OP reach out to Chris Thomas at I'm sure he will make time to answer questions and probably has the FAQ on his website you are looking for setec.
  6. primo spaghetti

    Best Polish to bring out metal flakes

    menzerna SF4500
  7. primo spaghetti

    Hyper compound and DA

    sure can.
  8. primo spaghetti

    Opti-Guard vs Opti-Coat 2.0

    what were your steps in prepping for OC?
  9. primo spaghetti

    GPS 50/50s

    wow...GPS doesn't stand for Great Polish and Sealant...
  10. well it was pretty misleading.... opti coat pro is not available to unauthorized installers.... I'm noticing a pattern to your "thats not what i meant" routine.
  11. Yvan; i really hope that a local installer isn't going to be selling OC pro to someone.
  12. sweet car! and the engine bling looks great. i can't say for sure if you will have any issues, but i talked to Chris when i was coating harley pipes, and I have had zero issues. not sure about some of the temp in the engine block, but the valve covers and intake should be fine, but I'm not sure about the headers. they will get seriously hot.
  13. primo spaghetti

    opti Guard on Weather Tech digi liners

    so instead of trying some of the products mentioned, i had some open flux left over i thought id try.... it will be hard to tell here as there are no before an after, but the flux seemed to darken the mats and definitely seemed to soak in. i cleaned first with eraser, then one coat of dlux. let sit and buffed off the excess. i can't wait to wash them and see if the dirt stains them like my last set seemed to have.
  14. primo spaghetti

    Best protection on a modest budget?

    looks pretty good, but i don't think you will need power clean all that often. two bucket method is great. you will find what works for you based on season, location, water restrictions etc. just avoid the car washes for sure with the spinning/rotating brushes.
  15. primo spaghetti

    Best protection on a modest budget?

    you will do fine with opti seal and optimum car wax...if the machine isn't in the budget, and your not looking for a showroom finish, these products will give you the protection you want from the elements. most importantly, adopt a proper wash technique to avoid any damage. for the 400.00 your looking to spend on a detail, you will go along way to outfitting yourself to do it on your own.