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  1. blackjz

    optimum MSDS CAS no.

    I believe it's certificate of has more information about the product than MSDS
  2. blackjz

    optimum MSDS CAS no.

    sorry to jump on this..but is CAS the same as CoA?
  3. hi Chris, thanks for the reply..So which one should I use for washing the car? ONR or OPT car wash? Is it ok to clay? will ocw or OS leave glossy finish on matte paint? Thanks, David
  4. Hi there, I have got a client which just bought a new M3 with black matte paint. For normal paint, I usually use Optimum Hyper Polish for correction and Optimum Car wax as the LSP. He just bought Swi**V*c Opaque to be used for LSP. as a detailer, what do we use for that kind of finish? I mean SV has got Pre cleane Opaque, can we use ONR with QD dilluted ratio for cleaning the paint? is Optimum car wash or optimum no rinse safe/suitable? Thanks in advance, David
  5. do you mean to wash the car first then apply the 2nd coat? what are the issues that i might have ??
  6. blackjz

    new pads?

    i wish they offer the smaller size....5.5" seems nice
  7. it's my own car..i wish I knew that double layer should be applied within 1 hour. so what do you suggest me to do? leave it probably for 6-12months (since i live in tropical country) then repolish the car then opticoat again? is that right thing to do?
  8. No i only did the paint surface and wheels only..I haven't done the windows 5ml is just about right for one coat of opticoat for small car? one more question, tmorrow i am gonna use the car and if it rains. I washe the car and if i miss any spot, is it ok to use the opticoat again without doing any prep thing? just opticoat it straightaway? will it effect the bonding?
  9. Hi there, I just opticoated my honda jazz. and only used 5ml for whole paint work excluding glass n wheels. is it normal? or i just used it too little? is apply and wipe away with microfiber towel the proper way? or do we have to leave it for certain amount of time before wipe it off? thanks, David
  10. blackjz


    Thanks for the info Chris. so is this opticlean supposed to be as safe as ONR but much easier to use coz it does not use any water other than for dilluting it? Thanks, David
  11. blackjz


    Hi Dr.G, When will the Opti Clean released? I am wondering how it looks like and can we have product description of it? Thanks, David
  12. blackjz

    New Pads

    i thought opt would have smaller one...i never use any pads bigger than 5.5"
  13. blackjz

    New Pads

    Is that 5.5" ones that will be available soon?
  14. blackjz

    New Pads

    Anyone knows when OPT is going release the pads? I saw AG sell the 8" one, is 5" available too? Thanks
  15. blackjz

    Optimum Opti-Coat Review

    Nice review...Please keep us question how many dots did you use to apply the surface?