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  1. flatstick

    Opti Seal and what to use with

    looks like you have gotten some good advice here. the opti seal is easy to work with and have been holding up well for me. love the way water and dirt do not stick to the finish . also seems the bugs are staying on the finish less.
  2. flatstick

    New to Optimum and the Board

    welcome to the forum. if you have Optimum questions, here is the place to find your answers. bunch of great people as well
  3. flatstick

    Rain Rain Rain

    Wow sorry to hear you are getting nailed with rain. seems like the opposite on the East Coast for us. we do get some severe thunderstorms but the rain does not get a chance to soak in.
  4. flatstick

    Kudo's for Shop-Vac Corporation

    A couple of other people have related similar stories to me about their Shop-Vacs. It has become apparent to me that Shop-Vac quality has gone downhill significantly in the past few years or so. I have an older model, from 2000 or 2001, and it has never failed to work for me. The one I bought last year has been far too unreliable for me to use it with my business. Ahhhh so you have an older one that has served you well. sounds like the quality is going downhill as you said, that sucks. have to admit I can not blame you for not wanting to rely on a newer model for your business.
  5. flatstick

    Happy 4th of July everybody !

    Sounds like Rob Ron and Bullet had some good eats for the 4th DennisH sorry to hear about the severe weather in your area. golf ball sized hail must be a nightmare , when you have some awesome rides like you have. hope everybody was safe and enjoyed their day.
  6. flatstick

    Scratches in glass

    What pad did you use with it? I am thinking that I will pick some of that up...it beats buying a whole kit. Thanks flatstick I used an orange 5.5 low profile pad. tried it with both pc and rotary. any pad like an orange LC type should be good for you. I used no pressure and followed their guidelines on the speed ( 1000 max on the rotary I believe and maybe 4 on a pc) . hey give it a shot and if it does not work for you it only cost you the resurfacing creme. just remember not to use too much or it will make more work for you. hope it takes care of your issues for you. take it easy.
  7. flatstick

    Happy 4th of July everybody !

    thanks Flat!! I have today off...lol gonna make some macaroni salad for BBQ tonite and getting ready for yard sale on Saturday Happy 4th of July Everyone!! Be Safe!!!!!! Glad to see you are off today. a BBQ sounds mighty tasty. good luck with the yard sale on Sat.
  8. flatstick

    Wet Sanding Basics.

    Nice write up Ron great having some tips on what to do and not to do with actual pictures of the process. thanks for taking the time to show us your methods. as always excellent work.
  9. flatstick

    Happy 4th of July everybody !

    Wanted to wish everybody a safe and Happy 4th of July. I have to work today but would like to see what everybody has planned.
  10. flatstick

    Scratches in glass

    I have used the glass polish that AG sells ( Diamondite resurfacing creme) and it did remove a lot of scratches from the glass on my truck. was easy to use. I used so little that the 4oz bottle will go a long way
  11. flatstick

    The new iPhone, anyone getting it?

    I do like the idea of the phone but as others have said wait until the bugs are worked out of it. I can not imagine paying that much for a phone, only to have a lot of problems with it.
  12. flatstick

    Optimum new releases and tweaks

    hmmmmmm the concentrated glass cleaner and spot remover ? sounds like a very useful product. now that the cat is out of the bag , I am anxious to see if this gets to market. not removing clear while getting rid of spots, very cool idea
  13. flatstick

    Giving Opti-Seal a Go at It !

    Looking very nice, thanks for the pics. have to admit I do not want to use anything else as my lsp on customers cars. looks good, durable and a time saver
  14. flatstick

    Question for Anthony and Ron.

    Wouls be a cool idea for a seminar for you guys to show people your methods. like you said it would need a lot of time and money to make it happen, not to mention all kinds of small issues coming up. have either of you or Dr G thought of making a DVD ? I am sure many people here and on Autopia would buy one. maybe start small at first and see how it goes. just a thought . interested in this new technology, sounds like you guys are getting ready to shake things up down the road