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  1. boiler

    ONR in my car

    I live in Arkansas and ONR is stored in my garage with temps close to 100 - have never had an issue.
  2. boiler

    ONR in my car

    unmixed it shouldn't lose color or scent...does not effect performance.
  3. boiler

    ONR in my car

    Not sure what you're asking - ONR in it's bottle can be left indefinitely. If if freezes, just thaw and shake and it's ready to use.
  4. The Guz's advice as usual is excellent, but I've had better experience with the clay towel. I've kept mine for over 2 years sitting on my big Red Sponge in a bowl of ONR and have found it works smoothly on paint/glass using Wax as the lube. And my clay towel has held up, but know that some have had cracking issues and OPT is looking at new manufacturers. I do prefer the clay towel (whoever the supplier) to bars, erasers, etc, because I feel I have more control and it mars less. I love Hyper Seal as a drying aid on a Pro Coated car and one with no coating.
  5. I've kept a Big Red Sponge and clay towel in a plastic bowl of ONR (covered with micro fiber towel) for months. Occasionally I've dumped and mixed a new batch. Optimum suspects that the bacteria come from dirty towels/mitts/sponges dipped into or stored in the ONR buckets. We want to be sensitive that people have varying experiences. If storing ONR is working for you, great, if not, mix a new batch.
  6. We have had a few complaints about No Rinse smelling in the bucket and smearing. No Rinse can go for days or weeks without growing bacteria, however, over time it can grow bacteria and have a rancid odor. Once this happens, the bucket and wash mitt/sponge should be washed with bleach to remove all the bacteria before reusing them. To avoid these issues, we are no longer recommending No Rinse solution be stored for longer than one day in the bucket and it should not be reused beyond the day it was made. This will completely eliminate the bacteria issues. The same day use does not apply to No Rinse quick detailer or glass cleaner as long as they are in a sealed container and they are not exposed to contaminants. Thank you.
  7. boiler

    Spray on wet car

    Use of Opti-Seal as a drying aid is a recent discovery. With the help of our dedicated enthusiasts, Optimum continues to find new and unique ways to use our products. As for protection, if you mean durability, my guess is you'll get less longevity when used as a drying aid. It stands to reason you're using less product and diluting it this way, as opposed to applying it as a stand alone process. I use Opti-Seal (or it's sister Hyper Seal) in every wash, so I can't speak to durability.
  8. boiler

    Spray on wet car

    Yes, you can use Opti-Seal as a drying aid as often as desired (I use it every wash, every 2 or 3 weeks). It does not leave a residue.
  9. boiler


    Zerix, at this time there's no plan to change the formula on the retail version of Opti-Glass.
  10. boiler

    Optimum Pad Selection

    the blue is a finishing pad - would probably work but would take a lot of polishing. Orange, black or white pads much better choice to remove marring and OCP.
  11. boiler

    Decon wash

    Optimum has not tested OPC with Car Wash, so the ratio is not determined (there are many videos out there that are not connected with OPT)...I would say no stronger than 3 :1 and probably 5:1.
  12. boiler

    Deep South Texas

    Good Luck and let us know if we can help - lot's of very knowledgeable folks here!
  13. Dr G is aware of Scott's videos and is crafting his response. My take, for a guy "not throwing Optimum under the bus", Scott only refers to Optimum and repeats the name frequently. This is the 2nd video he attacks Optimum Spray Wax directly.
  14. boiler

    Brand new car headlights

    first, Opti-Lens is not Opti-Coat with added UV, but specially formulated to adhere to plastic where Coatings are more general in their applications. Second, Opti-Lens is a permanent coating that will last well beyond 1 - 2 years if properly maintained. I do agree that one shouldn't sand off factory coating unless it's failing.
  15. boiler

    Car wax and opti seal 24month life?

    I have had Wax and Seal for more than 2 years (hard to use Seal up) and it's still effective. We do recommend temperature ranges for best practices and it's possible products lose some effectiveness, but I doubt they become useless. I have requested feedback from Dr G. Optimum has never argued that Wax or Seal are superior to manufacturers clear coat...but will gladly compare Gloss-Coat or Opti-Coat Pro.