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  1. It was resealed a couple years ago. I will post some pics. I realize I should have rinsed the area better.
  2. I was scrubbing some large mats (out of a UTV) and laid them on the asphalt driveway to spray and scrub with a brush. I rinses them off and continued detailing but later discovered an outline of the mat on the driveway. The power clean lightened the area significantly. I just I need to rinse better. I also noticed this when I clean tires with OPC and do not flush the residue off the driveway.
  3. Bunky

    OPC Mis Label?

    It would be a powerful car wash !
  4. Bunky

    Happy Birthday !

    Happy Birthday !
  5. I have the applicator like Optimum sells and it works great. The foam is not as fragile as one I had previously used (softer foam) that would tear if it snags something.
  6. Bunky

    hello from eastern NC

    Welcome from Raleigh.
  7. Bunky

    dillution ratio

    I use 0.5 ounce per gallon and have no issues at all.
  8. Thanks for the explanation but interestingly of all my soaps (including another sample) this is the only one that did it. It did restore itself as stated but just interesting compared to other soaps. My guess is Optimum has "more" of something (super saturated solution, trying to remember by chemistry).
  9. I would like to see Optimum's comment. Strange it was 70 F here the last few days...no difference.
  10. Even in the worst winters, the garage rarely gets below 40 F (have temp monitor). It is attached with heated space over it. I got this bottle in the summer from someone who bought it in the spring. It has not been below 32 F here outside so not close to freezing in the garage, As I mentioned, I have a second bottle and it shows no signs but it is older. There may have been a formulation change that is not as stable but waiting to see what Optimum says.
  11. I was getting ready to wash my truck today and I had noticed that my Optimum Car Wash looked quite strange. This was a new unused bottle I purchased this summer. I have another bottle of Optimum Car Wash purchased at least 3 years ago and it was normal. The white flecks in the soap seem to disappear if you rub them between your fingers although I had minimal time to experiment since I used another brand of soap at the time. I wonder what happened.
  12. Bunky

    Power Clean In Door Jams

    Just use water. To control the water, you can just take the sprayer off, get closer, and use a similar technique as sheeting water off the paint.
  13. Bunky

    Love the new forum format

    I am still getting used to it. Some functions just not where they were.
  14. Is there going to be something like a 4 oz. sampler kit of the new final finish, polish, and compound?
  15. Bunky

    Optimum Tire Bond Gel

    It was straight. I applied to the applicator then spread. The pic was taken the second day so it had dried. Thanks. It does have a very clean look allowing the tire sidewall details to really show.