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  1. KJW Detailing

    First Time Using OptiCoat

    I got my first opportunity to practice using OptiCoat. The vehicle, a 2003 Subaru Baja was the BEST/WORST to have as my first. It was the best, because it happens to be my parents vehicle that's been well kept. It also help, as they don't care about high spots. It was the worst, because of its location ad color. They have the mustard yellow/silver combo and neither made it easy in seeing Opti Coat flash and level. The location made it difficult, because I was under a pop up tent. Without any natural light, this made watching Opti Coat flash and level tht bit more difficult. Finally, it was HOT and HUMID...90+. I did my best and I'm really happy with the results. The only area with high spots, also happens to be the first panel I started to apply the Opti Coat. I will level it down, but not until the vehicle returns from its Jounrey. The reason for the detail, aside from my parents asking and me needing an opportunity to practice applying Opti Coat, is due to their trip to the Florida Keys. My dad will be driving from NJ to Key West and back, a month later. Excellent test for Opti Coat!
  2. Good Afternoon, I have a client with a 17" horse trailer. They are looking to have the aluminum siding, diamond plated surfaces, and fiberglass roof polished up to perfection. I know that metal and aluminum will oxidize over time naturally, even with a protective layer of wax. But, could OC bond to these surfaces and properly protect them? Would it prevent the oxidation from occurring? Thanks!
  3. KJW Detailing

    Signature Detailing in NJ Hello

    Hello and welcome to the OPTIMUM FORUMS! Where abouts are you located in NJ?
  4. KJW Detailing

    OptiCoat Pro Installer

    Good afternoon, I'm interested in becoming an Authorized Opti Coat Pro Installer. What do I have to do, to become on? Also, I'd like to read up on all the information I can about opticoat pro and the corresponding information about the benefits of becoming an installer. Thank, Kieran Walsh
  5. KJW Detailing

    Market OG/OC to dealerships, etc.?

    Im very interested in this as well. Can't wait to here more about this!
  6. KJW Detailing

    Hello for NJ

    I'm excited to be here Chris and look forward to becoming part of the Optimum Family!
  7. KJW Detailing

    Hello for NJ

    Thanks for the warm welcome Obsessive Detail!
  8. KJW Detailing

    Hello for NJ

    Good Evening Optimum Members, I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Kieran and i'm the proud owner of KJW Detailing. My detailing career began in the fabulous high paced world of dealership detailing. Obviously, the techniques I was taught were no where close to the techniques I use today, but you have to start somewhere. After several years of dealership detailing and the lack of quality they deemed to actually be quality. (The old famous quantity over quality philosophy.) This summer, I began KJW Detailing. Currently, most of my clientle come from word of mouth, but I plan to use the winter months to put things in place, so I can hit the ground running spring 2013. I dont have a business background, so much of this is new to me. In the short amount of time, I've been able work with a graphic designer to create my logo and I've also created my website (it still has a few items to attend to). It's been a fantastic experience to this point and as I push forward, I look forward to becoming an Optimum installer and offering my customers superior protection! Please feel free to view my webpage and facebook page, to view some of my work. Thanks, Kieran Walsh
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