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  1. Since Hyper Spray Polish has both DAT and SMAT polishes is it mandatory to do a specific number of passes or can you just stop when you've corrected the paint to your satisfaction???
  2. pwaug

    Amazing Product!

    ONR is great for cleaning house windows. Wipe glass with a MF cloth that you've squeezed most of the liquid out, squeegee with a quality squeegee, wipe the edges with a dry MF and you're done. Much faster than with a window spray and towels. NO streaks and they stay clean longer.
  3. Yvan--does this hold true with very hard water?? I have very hard water and have always used 1 oz per gallon dilution--does this help or am I wasting ONR??
  4. Been using ONR for years and have never experienced what you are describing. When really covered with salt I've always pre-soaked with standard mix ONR in a small pump sprayer so by the time I get to that area the salt cake has softened. I've also always used these long nap MF mitts I carefully remove the threads that create the finger pockets so there is just one larger pocket in the mitt -- I insert a grout spounge into the mitt--offers better control for light pressure and allows allot of solution to be used for really dirty areas.
  5. Having some body work done on my car after a minor accident and wondering about protection on the newly painted panels. There is a constant debate about how long you have to wait for the paint to outgas before you apply an LSP, but have read a number of posts on various forums that OCW is safe to use on fresh auto paint because it is water based and allows the paint to breath. One post even stated that Ford has approved OCW for use on fresh paint. However, have not found any of that information on the description of OCW or on the label. Can anyone confirm if OCW is safe to use on fresh paint??
  6. If Opti Seal is applied over a glaze wouldn't the durability be comprimised as the polymers couldn't bond properly with the paint?????
  7. Chris--are there any plans to offer Compound, Polish and Finish in 16 oz bottles?? There are many of us out here who just take care of our own cars and perhaps a friends or relatives from time to time. 32 oz bottles just last too long and therefore I ended up using other products for my polishing needs when in fact I would like to be using Optimum. Sure would be nice to have Optimum products in 16 oz bottles!!!!
  8. pwaug

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Welcome!! I'm near Pgh in Washington, PA. Detailing is my hobby, but friends in my community want their cars to look like mine, but don't want to put in the work when I explain the process. I'm always pushing Opti Coat/Guard, but don't know of anyone in the metro area qualified to apply it. Are you mobile and up to speed applying OC/OG??
  9. pwaug

    Compound II Cutting Ability?

    Link just takes me to the Forum main page.
  10. Can anyone, who has used both, compare the cutting ability of Compound II to M105?
  11. Bought a 17 oz bottle of Leather Protectant yesterday at a retail outlet then realized the name had been changed to Protectant Plus some time ago. Should I be concerned that this bottle has probably been on the shelf since before the name changed??
  12. pwaug

    Opti Coat 2.0 Prep Questions

    If using a water based polish like UNO would a damp towel wipe down be OK before applying OC 2.0 or do you need to rewash with Dawn or OPC??
  13. pwaug

    OC 2.0 and Paint Warranties

    That was my initial response, but I think I need more info for the unimformed.
  14. I suggested OC 2.0 on a none detailing automotive website the other day and had a strange reaction by a number of members--they thouht OC 2.0 might void their paint warranties on a new car. Has anyone had this question and is there any information I can pass on to wipe away their fears??